Tell Me Again, My Love
350 Throwing tantrum in the changing room 01
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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350 Throwing tantrum in the changing room 01

"Hello, everyone," Mei Li greeted as both of them entered the room.

"Hello, everyone," Ryn seconded.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the newcomers. They greeted them both and turned back to continue their work, all except for the director who went to meet them.

"You two are quite early," the director commented as he welcomed them.

Ryn just smiled. She wanted to finish the greeting quickly so she could check the food. Her stomach was growling and she barely managed to put a smile now. Oh my God, she was starving.

The director spoke about the theme of the shooting before released Mei Li and Ryn.

Instead of going straight to the makeup area to do her makeup and hair, Ryn made a beeline toward a table where the caterer put the food. Her eyes zeroed in the food and her lips curled into a huge grin. She was just reaching for a muffin when someone cleared her throat.

Ryn turned to look at her left side, at Mei Li, cocking an eyebrow.

"So I don't have to buy food?" Mei Li asked.

"Obviously," Ryn replied. She bit into the muffin happily.

"Bring the food into the room," Mei Li told her, shaking her head in bemused. "I'm going now, okay? I'll pick you up once you're done."

Mei Li left once she saw Ryn nodding her head.

Ryn did what Mei Li told her to. She took a plate and picked those that took her interest. Then, she walked into the room with the food.

"Hello, everyone. Sorry. I'm starving," she said cheerfully, holding onto the plate with one hand while another waving at the man and woman in the room.

"Catherine, you're here," the man cried, rushing to hug her.

"My food~" Ryn cried, avoiding the hug as she protected her food. She sidestepped the hairstylist and went to sit on the chair.

"You haven't had your meal yet?" the makeup artist asked as she opened her huge bag.

"Sorry," Ryn apologized. She looked at her food sadly before grabbed one muffin to chew quickly.

"No hurry. Enjoy your food first while I recheck the look we're doing today," the makeup artist, Amy, chuckled watching how desperate Ryn was eating her food.

Ryn gave her a grateful look and continued eating her food. She did not dally at all, just focussing on finishing her food as quickly as possible so not to hold their work. She did not want them to wait for long.

Amy and Edward, the hairstylist shook their head in bemused watching Ryn's antic. It was funny seeing her being so nervous when they knew her of being a very laid-back, very happy-go-lucky girl. Of course, they do know about her little hobby of eating and sleeping. Even the director knew and made sure the food prepared 'heavy' enough to suit Ryn's taste. So far, they saw her took the muffins and samosas. Maybe she did not want to interrupt the makeup and hair session, hence, she did not choose the rice menu. But, they had no doubt, once the shoot was over, she would make a beeline to get the delicious rice meal.

Edward started to do Ryn's hair while she ate her food. Amy also started after about five minutes, once Ryn was done with her food.

Another model came in while Ryn was still in the middle of being applied makeup and doing her hair. The model crossed her arms seeing the cheerful atmosphere and cleared her throat. The three of them turned to look at the newcomer.

Ryn's brows lifted up seeing a very familiar woman. Irene!

"Do my makeup and hair now," Irene demanded.

Amy and Edward shared a look. It seemed like this newcomer was a troublesome one. And who was she actually? A new model?

"We're still doing Ryn," Edward cleared his throat and said.

"Do mine now. Do you expect me to wait?" Irene questioned back.

Ryn watched as Irene threw tantrum right at the door. Was she for real? Didn't she know how rude it is acting this way?

"How much time do you need more for the hair, Edward?" Ryn asked calmly. She knew the makeup was almost done.

"Two sections more," Edward replied.

"Why don't you change first, Irene? So you don't have to wait long," Ryn suggested.

"Why should I follow your order?" Irene barked.

Ryn sighed a bit. "Why don't I go change first. Once you're done with her, you can continue with mine, okay? Sorry, Amy, Edward."

Irene smirked seeing how Ryn gave in to her. She brushed invisible lint on her dress and went to sit on the chair. She leaned back comfortably and waited for both Amy and Edward to do her makeup and hair.

Edward and Amy shared a look but did not say anything. They cracked their hands and went to work their magic on Irene. Instead of having fun, they were busy cursing Irene in their heart. Such a snobbish newbie.

Ryn went to change into the outfit. She was wearing a white with red details cheongsam. Her eyes widened seeing it was quite loose. She guessed her weight loss this time was too much until the outfit she wears today for work all so loose. Usually, for a cheongsam, it would be figure-hugging and fit but now.

"I… need help," she murmured and turned to look at the stylist. She gave a desperate look.

"You… lost quite a lot of weight," the stylist commented, "Did you miss any meal? Are you sick?"

"I guess I was busy with work… but I didn't miss any meal… I think…" Ryn answered slowly. Her shoulders dropped. She felt guilty for adding work for the stylist.

"No worries. I'll tighten it," the stylist said as she took out a small box from her backpack. Luckily she always brought her magic box.

Ryn did not take off the dress. She stood straight while the stylist did her magic sewing the dress a bit loosely so not to ruin the dress. The stylist would unthread it back once the shooting was over.

Irene cocked an eyebrow seeing Ryn standing so straight while the stylist bending down with a long thread in her right hand. She was already done with her make-up and hair and now she was going to change into her outfit.

"You don't even fit your dress?" Irene snickered. She thought Ryn did not fit into the dress until the stylist had to adjust the dress to fit her.

The stylist paused. She was shocked by how rude Irene words were. She looked at Irene, before at Ryn.

Ryn shook her head, telling the stylist not to reply to Irene. It was useless to talk with Irene. It would only waste their time.

"I'm done," the stylist said as she stood up.

"Sorry for bothering you," Ryn apologized again.

"It's okay."

"I'll go continue with the hair and makeup," Ryn patted the stylist's hand and went to where Amy and Edward were. She pursed her lips a bit when she was walking passing Irene while Irene looked away.

"So childish," Ryn murmured under her breath.

"Where is my dress?" Irene demanded, glaring at the stylist. She hated seeing how nice all three of them treating Ryn. Who was this Ryn to receive such treatment? Ryn was a nobody. They should treat her better, Irene thought to herself.

Ryn, unaware of Irene's thought, waved at both Amy and Edward. She paused at the food table to get just a muffin to tide her hunger over (yes, she was getting hungry again) before went to them.

"Let's continue," Ryn announced. She went back to sit on the chair and bit into the muffin happily. She paused to give way for Amy doing her work.

"You're still hungry?" Amy chuckled.

"I lose quite a lot of weight. I need to gain weight," Ryn defended herself.

"We notice that," Edward replied dryly. He took a section of Ryn's hair to curl loosely. Then another. So now her whole hair was curled into only half of them. Now, he took a small box full with bobby pins and began to arrange her hair into a sophisticated look.

"Okay, you're ready," Amy announced after she brushed the lipsticks onto Ryn's lips.

Ryn thanked them and went to where the crews were waiting. She again greeted them and apologized for taking so long for makeup and hair.

"Has the dress shrunk?" the director asked, looking at the cheongsam hugging her body.

"Err… actually I'm the one who's shrunk," Ryn apologized sheepishly.

"Where have all the meats gone?" the director asked.

Ryn could only laugh sheepishly. She knew it. Some of them watched her episode and used it to tease her. She did not get angry, just grinned.

"Where is the other one?" the director asked.

"She's on the way," Ryn replied. She went to the set to familiarize with the set while waiting for Irene.

"I don't like this dress!"

Everyone looked at the way to the changing room when they heard the scream. Ryn even froze.

"It's not my problem your dress is not up to par," came another shout.

"Who chose that girl?" the director asked his assistant.

"Well…" his assistant was too shocked to answer. He kept looking at the changing room in horror.

"I guess we have to wait for a while. Can I eat something?" Ryn asked hopingly.

Every crew looked at her speechlessly. There was someone throwing tantrum in the changing room but she was not concerned at all?


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