Tell Me Again, My Love
351 Throwing tantrum in the changing room 02
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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351 Throwing tantrum in the changing room 02

Ryn smiled. She could guess what they were thinking. Well, even if she kept looking at Irene's screaming, it won't ease her hunger. Why not she used the time Irene's throwing tantrum to fill her stomach? It was more important.

The director looked at Ryn for five minutes before he waved his hand, allowing her to eat.

"Thank you," Ryn said and quickly walked to the table full of food. She again took a plate and started to fill it with food. Mindful of the shooting would start any minute, she only chose food she could hold with her hand and did not require any utensil.

She chose a chair to sit and ate her food quietly. She was not scared to eat even though she was wearing a cheongsam. After all, she told herself a few times, she needed to add more weight. Even Jeremy commented upon it last night when he stared at her collar bones.

She scowled at the memory. He almost ruined the moment with his lament. Luckily, he managed to bring back the mood or she would kick him out of the bed last night!

She bitted into the chocolate muffin to express her anger toward her boyfriend.

Irene finally came out of the changing room. Her face was red with anger as she huffed and puffed. However, her expression changed when she met the director. She smiled and even acted like a blushing bride.

Ryn almost dropped the fried shrimp she was eating when she saw how Irene was acting. Was this a play in a theatre?

"Sorry for making you wait. There are some problems with the wardrobe. Can we start now?" Irene asked. She glanced to the side, where Ryn was, and smirked.

Ryn was startled when she saw it. What was wrong with Irene today?

"Alright, both of you come here. I'll explain the theme for the shoot today," the director said. However, contrary to Irene's expectation, the director ignored her and smiled at Ryn.

Irene's smile froze. Instead of lashing out at the treatment she received, she gripped her fists to ease the fury and faked an innocent smile as she listened to him. Well, she tried to listen but the anger was filled into her brain until she barely understood his instruction.

"Understand? Is the camera ready?" the director looked at the cameraman and once he received the nod, he waved his hand for the two models to start.

Ryn went to her spot and looked at the camera. Her expression changed according to the mood as she posed.

Irene, on the other hand, was a bit stiff. She glanced at how Ryn posed and imitated her but she looked awkward. And with her deliberately standing in front of Ryn to steal the show, it became more apparent.

The director frowned when he saw it. He crossed his arms as his face darkened.

The cameraman looked at the director for instruction. Even looking through his lens, the look was not good.

The tantrum girl's smile was stiffed. Her pose was stiffed and awkward. Compared to Catherine, it was like heaven and earth. And that rude girl even thought she was better than Catherine?

The cameraman let out a heavy sigh. It seemed like they would end this shooting late in the night.

"What do you think you're doing?" the director started shouting and everyone jerked in shock.

Ryn blinked her eyes in a puzzle. Was it her? She already put herself in the character.

Irene, thinking it was Ryn's fault, smirked at Ryn.

"Irene, yes, you," the director jumped to his feet and pointed at Irene.

"Me?" Irene pointed to herself in shock.

"Yes, you. How long have you been a model? Don't you even understand the concept of this shoot? It's an oriental enchanted night. What do you think you're doing?" the director barked angrily.

"Wh… what?" Irene choked out in shock. Her eyes began to get wet as she was shocked to the core receiving the shout.

"You think by giving that poor imitation of pose you do a good job? No…" the director shook his head, "Ryn, stand in front the whole shoot. I don't want them to be ruined.���

Irene's jaw dropped.

Everyone except for Ryn looked away to stifle their laughter. It seemed like this director was not scared to hurt the model's feeling.

Ryn gave a shrug at Irene and went to stand in front but Irene did not let her. Too lazy to speak out, Ryn went to the side instead so they were actually standing almost in line.

The director waved his hand for the cameraman to approach and gave an instruction. The cameraman nodded and went to another side with the camera.

"Catherine," he suddenly called loudly.

"Yes?" Ryn looked at the director, a bit worried to be the truth. Did she do any wrong?

"Just do your magic. We'll follow," the director said.

Irene stared at Ryn angrily. What was this? What magic? Was the director kidding? Was he trying to make a joke here? Didn't he know who she was?

"Okay," Ryn, undisturbed with the fire shot from Irene, nodded.

As the job was to promote the handbag, she adjusted it a bit and posed. She ignored Irene completely.

Irene wanted to stomp her feet in anger. She also wanted to scold everyone. But she did not do that. She could not throw tantrum in front of the director or her reputation would be ruined. She posed as well, tried to upstage Ryn, but failed miserably. She did not know that, though. She thought she was better than Ryn and even gave Ryn a smirk a few times during the shooting.

The director snorted at Irene's crazy behaviour. It was better if he focussed on Ryn. In his mind, he was wondering why the brand chose that crazy woman. They only needed Ryn to show the bags properly. Luckily, he made a decision to treat that crazy model as an ornament. A background for Ryn. He told the cameraman to try as hard as he could to only put Ryn on focus. But do take a few photos of that crazy woman as the evidence when the client demands. He would not ruin his reputation for a mediocre model.


Jeremy took off the tie and cracked his neck. Once the door opened, he walked through it to go to his car at the basement. It was already 6.30 p.m. He just finished his work in the office. Now, he needed to prepare for the business dinner tonight. He sighed a bit, feeling exhausted but he knew he could not complain about it. This was the path he chose and he must continue on with it.

He started the car. Instead of driving it immediately, he took out his phone and checked.

Like a typical Ryn, well, the current Ryn he knew, she did not leave any message. He sighed but was not hurt. She must be so busy until she did not have time to think about him. Unknown to him, she did think about him but rather the bad way. It was better for him not to know or he would feel guilty for leaving those red marks on her neck and his offhanded remark about how she needed to gain more weight because he did not like to see her bones 'protruding' from her skin.

He immediately checked her IG account. His eyes widened. Unlike her typical way, this time she posted quite a lot of pictures of her with her… colourful nails? He did not know she liked this kind of nails.

Maybe he should buy more for her so she could wear them whenever the mood struck. He grinned at his thought and looked for the brand. Luckily, his Ryn was not a lazy Ryn today. She tagged the brand with the post.

He quickly checked the brand and ordered more online. He knew her taste by heart and chose those he knew she would like.

Once he was done, then he drove the car out of the basement. He headed straight to the mansion instead of his own place. Tonight's business dinner he wanted the driver to send him. It would end late and he would be too exhausted and even drunk to drive the car.

When he reached home, his little sister was not in sight while his parents were chatting in the living room. Even his grandmother was not there. Hmm… must be either in the kitchen planning their meals for tomorrow or in her room knitting. He did not want to ask the butler who was following behind him politely. It was better not to know or his grandmother might summon him to go to her.

"You just got home?" his mother commented when she saw him walking with one hand holding his tie.

"Hmm… I have business dinner later," Jeremy replied tiredly.

"Good luck, then," his mother said in reply before turned to focus back on her husband.

Jeremy twitched his lips seeing how his parents treated him. Luckily he was already an adult or he would feel hurt with this kind of treatment. Heck, he was supposed to be used with this. Since young, his mother did shower his father with more love and attention, hence the long months of 'honeymoon' they had while he had to struggle taking care of the companies.


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