Tell Me Again, My Love
352 Throwing tantrum in the changing room 03
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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352 Throwing tantrum in the changing room 03

Jeremy quickly climbed up the stairs after dismissing the butler.

Instead of going straight to his room, he headed to his sister's room first. He needed to check what she was doing after days skipping work. He needed to know how many days she needed more before she was done with her gown. And why wouldn't she let her team help her sewing the gowns?

He arrived in front of her room. He was about to knock on the door to call her when he noticed a signboard hanging on the door.

'Do not disturb'

He cocked an eyebrow. The sign was used whenever Jason was here and Mika was spending 'precious' time with her fiancé and did not want to be disturbed. So did this mean Jason was here?

Jeremy shook his head in amused. This silly sister told him she was in a crutch time to finish her dress when she demanded for days off but it seemed like she still has time to spend with Jason. But, he respected her privacy and canceled his plan to ask her. He turned around to go to his room. He did not have much time left.

He went to take a short shower. His body felt sticky and he wanted to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling. When he was done, the first thing he did was not changing into the clothes he already laid on the bed but reaching for his phone. He checked for a message.


He sighed. Should he be amused or frustrated with her attitude?

He dropped his phone on the bed and changed into the outfit. He should get ready for dinner or he would be late.

'Don't miss me. I'm having a business dinner.' He sent a message with a photo of him when he was done preparing for Ryn. He even sent a few kissing emoticons to her. Sigh. He missed her already. He hoped she was missing him as well.

He went downstairs with his phone in the pocket. The driver should be outside with the car already started. He did not want to waste any second waiting.

His parents were still at where he left when he was walking past the living room. He shook his head seeing the loving act, not even ashamed in front of their son. But then again, he was already immune to this kind of thing. He shouldn't feel shocked anymore.

But he did. So, he looked in front, never waver toward his parents, as he walked toward the huge door.

The driver quickly straightened himself when he saw Jeremy walked through the door. He opened the door for Jeremy at the back and waited until Jeremy got into the car before he closed the door.

Jeremy took out his phone once he sat comfortably. He wanted to know whether Ryn already replied to his message. To his disappointment, there was no reply from her.

He sighed heavily.

The driver did not dare to speak a word. Once he sat on the driver's seat, he quickly drove the car away, heading toward the hotel where the business dinner was being held. He did not even switch on the radio, seeing the frown on Young Master Long's face.

Jeremy checked the time before made up his mind and called Ryn. However, his phone went unanswered. His frown deepened. What was going on right now? Why wouldn't she answer the call? Was she avoiding him?

His eyes narrowed suspiciously.


Ryn let out a huge sigh when the director cried 'it's a wrap'. It was a long day for her and she could barely stand.

Even though the director already let her do the lead, it was hard sometimes to ignore Irene when she kept trying to overtake the scene.

It was tiring trying to help to 'save' the scene. Ryn had to consider Irene's pose and adjusted her own pose to make the scene better.

Instead of going to the food, she went to check on the monitor. Her brows curled worriedly as she looked at the photos.

"We can still save them," the cameraman assured her when he saw her expression.


"It's not your fault. Chill," he coaxed again.

Irene stormed toward Ryn angrily. "Look what you've done. You're ruining everyone's time and effort."

Ryn straightened herself and looked at Irene silently. In fact, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Irene. What now? Was she going to throw tantrum and made everyone stuck here for hours?

"You," Irene pointed at Ryn with her trembling finger. Her pride as a model was ruined by this so-called model and she hated it. She hated every moment of it. "Stop acting like a goodie-two-shoe! You're not that good so stop pretending!"

Ryn looked at everyone before she stepped forward. Without warning, she slapped Irene's face with her right hand. The crisp sound filled the already quiet room.

Everyone gasped. They did not expect this at all. The always cheerful, silly and glutton Ryn actually slapped someone?

The one who received her slap looked at Ryn in shock. Almost immediately, Irene raised up her hand to reply to the slap but Ryn easily caught it.

"Irene He, wake up. This is not at the campus and we're not the lackeys you can order around. We don't care about your family's background. If you think by bringing your family's background can make you the best model, you're wrong. You are just being childish throwing tantrum just because you're angry at me for a ridiculous reason. We're no longer friends so why do you care what I'm doing?" Ryn scolded without a care who else could listen to this. Enough was enough. She was too exhausted to received Irene's unreasonable behavior.


"Even if you get jobs because of your family, it won't last long. Only your work ethic and your professionalism can bring you further, not your childish tantrum. Enough is enough. Don't ruin your career," Ryn cut her words. "And practice your pose more. You're too stiff. Pay attention to what the concept of the shooting is. Study. I'm telling you as your senior in modeling and as your ex-friend. Believe it or not, it's up to you. I don't care. And… my patience has a limit."

Ryn did not wait to see Irene's reaction. She turned to look at the director and smiled sheepishly, "Sorry. If the work is not satisfactory for you, I can retake this again with no pay. Just contact my manager."

She then stepped forward and made a bow to everyone, backing Irene. "I'm so sorry for the trouble we're having today."

"It's okay, Ryn. It's not your fault," the cameraman said quickly. He felt weird seeing the one who was giving her best and has the best poses apologized while the one making mistakes acted like she was the best.

"It's already late. I have to leave first. I'm sorry again, guys." Ryn saw Mei Li who just walked into the studio and waved her hand at her manager.

Mei Li walked toward her model, a bit weird seeing the tense atmosphere. What… happened? Did something happen when she was not here? Did Ryn do something wrong? Uh oh…

"You came right on time," Ryn said, wrapping her arm around Mei Li's arm.

"What? What's wrong?" Mei Li asked.

"I'll tell you later. I need to change this cheongsam," Ryn whispered.

Mei Li glanced across her shoulder before at Ryn. She could only nod.

"Oh yes, help me block the other model. I'm too exhausted to handle her," Ryn said. She knew her slap and lash out would make Irene even angrier. She just made Irene lost face in front of everyone, but hey, she did have a temper too. Just like she told Irene, her patience has a limit.

"What? Oh, okay," although Mei Li was puzzled, she agreed to do it. She waited outside the changing room, making sure the door was locked.

Ryn was right. In less than five minutes, the other model stormed toward the changing room. Mei Li quickly blocked the way.

"Step aside," Irene muttered, glaring warningly at Mei Li. Who did this woman think she is to block her way?

"I'm sorry. The room is occupied," Mei Li said firmly.

"You…" Irene pointed a finger at Mei Li with her right hand while her left hand holding onto her pained cheek. It was red from the slap and so painful. She did not expect it would hurt so much seeing how skinny Ryn was but it was. And she hated it. She hated it so much. How dare that Catherine hit her? And she even hit her in front of everyone.

"I'm sorry but the room is occupied," Mei Li repeated, crossing her arms. She did not even flinch when Irene's finger so close to her nose. In fact, she looked down her nose at Irene, despite Irene being taller than her. It was a gift she trained and used constantly toward the models under her who were misbehaving and acting like a diva. She always told them to be more humble even though they have become successful. No such thing as a diva among her models.


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