Tell Me Again, My Love
354 Are we not fated to be together?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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354 Are we not fated to be together?

He paused when he saw how heartbroken she was. His right hand lifted up to touch her cheek before it lowered before he could touch her. He sighed heavily.

"I just…" he paused. He did not know how to explain his worry. In order to be with her again, he did everything he could. Now, he was scared she would dump him after spending the night together.

"Why? Are we really not compatible together? Are we not fated to be together? You said you love me but… but…" she cried. "I'm tired. I don't like this kind of relationship with you hurting me."

His face turned pale. Were they going to break up because of this?

"Ryn, my love, please," he begged.

"I don't know. I really don't know. I'm tired. I can't think anymore," she cried.

He quickly hugged her. "No. Don't break up with me. I love you so much. I can't lose you again."

"But I'm tired," she choked out, crying. She was tired of all of these. She dreamed of having a loving stress-free relationship. A relationship is full of love and trust. But now…

"I won't hurt you again. I promise. No, I swear. I won't make you sad again."

"I can't take it anymore…" she cried, muffled against his chest. She was exhausted from this kind of relationship. She thought they could start anew but…

"I'm sorry. I really am sorry."

He kept whispering to her, begging for her forgiveness. He even kissed the top of her head a few times to coax her after she refused to kiss his lips.

They ended up on the sofa, lying down. He kept her in his arms, whispering his apology. He would not give up. He knew her heart has softened a bit toward him and he would not let her building an impenetrable wall around her heart against him ever again.

He would not lose her again.


Mei Li yawned as she looked for a place to sit. She slept late last night. She had supper after got back home. It took her almost half an hour to wake up after the alarm went off. She checked the time and nodded. She was just right on time.

She took out her phone and sent a message to announce her arrival. She waited. And waited. But there was no reply nor confirmation of Ryn reading the message. After five minutes, Mei Li frowned. She checked her phone but there was no reaction from Ryn's side.

This time, instead of sending another message, she called her.

But there was no answer.

Mei Li did not give up. She thought Ryn overslept this time. They after all finished late last night and it was expected for Ryn to be exhausted this morning. She did have quite a hectic schedule these past few months.

She called again. And again. And again.

But still, all her calls went unanswered.

She frowned. Had something happened upstairs?

Without thinking much longer, she shut off the engine and grabbed her bag. Then, she rushed to the elevator with her heart pounded hard. Don't let anything happened to her Catherine.

She waited for the elevator's door to open, her feet tapping on the floor impatiently. She did not want to use the stairs because Ryn might be using the elevator when she noticed the time. Besides, taking the elevator did not make her tired. Today would be a busy day so she should save her energy as much as she could.


Jeremy was still coaxing Ryn when his phone rang. He frowned and sat up. In order not to disturb Ryn, he went to the room to answer the call.

"What is it?"

"Boss, sorry to interrupt. I've received a call from the headquarters, requiring you to attend the meeting with the human resources department regarding the new group of workers intake," Jacob informed rather worriedly. He was scared his boss would get angry with him for interrupting him. And he definitely did not want to be on his boss's bad side so early in the morning.

Jeremy sighed. He looked toward the door. It seemed like he could not spend the time with Ryn today. And Ryn was throwing tantrum too toward him. "Alright."

What else could he say? The company would not contact his assistant if it was not under his father's order. And he could not disobey his father's order.

He gave a few instructions to Jacob before ended the call. Then, he went back to the living room, where Ryn was still lying still. There was no more sobbing coming from her, which was a relief. But he did not think it meant that she had forgiven him.

"Baby," he called but before he could speak more, someone rang the bell. He turned to look at the door, frowning. Who was disturbing his time with Ryn?

He looked at Ryn who was frowning as well as she stirred. Apparently, she had fallen asleep while agreeing at him. He sighed a bit, worried seeing how pale she looked. She looked exhausted. Could she go to her jobs looking this pale?

He did not want her to get sick from work.

The person behind the door kept ringing the bell, waking Ryn from her slumber. She looked around but once she saw Jeremy standing at the door of her bedroom, her eyes changed a bit and she quickly looked away. She refused to look at him, remembering so clearly what happened earlier. Her heart still hurt from it.

"Love," he called slowly, lifting his hand toward her. But instead of looking at him and accepting his hand, she went to the door.

The lifted hand dropped as he looked at her in hurt.

Without care of how she looked right now, Ryn unlocked the door and looked at the person. She did not even smile when she saw her manager. Instead, she just closed the door.

"Ryn, are you ready? What's wrong?" Mei Li's face changed when she saw Ryn's swollen eyes and paled face. She did not notice Jeremy standing not far from them. Her attention was totally on Ryn.

"Love," Jeremy spoke up, almost making Mei Li fell down in shock when she finally noticed his presence. Her widened eyes looked at Jeremy, before at Ryn. What… what was going on? Did… did she interrupt something?

Ryn ignored him. She went to the bathroom and slammed the door rather loudly, sending another wave of shock to Mei Li.

Something seriously was wrong right now but Mei Li could not figure out what it was. But her instinct told her it related to Jeremy's presence.

Oh no… what should she do to help?

When Ryn came out from the bathroom, her face was still swollen and red from the cry she had. She refused to look at Jeremy but instead went to Mei Li, her manager.

"Is it okay for me to arrive a bit late?" she asked slowly.

"I don't think we'll be late even if we move half an hour later. It's right on time," Mei Li replied awkwardly. She could not help from glancing at Jeremy who was standing there without a word. This atmosphere felt so weird but she could not come out with the right words to ease the tension.

"Babe, I don't think you're healthy enough to work. Your… emotion…" Jeremy gulped when received the glare from her beautiful eyes.

"Give me ten minutes to get ready," ignoring Jeremy's words, Ryn went back into her bedroom to prepare herself. She could not push herself to kick him out, knowing perfectly how stubborn he was. The only way was to go to work. He would not interrupt her work, would he? He still would not dare to reveal their relationship to the public for the sake of his career. So, she would be safe… temporarily.

Jeremy did not dare to get into the room. It seemed like his presence was not welcome by her. The hurt he created unintentionally was too much for her to ignore.

He gripped his fists in frustration. Why did he do that without thinking? Why didn't he ask her calmly rather than accusing her like that?

What has he done?

Ten minutes later, Ryn walked toward Mei Li, avoiding Jeremy completely. She already changed into a fresh set of clothes after the quick shower she had. Her hair was tied rather loosely into a messy bun. This time, there was no cap covering her head.

"Are you sure you can work?" Mei Li asked worriedly. She could see how pale Ryn was and did not want to put too much pressure on Ryn. But, on the other hand, they already signed the contract and the team was already waiting for them. What should she do?

"Let's go," Ryn said, wrapping her arm around Mei Li's to pull the woman toward the door.

"Babe, you can't leave me like this. You can't leave us like this," unwilling to give up, Jeremy begged.

"Just… leave…" Ryn choked out, holding the fresh tears threatening to rain down her cheeks. She did not want to face him and face their problem. She was exhausted.


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