Tell Me Again, My Love
355 The merge and the new workers
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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355 The merge and the new workers

Everyone gulped nervously when the door was opened and a very serious face man walked into the meeting room. Immediately every one of them stood up and bowed their head. They greeted him rather loudly with their back already wet from sweat.

They had been waiting for almost half an hour for the man to arrive but honestly, they wished for the father to come, not him. And to make matters worst, they just learned he was having a bad mood. It meant that whatever they do, whether big or small, might bring trouble to them. Anything could trigger him. Anything.

Silently they made a religious sign as they murmured prayers to save them from any harm.

Jeremy sat on the chairperson chair and looked at them with a frown. His lips were straight and there was no sign of a smile.

Jacob quickly opened the file and showed it to his boss. He also was careful with his every movement, trying hard not to make him angry.

The room felt stiff and tense. The only sound they could hear was from the air conditioner.

"How many new workers are coming?" Jeremy asked after he read the file. He pushed it aside and looked at the human resource manager.

The manager tried to cover his fear by clearing his throat. But he could not stop shivering. What to do? What to do? Why, of all the people in the meeting room, he was the one chosen to answer the question?

Jeremy cocked an eyebrow, waiting for the answer.

Everyone quickly lowered their head, pretending to be busy reading the file. No one dared to look at their phone.

Hurry up, manager. Answer the question. Once you answer, we can leave the room.

"Am I talking with the wall?" Jeremy muttered with a glare.

"Young… Young Master…" the manager choked out. He desperately pulled in the tears in her eyes. What… what should he do? Young Master was angry at him.

"Do I need to arrange your vice to replace you?" Jeremy asked coldly.

The manager gasped in horror.

Where was the smiling singer? Where was the happy-go-lucky and friendly Jeremy? Where was he? Who replaced him with this… this gargoyle?

"Sir… boss… young master…" he cried miserably.

Jeremy closed the file and pushed it aside. Then, he clasped his hands and stared at the manager.

"A… of about twenty people. I… we… we have already listed down the criteria for each department," the manager stuttered. He quickly signaled his co-worker to start the slide so he could present it. Asking the boss to read it himself? He was not that stupid and eager to die!

His wife was getting close to give birth and he still had not bought the dumpling his wife wanted. Poor him. Poor his pregnant wife. Poor his unborn little son.

He cleared his throat and started to present. But the sweat on his face kept interrupting his sentences when he needed to wipe the wetness away. He felt like crying at the same time, sensing the coldness coming from the Young Master.

Why? Why didn't the big boss come today? If the big boss came for the meeting, he bet that they would not feel this nervous and scared. The young master was scarier than his old man.

Jeremy leaned against the chair as he stared at the screen. He did not speak a word. He did not seem like he was listening to the manager but at the same time, he did seem like he was listening to every single word.

No one dared to ask. Every one of them wished that the meeting would end soon so they could escape from hell. And why was the room getting colder? They shivered without control but too scared to move or tell anyone to raise the temperature a bit.

Jeremy lifted an eyebrow as the manager moved to the second last slide. He just finished talking about the orientation week that the new workers need to attend. Right now, he was going to talk about the additional requirement that they would take note of during the observation months.

"Is there… is there anything else that we need to add, boss?" the manager asked once he completed the slides. His trembling legs managed to stay put as he looked at the young master worriedly. Was the presentation up to the young master's standard? Did he leave something out? Did he make any mistake?

If he did not, why didn't the young master smile or even nod his head? Not even once? In fact, there was no positive reaction coming from Jeremy. It made him even more troubled. Was his position in the company in danger because of this presentation?

Oh no…

Jeremy reached for the cup of coffee Jacob thoughtfully placed in front of him and sipped it slowly. Then, he put back the cup and looked at the nervous manager.

"I will officially take over this company in three more months. And I want you to prepare absorbing three departments from Full Moon. About those new workers for the financial department, we will move from the Full Moon to here," Jeremy decided. Then, he looked at Jacob, "You will arrange it. Brief them before the meeting next week."

"Yes, boss," Jacob nodded, busy taking note of everything. He would go straight to the office to inform the others. Three months were not that long and they have so many things to do before the official merging. Once the company merged, Full Moon would be under Miss Mika and Miss Catherine and they would be in charge of fashion, jewelry, and make-up. In short, they would focus on woman's interest rather than right now, including the hotel and construction.

And he was a bit worried too because he knew he would need to move to the main company too. This huge company… could he… could he manage the work? Even now he was so busy, he hardly has any rest except for Sunday. He could not bear to think what days he would face once he started to work here officially. Hopefully, the boss would still keep the other secretaries from the main company. Or he would die from exhaustion.

"If you have anything more to discuss, inform my assistant," Jeremy said before adding, "meeting adjourned."

Everyone quickly stood up before Jeremy did and watched politely as Jeremy left the meeting room. Once the door was closed, everyone let out a huge sigh and collapsed on their chair. Terrible. They felt so terrible and exhausted.

"Finally… it's over," one of them murmured tiredly.

They should all feel relieved. Once the young master left, even the temperature in the meeting room returned to normal.

"I can't believe none of you speak just now," the manager suddenly spoke. He glared at his subordinates.

"But sir, you did say you want to talk during the meeting," one of them pointed out in a small voice before quickly closed his mouth when his co-worker kicked his right foot secretly under the table.

"Hmm…" the manager cocked an eyebrow.

"Nothing… nothing," the same man shook his head quickly, acting dumb.

"So, why didn't any of you? Are you happy Young Master scolded me? My wife hasn't given birth to our first son yet and you wanted to put me in the tiger's mouth?" the manager let out his frustration and anger at his subordinates. He was not satisfied with being the sole receiver of the young master's glare and warning. Everyone should get the scold and the warning! This was 'all for one and one for all' principle.

Everyone should know, understand, and follow it.

He glared again for good measure.

Jeremy went to his office, well, the office he would take over from his father and hid a loud groan seeing the files as tall as a hill on the table. It seemed like every time he entered his office, he would face the same situation, regardless of the location of the building.

"I'm taking a half-day today so whatever meeting or anything I need to do this evening, postpone it to another date," Jeremy said as he reached the file on the top of the hill to check.

"Yes, sir," Jacob said, trying to hide his disgruntle. Lately boss kept taking days off or half-days off and he had to rearrange everything back. It was hard for him, especially when the other side was unhappy with the sudden change. But what else could he do? He was just a subordinate and he was just following orders.

Luckily for him, there were no meetings he needed to adjust. But for tomorrow, the boss has a lunch meeting. The day after that, the boss has to go to the Z country to discuss another new business opportunity with the no 1 telephone brand in that country. If the discussion a success, their business would gain another business branch and became the sole official distributor of the brand.

And looking at the way the company was doing, it would be under the main company but still, the person in charge would be one of the Full Moon. That Jacob had no doubt of. The boss would not let his subordinate who worked hard for this opportunity to be on the losing side.

Jeremy was unaware of what Jacob was thinking. He read quickly and his hand never stopped scribbling his comment and signature. All he could think of right now was to finish the whole thing quickly so he could go see his Ryn and coax her.


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