Tell Me Again, My Love
356 A tiger“s growl
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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356 A tiger“s growl

In another building, the person whom he loved the most was not even thinking about him. Not even once.

In fact, since the moment she entered Mei Li's car and the car drove quickly toward the location that the crews were waiting at, Catherine already pushed him away from her mind. Her stomach was grumbling from hunger but she did not want to waste another moment for the sake of fulfilling her hunger. She did not want to arrive late at the shooting.

Hence, she kept rubbing her stomach, almost absent-mindedly. In order for Mei Li not to realize it, she used her bag as a cover. She did not want to make Mei Li worried.

Besides, she told herself a few times over, the crews should prepare something to eat there… right? Usually, they prepared food for the crews, and hopefully, it was something heavy.

Ryn was starving.

She closed her eyes, trying to ignore the grumble from her stomach. Just a few minutes more. Be patient, Ryn. Be patience. She could eat once she reached there. She could eat while getting her makeup and hair done. She could even squeeze something in between wearing the clothes for the shooting. She planned silently on how to do it, not even looking at the road or at the driver, Mei Li. Her mind was focusing on eating.

Mei Li focussed on her driving but at the same time, she could not help from glancing at Ryn a few times. She did not know how to express her discomfort. Somehow, she felt like if they did not face and untangle the problem between Jeremy and Ryn, Ryn could not give her best in her work. She did not want that to happen. Not only would it affect Ryn's reputation, but it would also affect her emotion. And it might make Ryn collapse and pull back into her reclusive world. She would again quite her modeling job and ran away from everyone.

Sigh. Even if she wanted to help, she did not know how to do it. But… if she did not do anything, the problem might get bigger and get worst.

Mei Li was stuck in the middle. She wanted to help but she did not know how to.

Although it was a 45 minutes ride with the clear traffic, it felt like hours in both the women's mind. They were thinking of two totally different things but the thought made them think that the time ran slowly. Like a turtle.

Mei Li parked the car and looked at Ryn. None of them open their mouth to speak.

Ryn twitched her lips as she turned to look outside. Then, she grabbed her bag to sling on her right shoulder as she opened the door at the same time. She got out of the car and raised her hand, waving at a group of people talking under a tree.

Without waiting for Mei Li, Ryn went to the group. "Hello, sorry for being late."

Mei Li watched her leaving with a sigh. She then shut off the engine and got out of the car. She did not dare to leave Ryn alone.

Seeing how pale Ryn was the whole journey, Mei Li was worried something wrong would happen during the shooting.

She followed behind Ryn and repeated the apology given by Ryn to everyone. She was secretly relieved when none of the crews and even the director and photographer blamed them for arriving two minutes after.

"I'm sorry," Ryn suddenly spoke and the crews looked at her almost immediately.

Ryn's cheeks reddened when she realized the attention given by everyone. She thought she only wanted to speak with the director, hoping to steal just five minutes to eat. She cleared her throat and tried to laugh but it was awkward.

"What's wrong, Ryn?" the director asked. His smile never left his face. Although they had to wait for Ryn to arrive, he did not mind at all. He worked with her twice before and both jobs made him determine to have her again for this one. In fact, he insisted to have her in the project.

Yes, she was signed for this particular shooting but she was not signed for the product, to be the spokesperson. Being Ryn, as long as the product was good and the payment reasonable, she did not mind even if she was not signed as a spokesperson.

It meant that she was not chained to use the product in her daily life, which was totally fine for her.

"Erm… is it okay if I take an extra five minutes? I… I haven't had my breakfast yet," Ryn asked with a sheepish smile. She already noticed the table full of food and could not wait to go and check. But it was important for her to ask permission first, just in case she took a long time to eat.

"Yeah, sure. Take your time. We haven't finished preparing the set," the director replied with a chuckle. Now, he noticed the pale face of hers and started to get worried. Was she sick? Could she do her job without faint or get sick?

"Thank you. And I'm sorry," Ryn bowed a bit in apology before walked to the table full of food to choose something for her growling stomach.

A crew who was carrying reflector made a turn to look at her when they walking past each other. He frowned. Did his hearing play with him? He swore he heard a tiger growl loudly just now.

He shook his head, chuckling. It must be a dream. How could a tiger come here? This was in the middle of a big city. There was no forest nearby. It must be an illusion, he told himself.

Unaware of the sound from her that shocked the man, Ryn reached the table. Her eyes sparkled at the packed food. She took one and a bottle of drink. Then, she went to the changing room to change her clothes.

The woman who was checking the clothes was taken back seeing the packed food in her hands. The model ate rice for breakfast?

"Hi, sorry for being late. My name is Ryn," Ryn introduced herself to the woman as this was the first time they were working together.

"Err... Hello. I am Suzy, the stylist for today," the woman introduced herself, accepting the hand offered by Ryn. It felt weird when the model took the initiative to introduce herself and even apologize. Usually, the models she was working with did not bother to be this friendly, only ask for their outfit to wear and then immerse in taking selfies or surfing the media social. 

"Is it okay if I do my makeup and hair first? I want to eat and don't want the food to stain the clothes," Ryn asked.

"Ah... sure. Be my guest," Suzy still did not recover from her shock and replied without thinking. She could just watch as Ryn went to introduce herself and apologize to the makeup artist and the hairstylist before she took her seat on the chair and started to eat happily while the two men began prepping her face and hair.

Suzy blinked her eyes a few times before she snapped back and realized what she just did. Shaking her head in exasperated, she turned back to the clothes and chose a beautiful pale dress for the first outfit. The theme for the shooting was weird. A pastel gothic princess searching for love in a fairyland garden. She had to search high and low for suitable dresses. In the end, she had to order from overseas and paid more to get them to post quickly. Luckily the company paid for them or Suzy would end up being broke.

Ryn spent the time eating while listening to the men gossipping. She closed her eyes obediently when asked to, and even covered her box of food when the hairstylist spraying the hair spray. She made sure not to ruin even a speck of the makeup when eating, which gave more stories from the men to talk about. Of course, they were careful not to say any name when talking about their experiences with their clients ruining the makeup while eating. Ryn just smiled all the time, never argue, or ask any question.

Ryn swallowed the last spoon of her food as both men announced she was ready for her outfit. Ryn covered back the box and thanked them. Then, she threw the empty box into the bin and took her drink with her as she walked to Suzy.

"I am ready for the dress. Is this it?" Ryn asked after she took a sip of her drink.

"Yes. Do you need help with it?" Suzy asked.

"Can you help me tying the back?" instead of a zip at the back, the dress was like a dress from the past. It was held together with a ribbon-like string. It was impossible for Ryn to wear it without any help.

Suzy and Ryn went into a smaller section to change into the dress. The men continued with their gossip as they prepared for the next look. 


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