Tell Me Again, My Love
357 A need for more days off and a private je
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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357 A need for more days off and a private je

Ryn changed into the second outfit hurriedly. The two men were already there to change her make-up and hair to suit the second dress. Suzy helped by taking the boots for the second outfit and put them on Ryn. It was chaotic in the changing room.

As they were busy, the phone Ryn put on the small table vibrated. Almost immediately everyone looked toward it but was surprised when Ryn did not make a move to answer the call.

"You can answer it," the makeup artist said as he pulled the brush he was using to apply the blusher.

"It's okay," Ryn replied. She already knew who the caller was and has no intention to talk with that person. Her anger toward him flared back but she managed to control it from appearing on her face.

Right now was working hours. She must make a line between her working time and her private time. She would not mix both of them together. Even if she was so angry and frustrated, she would not show them when working. It was not professional.

They all were confused with how nonchalant Ryn was toward the call. Usually, the models they were working with would not ignore any call or message. In fact, they could even stop the session just to answer the call.

Ryn was another type of model and a unique one in their opinion.

And they all liked working with her. She did not ask much about why the make-up or hairstyle like this or that. All she wanted to know was the theme of the shooting and what was their expectant of her. Even her suggestions were actually good enough for the director to allow them to be done. The only thing the director ignored, from what they heard, was her request to take more pictures as she thought she did not do well enough to deliver the product.

"Stop looking for a mistake. You've done well. Go change," the director told her, even waved his hand toward the changing room when she tried yet again pointing out her flaw in the flawless frames.

Once they were done, they stepped back and watched in a puzzle when Ryn shook her head experimentally. She already had poses planned in her mind and this time around, she would act more aggressively.

"What do you think she has in mind?" the hairstylist asked Suzy as the three of them watched as Ryn went back to the set.

"I have no idea," Suzy replied. She crossed her arms and followed the men to the set. They wanted to see how Ryn was doing. Only the make-up artist went to watch the first shooting so this time, the other two wanted to watch as well, especially when they never heard the director shouting angrily. They were wondering how good Ryn was.

And she was really good.


Jeremy parked the car in his usual parking lot. He tapped his phone a few times, pursing his lips unhappily when there was no reply from her. He had been sending messages to her since this morning but she refused to answer any of them. Of course, he did try calling her but she ignored all the calls.

Luckily for him, she did not switch off her phone. She just let the call went through the voice recording.

It was both good news and bad news for him. The bright side was he could send many messages to her but the downside was that he knew how she ignored him.

He finally shut off the engine and got out of the car. He walked through the sliding door and headed upstairs. Although he wanted to go to her, he wanted to change his clothes first.

The house was quiet. Mika was still living in the mansion with the family and he did not even bother to switch on the air conditioner when he entered the house. He simply walked upstairs to his own room to have a quick shower. Of course, he tried calling her again.

And she refused to answer.

He sighed and threw the phone on the bed before he went into the bathroom. His mind was full of ideas on how to coax her. Flowers would be useless against Ryn. She did not act like a typical girl, even when they were younger. So it was hard.

Half an hour later, he went back into his car and drove away. He already received Ryn's schedule from Mei Li and decided to go to her instead of waiting at home.

He was driving the car when his phone rang. He looked at the screen and frowned seeing Mika's name appeared. Why would his little sister call him out of a sudden?

"What?" he dropped the greeting and asked impatiently.

"Big brother, I want another week of holiday," Mika cried loudly.

He frowned. Another week? How many months does this girl need to sew her wedding dress? He thought its already done during the fitting yesterday and even if she needs to fix something, she did not need more than two days.

"And I need the private jet," she added quickly.

"Why do you need to take those days off?" He could guess it did not relate to the wedding dress at all. It must be something else.

"Jason and I haven't taken our pre-wedding photos yet. And we want to take them in Spain," Mika replied.

"So far away?" he was not happy with the sudden plan. "Have mother and grandma know about this?"

It was quiet on the other side of the conversation.

Jeremy frowned. Surely his little sister discussed this first with the family. She could not expect their mother and grandmother have no thought about this matter.


"Err… I was hoping for…" Mika paused as she gulped loudly.

"Hoping for what?"

"Err… for… for…"

"If you don't tell me, don't expect me to allow you to take so many days off," he warned and even added, "even the jet."

"Jeremy," she gasped in horror. How could her brother bully her like this? Wasn't she the baby in the family and everyone should give in to her every request?


"You're bullying me," she cried.

He frowned. Bully? Him? When did he do that? He was just asking whether she has told their family about her plan. Hmm… it was clear from her reaction that she did not tell them anything.

Was she crazy to hide this from their family, especially their mother and grandmother? Was she trying to get killed before the wedding?

"If you still refuse to answer the question, I will hang up," he warned. He did not want to spend more time with her refusing to answer the question directly and changing the subject by putting the blame on him, which was ridiculous. He was being responsible as her big brother and was concerned with the way she was doing things.

Of course, he knew how frustrated she was when mother and grandmother vetoed so many ideas Mika has for her wedding. It was crazy but none of them could say anything to both the elder women.

And watching how Mika was treated by them made him think about what his wedding preparation with Ryn would be like? Should he just bring Ryn to Las Vegas to elope instead?

"Why are you bullying me?" Mika cried again. She refused to believe her brother would cut off the conversation before agreeing to her request. She would not stop before she gets her days off and the private jet.

He sighed. It seemed like his little sister did not take his warning seriously enough.

"I will discuss this with mother and grandma. Bye," without waiting for her reaction to his decision, he cut off the conversation. He could not concentrate on his driving with her cry.

It was hurting his ear.

And he would prefer for his mother and grandmother to handle his silly little sister. He was too lazy to handle Mika.

He continued his driving toward Ryn. It would be better for him to focus on Ryn, rather than having a frustrating conversation with Mika.


"Mei Li, what's next on the schedule?" Ryn asked as she stirred her hot chocolate. She was done with the shooting and now they were on their way to the second location.

Mei Li glanced at Ryn, silently sighed in relieved seeing Ryn's face no longer pale. Ryn already took off the make-up and her hair was pulled into a neat ponytail. Mei Li bought some snacks for Ryn to nibble while on the way. They did not have the time for lunch so Ryn had to make do with the snacks.

Luckily they only have two jobs today or Ryn would be so exhausted to work tomorrow. Luckily, tomorrow Ryn only has a lunch meeting before they would go to the island for a video shooting.

"Mei Li?"

"Another shooting with…" Mei Li revealed the brand to Ryn.

Ryn nodded dumbly. She was still exhausted and sleepy. Better to use the journey to steal some time for a short power nap. She needed to be fresh and energetic once they reached there. With that thought, she closed her eyes and yawned sleepily.

Mei Li saw the model under her fallen asleep and adjusted her driving. She tried not to make too much noise and drove the car carefully so it would not disturb Ryn's sleeping too much. The poor girl really needed her rest.


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