Tell Me Again, My Love
358 Want to spend more time with her
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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358 Want to spend more time with her

Ryn took the bottle of water from Mei Li and drank it through the straw as she leaned to look at the screen. She pursed her lips a bit as her eyes stared at each frame.

"Can I take again?" she asked.

Both the director and the cameraman looked at her. Their brow twitched. The result was so good. In fact, they could use all of the photos for the advertisement. But this model, she was so perfectionist, she always found flaws and mistakes in her work.

"No. It's okay already," the director said.


"And we're done. It's a wrap. Thank you, everyone," ignoring the cry from Ryn, the director announced loudly.

One of the assistants looked at his watch with widened eyes. He expected the shoot would take more than four hours but it was done in two hours including the makeup and hair. Half of the time. Was this for real?


"Ryn, stop bothering the director," Mei Li pulled Ryn away and nodded her thanks to both men. She then pushed Ryn toward the changing room area. "Go change your clothes. You haven't had your lunch yet."

"Fine," Ryn sighed a bit, letting herself being led to the changing room. She should stop interrupting with the director and the cameraman. They knew their work best.

Mei Li pushed Ryn to change into her own clothes. She even took two pieces of face wipes for Ryn to take off her makeup.

"You should stop your bad habit," Mei Li pointed out when they got into the car.

"Yes. I know," Ryn mumbled. She knew her weakness. She always overthinking her work. Some of the directors and cameramen could understand it but some could not. And if she kept insisting on doing this, she might be labeled as a troublesome model.

"Hmph… don't keep saying you know but you keep doing it," Mei Li said.

Ryn did not say anything anymore. She knew she was on the wrong side and silence was the best answer right now.

Mei Li did not continue her nag. It was useless now. As long as Ryn understood her weakness and wanted to change, whenever it would be, she would stop her nagging. Besides, Ryn was a grown woman, not a child.

They stopped at a shopping complex and went to the third floor to get their lunch.. well, it could even say dinner. Early dinner. It was already late for lunch and too early for dinner so there were not many people inside. However, contrary to Ryn's thought, Mei Li asked for a private room. Although Ryn was frowning full of questions, she did not ask out loud in front of the waiter. She simply followed behind both of them into the room.

Ryn ordered the food she wanted and watched as Mei Li added her choice. Then, she waited for the waiter to leave them before she looked at her manager, cocking an eyebrow.

Mei Li just smiled. She received a message from Jeremy and was told to go to this restaurant and pretended to ask for a private room. He already booked this room earlier. She had no idea why he asked her to do all this when he could simply tell Ryn about this room. But, she was only a little manager while Jeremy was the big boss of a huge company and Ryn's boyfriend. Who was she to say anything?

It took the waiter no time to bring their food. Ryn failed to get her answer when Mei Li kept answering the phone call. It was suspicious to see her manager having so many calls back to back but Ryn could not say anything. It was after all business for them so Ryn just kept quiet. It did not mean she would forget about this, though. Ryn decided to find another time to ask about Mei Li''s weird behavior.

It was better to fill in her empty stomach while waiting for a suitable time to question, Ryn decided.

Five minutes later, Mei Li suddenly stood up and excused herself to go out to the ladies' room. Ryn did not follow her, too happy enjoying the food. She did not suspect anything even though she could sense how weird Mei Li was today. Her focus was 100% on the food.

She was so focussed on eating her food until she did not even notice someone entering the room. She only realized its presence when she felt someone pulling a chair next to her.

She lifted her head and almost choked to see him.

Jeremy quickly took the glass of water and gave it to her and patted her back to make her feel better.

"J..... Jeremy… what… what are you doing here?" she choked out once she finished coughing.

She looked around and found both of them the only one in the room. It was a conspiracy. A planned encounter. He planned all this.

And Mei Li. Her manager, Mei Li, was his partner in crime.

Ryn did not know whether to be angry or frustrated. She was still taken back with this.

"Are you feeling better now?" he asked worriedly.

She looked at him with her eyes a bit wet from the furious coughing. She did not know what to say. She was supposed to still be angry at him but once she started to eat, the fury was starting to go away.

It was the reason why he waited for her to eat first before he entered the room. No wonder some waiters were giving him a weird look when they saw him standing outside the room just now.

But did he care? No. All he cared about was to coax her to forgive him back. That was what more important than anything else.

He waited until she was truly better before he pulled the plate from her side and started to feed her lovingly.

Mei Li peeked into the room and smiled to herself when she saw the couple looked happy together again. She adjusted her bag and went to the exit. Jeremy would pay the bills so she was not worried leaving like that without telling Ryn first. She planned to go to another place for her lunch. Better to run away before Ryn scolded her for this.

Smiling to herself, she skipped toward her car. Tomorrow she would go to the office. Jeremy told her that he would help to bring Ryn to her workplace.

Ryn sipped her drink slowly after she finished her food. She noticed that he did not eat anything. He only fed her.

"Are you full now?" he asked.

"Hmm… You?" she asked back.

"I am full seeing you full," he replied and grinned seeing the blush on her face. He loved seeing her so shy. It made his feeling toward her deepened. How could she be so adorable?


He reached out to caress her cheek gently, lovingly. He was happy and glad to see she was no longer angry at him. As long as she no longer mad at him, he would do anything for her.

He called the waiter to pay the bill. She did not look at them, just checking her phone. She needed to check her schedule for tomorrow.

The waiter returned the credit card to Jeremy. He could not help from glancing at the woman, wondering who she was. Was she Jeremy's girlfriend? Because of his work, he did not watch much television or surf the internet. He spent his free time playing basketball with his friends. He only recognized Jeremy because the singer was so popular when he was young.

Despite wondering about the identity of the woman, the waiter still remembered his responsibility in his work so he did not ask or peep more. He handed the credit card politely and watched as Jeremy, the idol, pulled the chair for the woman and followed her out of the private room.

Jeremy tried to hold Ryn's hand when they were out of the restaurant but she kept pulling her hand from him. He sighed. She still was not ready to expose their relationship to the public. All he could do right now was following behind her.

"J, where did you park your car?" she asked, finally remembering there were two totally different spots for the parking lot; the underground basement and the rooftop. She did not want them to walk blindly to the car, well, it would be she who would be the blind leader when she did not know where the car was.

"The rooftop," he told her.

She did not say thank you for the answer. She simply looked for the way to the elevator to go to the rooftop. She was so exhausted after work and just wanted to sleep. She could not think anything more than sleep.

He opened his mouth as they waited for the elevator. But then, he canceled his thought and closed his mouth back.

He sighed. It seemed like he had to cancel his plan of bringing her out. She seemed to be exhausted. Mei Li told him earlier she had a full schedule this morning, two works to be precise. She even skipped her lunch and only had the time for food after finishing her work. Sigh. Now he wondered whether he should coax her to quit after they get married. He did not want to see her exhausted like this. And he wanted to spend time with her whenever he had no work. With her busy work as a model, it was even hard for him to meet her unless he rescheduled his own schedule to suit her free time.


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