Tell Me Again, My Love
359 The call that make him jealous again 01
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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359 The call that make him jealous again 01

Ryn closed her eyes once she buckled the safety belt. She did not wait for Jeremy to start the engine nor speak a word with him. She was too exhausted to think anymore.

He smiled seeing her already drifted into the dreamland. He could see how exhausted she was and was unhappy seeing how busy she was. No wonder she kept losing weight even though she ate quite a lot. He saw the amount of food Ryn took just now and it was a usual portion for her. 

Hence, he blamed her busy schedule. It made him more determined to make her quit. She should not work after their wedding. He could support her. She could stay with her simple life or being a super-rich wife. She could buy whatever she wanted and he would not say no.

In fact, he would encourage her to enjoy her life.

But then again, it was all up to her. He could not force her to do things she did not want to. But he hoped, he truly hoped she would just let it go and enjoy life.

Sigh. He should take this slowly. 

He drove toward his place instead of hers. He noticed she did not have much in the pantry. It was better to go to his place for the night instead of to her place.

He played slow music to accompany them. It was relaxing slow music to accompany Ryn sleeping.

He woke her up when they arrived. He patiently waited for her to wake up completely. But he was ready to carry her upstairs. To his disappointment, he did not have to do so. 

Ryn woke up. She looked around sleepily. Luckily for him, she did not get angry seeing where they were. She simply unbuckled the seatbelt and reached for her bag. Then, she opened the door and got out of the car. All without a word to Jeremy. 

He chuckled, shaking his head in amused. Then, he shut off the engine and followed behind her. They stood at the elevator, waiting for its door to open. He moved closer to her and tried to wrap his arm around her slim waist. But, she took a step back to avoid it.

He gave her a hurt look. Why would she accept his touch? Was she still angry at him?

It was lucky for him when she allowed him to share the same lift with her. 

She entered the house once he unlocked the door. Instead of going to the kitchen, she went straight to the guest room to sleep. 

He stopped at the foot of the stairs and watched her with his jaw dropped. She did not even look at him for once. 

"Ryn, are you still angry at me?" he asked. But there was no answer from him.

Dropping his shoulders down unhappily, he walked slowly to the kitchen. Even though she did not talk to him, he still needed to check the kitchen just in case she gets hungry in the middle of the night.

So far so good. The pantry was not that full but just in case Ryn wanted to eat something, she could whip something up from it. He poured a glass of water for himself. And then, he poured another glass for Ryn.

He climbed up the stairs and headed straight to the guest room. The door was closed tight but it did not stop him. He opened the door without even announcing his arrival. He took it for granted that she was his girlfriend and this was his place.

She was deep in her sleep, lying on the bed with no care. Her shoes were lying on the floor with her feet hanging. A sock was thrown beside one of the shoes while another was still snugly wrapped around Ryn's foot.

He shook his head seeing her posture. He put the glass of water on the nightstand and then approached her. Without a word, he took off the stocking from her foot. And then, he rearranged her body so she would lie on the bed properly. He pulled the blanket to cover her body. He did not forget to drop a kiss on her forehead and her lips gently. Then, he finally leaned down to collect her socks and shoes.

Time to do some works while waiting for Ryn to wake up. 

It seemed like his personal assistant was waiting for his call. When Jeremy called, it took only a ring before Jacob answered the call.

"For the Junxia project, there is a number difference in the contract. Check it back," Jeremy said straight-forwardly. 

"Yes, sir," Jacob nodded seriously even though he was talking on the phone. His other hand was busy jotting down everything Jeremy said. It took about fifteen minutes until the phone call ended. Jacob quickly checked the softcopy of the contract Jeremy mentioned. He gulped hard when he found the mistake Jeremy found first. Lucky… Luckily the boss saw it or they would screw the project.

It would affect the company badly.

Jacob quickly called the officer in charge to correct the contract back. He did not scold directly but showed his displeasure through his eyes. How embarrassing it was when the boss was the first to notice it? 

The officer was shocked when he learned about that. He shivered but luckily the boss did not fire him for the mistake. He accepted the silent scold meekly and went back to his room to redo the contract. This time around, he checked word by word before he printed the new contract.

Jeremy, on the other hand, continued back his work in the study room. But at the same time, he kept an ear at the guest room just in case Ryn woke up and needed him.

But, it was all his wish. She did not even wake up the whole night. Meaning, she even skipped her dinner because she was too exhausted to wake up.

He did go down to prepare something for them. But being someone who did not know how to cook, he only prepared rice and eggs for them.

He placed the plates on the dining table nicely. He even tried to make the egg into a heart shape but failed miserably. But, oh well, what important was the thought. And he believed one day he would succeed in making a heart-shaped sunny side up.

He did not put the rice into the bowls yet. He simply wanted to wait for her to wake up. For the egg, once she came down, he would reheat it back. For the vegetables and soup... well... he would just cut some vegetables to eat them fresh with her while the soup, he gave up. He waved the white flag because he knew his own limit.

And he did not want to poison his love. 

He went back to his room to have a quick shower to freshen herself. He was getting hungry after all the work he had done and from cooking. It took him ten minutes more or less before he got out only in a bathrobe. He rubbed his wet hair and almost leaned toward the guest room. He wanted to know what happened in the next door (well, not that close but he hoped he could hear her voice from his room). Unluckily, there was no sound from any of the rooms. It was silent. He did not even play any song or switch on the television. So it was quiet.

He sighed. 

He tried to cheer himself up and put on his pajamas. He did not bother to dry his hair with the hairdryer. It was enough with the towel to dry. He simply walked to the guest room to check on her.

He did not make a sound when he entered the guest room. He did not even knock on the door and call her name. He simply opened the door and walked into the room.

She was still deep in her sleep!

He chuckled seeing her still in the same pose as he left before. If he was not used to living with her, he would think she fainted or in a coma. But, he still approached her and touched her neck, just to check. Deep inside, he was worried about her health. She seemed pale today and he did not want her to be sick.

He let out a sigh of relief when he felt her chest lifting and lowering as she breathed. She did not snore, just sleeping silently. Her pulse pressure was strong. 

He leaned back to steal more kisses from her. She did not even wake up for once during his thieving time. He grinned and leaned down to whisper, "Sweet dream, sweetheart. I love you."

He adjusted the blanket again and also the air conditioner. He looked around to check for anything else to change. But everything was perfect in his eyes. He left her, walking as quietly as he could so he would not disturb her sleep.

However, when he was just reaching the door, her phone rang. He paused and looked at the phone on the nightstand. He left it there before and the ringing made him remember that he forgot to recharge her phone.

Without thinking, he returned to get her phone. He decided to answer the call to know who was the caller and why the person called. He did not find his decision was wrong. He believed he had the right to answer the call. She was his girlfriend and he should help her answer the call. Just in case the call was important for Ryn.


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