Tell Me Again, My Love
360 The call that make him jealous again 02
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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360 The call that make him jealous again 02

The phone was still ringing when he reached the nightstand. He glanced at her, afraid that the call disturbed her beauty sleep. It did not. She did not even stir a bit. Guess, she was too exhausted to hear anything.

He sighed in relief. He took her phone and started to walk back to the door. He accidentally glanced at the screen and paused. His face changed.


That boy again. Didn't this boy realize that Ryn belonged to him? Was the boy stupid or thick-skinned? Jeremy knew and had no doubt he already put his stamp on Ryn, already showed everyone that she belonged to him alone. Was this boy deaf or blind? Was he stupid?

The boy did not give up, though. Although Jeremy did not answer the first call, the boy did not give up and call again. 

Jeremy's eyes narrowed. Was she close to that boy until he could call her at night?

The second call went by unanswered. Jeremy was too deep in his jealousy to answer it. However, when the call came for the third time in a row, this time Jeremy answered. He made sure he left the room and went to his room before answering the call.

"Hello, Ryn," Harry greeted cheerfully. He was a bit unhappy when she did not answer the first two calls. He thought she was ignoring him. But, at the same time, he told himself that she might be busy with her work. Being a model, it was not unusual for her to work at night. He cheered himself up and called the third time. He told himself if she still did not answer his call, he would leave a message and then call her tomorrow. He actually planned to ask her out for lunch.

"Why are you calling Ryn at night?" Jeremy asked angrily. He did not hide his displeasure and his jealousy. It was important for this other boy to understand that Ryn was never available for him. Ryn would not meet any other man except for work. And all her free time belonged to him alone.

Harry's face changed. A man's voice came from her phone instead of Ryn's sweet voice. Who was this man? And how could he use Ryn's phone freely? Where was Ryn, by the way? Why wasn't she the one answering the call?

"From now on, you are not allowed to call her or text her. She belongs to me and I don't want to see you around her," Jeremy warned. He did not want to listen to any excuses. There was no reason why this boy to get close to his Ryn. And if this boy still refused to accept it, Jeremy would do something to stop Harry once and for all. And it was not an empty threat. Jeremy has the power to do anything he wanted.

"Who... who are you to decide who she can see and talk to?" Harry questioned. He tried to remember who the man was when he did not even bother introducing himself. Ryn did not have many friends except...

Harry's eyes widened. He finally remembered who this rude man was. Jeremy. He was Jeremy!

But... was Ryn serious with him? Harry did not think so. He could see how much this man keep bothering Ryn and Ryn was too sweet and patient to say no. He refused to believe that Ryn accepted the way this rude man behaving around her. She was too sweet and innocent.

"Who am I? I am her future husband," Jeremy did not bother introducing himself as Ryn's boyfriend, just straightforwardly introduced himself as Ryn's future husband. Besides, it was the truth. He was going to marry Ryn sooner or later. It was important to stake his claim and announce it loudly to everyone, just in case, someone like this puppy boy thought he could try his luck on wooing his Ryn.

"Fu... future husband?" Harry choked out in shock. How could this... be real? No... that man was only deluding himself. Ryn would not marry that rude and crazy man. She would not!

"Never call or text her ever again or else..." Jeremy did not continue his words. He believed Harry understood what he meant. He cut off the conversation and dropped the phone onto the bed. He was not worried that Ryn could hear the conversation. He answered the call in his room, away from her.

He lied on the bed and stared up to the ceiling. He was still angry. The call made him realize how important it was to put a ring on Ryn's wedding finger. He needed to put his mark on her so that no one would dare to steal her from him.

But, unhappily, she refused to expose their relationship. She even gave him a period of time to be observed how sincere he was toward their relationship. Of course, he was serious. He even planned for them to get married this year. In fact, he was ready to marry her anytime she wanted. She only needed to say yes and they could get married anytime and anywhere she wanted. Money was not a problem at all.

He sighed again. He was hoping by seeing how happy and excited Mika was preparing her wedding, it would open up Ryn's heart to accept him and marry him. But, it seemed like Ryn was too busy to even feel anything toward the wedding preparation. She was so busy, she only had limited time to help Mika. Of course, she felt sorry for Mika but that silly sister did not seem to mind it at all. And to think that he was hoping for her to help him bringing Ryn closer to the altar!

After fifteen minutes or so, he finally managed to control his emotion. His hand reached for her phone lying beside him and he sat up to connect it to the plug. There was no message or call so he believed that the boy finally understood the warning. 

He checked on Ryn twice and still his sweetheart sleeping peacefully. He smiled each time he checked on her, happy to see her dreaming so peacefully. The second time he went to check on her, his stomach growled for the third time. He rubbed it absentmindedly but did not make a move to go downstairs to eat. He only wanted to have a meal with her.

He went back to the study room for the third time to continue his work. Instead of going to his room and staring at the wall blankly, it would be better to do some works. He did have a lot of unfinished files to read and approve. And he also needed to check the progress of the music for Mika's wedding. Too many things to do but too little time.

It was almost midnight when he finally groaned and stretched his arms. He was exhausted from all the reading. His eyes even went bleary from staring at the computer for hours. But at least, he managed to finish quite a lot.

He yawned loudly as he stood up and stretched his body. It was time to sleep. He could not spend the whole night working or he would not be able to stay awake to accompany her tomorrow.

He went to check on her for the last time. This time, instead of leaving after stealing a few kisses, he stared at her wistfully. Would she be mad if he scooped her up and brought her to sleep on his bed? He wanted to sleep holding her in his arms. It would make him feel more secured with her sleeping beside him.

He deliberated for a few minutes before letting out a heavy sigh. His shoulders drooped down. He was not brave enough to face another day of her being mad at him. Today was too much, especially when she ignored him. He did not want her to be angry at him again. 

He walked pretty slow to his own room. He even wished for her to wake up and call him sexily, asking him to bring her to his room. But that never happened. Even until he reached his room, she did not wake up and call him. 

He went to sleep, but it was not a peaceful sleep. He kept waking up, thinking she was calling for him, but it did not. He ended up feeling more exhausted when he woke up the next day.

He kept yawning as he walked into the bathroom. Better fresh himself up before he went to meet Ryn. He could not show his tired face to her. Maybe a little makeup would help to cover the eyebags. 

Luckily for him, being a singer made him used to makeup. He even learned to use the basic makeup so he could put it on if there was no makeup artist around during the shows. Mika taught him how to after laughing for half an hour when he requested it a year after he became a singer.

Once he was happy with his face, he changed into jeans and a crispy white shirt. He decided not to go to work today and just accompany Ryn. 

When he went to the guest room, it was empty. He looked around but there was no her anywhere. His frown deepened but he did not give up. She would not leave him like this without telling first, would she?


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