Tell Me Again, My Love
362 Something smelled fishy
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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362 Something smelled fishy

Mei Li rubbed her head in a puzzle. Shouldn't Jeremy be the one accompanying Ryn today? She remembered he told her many times last night about this. So, why did Ryn contact her early in the morning to remind her about the gig today? 

Of course, she knew and remembered Ryn's whole schedule. She was the one handling Ryn's schedule, as well as working with the brands for the contracts. She knew everything. 

She sighed and reached for the cup of coffee. Before she came here, she actually detoured to a coffee shop to get some coffee. She needed the energy, just in case she was stuck in an awkward situation again... like yesterday.

This couple's relationship was so weird. Every few days they would have their cold war. It was frustrating seeing two people who were so in love but because of ego kept arguing. And it was mostly because of the small little reason; jealousy.

And the jealousy mostly came from Jeremy.

Yes, she understood that the man was so in love with Ryn but he needed to learn that in the modeling world, it was usual for Ryn having to mix with the opposite sex. She also needed to work with them and after the work, needed to socialize with them. Apart from work, Ryn was still a student so it made sense for Ryn to have friends.

And having Harry as her friend actually helped her a lot, in Mei Li's opinion.

Mei Li could see how much support Harry gave to Ryn, almost like...

No. It could not be. Mei Li quickly shook her head. He could not have...

But, even if he did, Ryn would not two-time Jeremy. Mei Li understood Ryn's character so much. Once she put her commitment, she would give her all to it. Once she said she would give Jeremy another chance to prove their love, she would not look at other men with the same feeling.

Besides, Mei Li could see Ryn maintaining her distance from all the men; either at work or at the campus. Although she could sense something from the men, well, how clear was it to see they tried to get closer to Ryn with having another motive behind it, Ryn put a stop to it rather firmly. She maintained her professionalism without hurting their ego. 

And to those who thought that being a model meant it was easy to take Ryn to bed with a sum of money, it was Mei Li's job to open their eyes and put a stop to it. There was a quite of offers from these 'evil' men, thinking she would help them but Mei Li told them that Ryn did not sell her body. And would never be. Ryn did not even care about money and branded stuff. As long as she could have her favourite food, she was already happy. On top of that, even when Jeremy had not come into the picture yet, Ryn would never do this kind of job. It was the second thing she stressed upon when they discussed their contract. Ryn would model and only that. If any of them in the agency tried to go over the boundary, the contract would immediately cease to work. And the agency would have to pay for it.

Mei Li sighed. 

If only Jeremy could manage his jealousy. Mei Li bet with her whole life if the man could differentiate the relationship Ryn has with others, the couple would not fight every two to three days.

Mei Li was still mulling over this when the door was opened and Ryn came in. The manager looked at the woman under her wings and smiled. 

"Good morning."

"Morning. Let's go," Ryn said. There was no sight of anger or frustration in Ryn's eyes. She was so bright eyes and seemed so eager to work today.

"Has anything happened?" Mei Li asked rather carefully once the car left the housing area.

"What happened?" Ryn asked back in a puzzle.

"Jeremy goes to work?" Mei Li asked. She wanted to know the reason why the man did not spend the time with this girl. Were they really in another fight?

"I guess so," Ryn shrugged. She did not bother asking Jeremy just not. It was still weekdays so Jeremy should go to work. Besides, she did prepare breakfast for them and he did eat a lot or so she believed.

She was too busy to ask. Besides, once she started asking, Jeremy would start nagging about how busy she was and wanted her to stop working so hard. It was weird. She did not know Jeremy had it in him. And she did not like that side of him, a nagger who tried controlling her life.

They were not husband and wife yet.

She has her own life and he should respect it, just like she respected his job. She did not even demand him to drop his work for her. So, in her opinion, he should do the same.

And she was big enough to know what's good for her.

Mei Li glanced at Ryn. She was speechless. It did not seem like a fight but why... why on earth was she needed here when it was supposed to be Jeremy and Ryn spending the time together? Mei Li knew Jeremy no longer wanted to keep their relationship under the radar and he did not care what others thought about him. He believed in his fans and knew they would support him regardless of who he chose to be his spouse, his partner in life. 

However, the only obstacle for this matter was the woman beside her, Mei Li decided. Ryn still refused to acknowledge the relationship to the public, thinking it would save her from headache if anything bad happened in their relationship. Of course, Mei Li admitted, the break-up last time took a huge toll on Ryn's emotion, but couldn't Ryn see how much Jeremy wanted to make up from his mistake and he even wanted everyone to know in order to stop the incident from happening again?

These kids, Mei Li grumbled in her heart, too much ego and too childish to discuss over this calmly. They put their emotion in front whenever they faced a question from the other. Sometimes, Mei Li thought that if they could turn back time, she would pull these two together to sit at the table and pour out their heart after the break-up just to make them understand how stupid it was to let the ego ruined their love life.

But nothing could be done to turn back the time. They could only strive to work on their relationship with the help of others around them. And a lot of work was expected from others to help these two.


"Why are you sighing?" Ryn asked. She noticed how quiet her manager was today. Was she not feeling well today?

"No. Nothing," Mei Li shook her head. She must not reveal what she was thinking about. But, at the same time, she could not help wondering why Jeremy was not accompanying Ryn.

"Ryn, may I ask something?" Mei Li started. She needed to carefully choose her word so it would not affect Ryn's cheerful mood today.

"Yeah, what is it?" Ryn replied. She checked her phone and chuckled to see Mika still sending messages to her. This best friend of hers knew she would be busy today so Mika did not dare to call. She would just send messages and hope Ryn would reply them. And Ryn did.

Her fingers danced on the screen, replying to question given by her best friend with the smile on her face. Although Mika was busy preparing for her wedding, she did not forget about Ryn and always wanted to hang out with her. 

It was sweet and heartwarming.

"Are you and Jeremy okay?" Mei Li asked carefully.

"We're okay. Why?" Ryn asked rather absent-mindedly. She was answering the request from Mika to have another pajama party. And Mika also wanted to have a trip of shopping before that. Ryn thought it was not impossible to do but she needed to warn Mika she could not promise what time they could meet. Today she would be busy with her work and could not state the exact time she would be done.

"Did... did Jeremy do anything that you don't like today?" Mei Li was careful with her choice of works but she did gulp once she threw out the question. If she were not driving, she would be glad to close her eyes in order not to see Ryn's reaction.

Ryn finally put down her phone and looked at her weird manager. What was wrong with Mei Li today?

"Are you alright, Mei Li?" she asked back, ignoring the question.

"I am. There is nothing wrong with me," Mei Li answered quickly. The grip on the steering tightened as she waited nervously for Ryn's reaction.

"Then, why are you asking me weird questions?"

"Is it? I didn't realize it. I was just... erm..." Mei Li did not know how to continue.

Ryn narrowed her eyes suspiciously. Something smelled fishy here. Usually, her manager would not look this nervous. Hmm... There was something definitely weird here. 


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