Tell Me Again, My Love
364 The person she remembered 01
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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364 The person she remembered 01

Ryn clutched onto her paper bag full of her meal as she walked back to her home. She already said goodbye to Mei Li and was so tired from her work, she did not even notice the familiar people standing not far from her. As this building was close to the campus, so many students lived here as well. Most of them already returned to their hometown after the exam but some were still there as they decided they wanted to find extra money for the next semester. Besides, they could not think of anything to do if they went back to their hometown.

Hence, imagine their shock to see the quiet and mysterious Ryn walking into the elevator clutching a huge paper bag. The paper bag was designed with a popular brand's logo so they knew it came from a famous fast-food restaurant.

Isn't that girl a model? How could she eat from a fast-food restaurant? Wasn't the food fattening and a huge enemy for a model like her? Even some girls swore not to touch the fattening food afraid that it could ruin their perfect body.

"Eh, remember her episode? She didn't fake her eating habit, did she?" one of them whispered.

"I thought she's following a script. She's faking it," another replied. All of them actually watched Ryn's episode and everyone decided that Ryn was faking it. It was too obvious, right?

But now?

They were confused with their own conclusion.

Ryn went into her home happily, oblivious to the thought of those people. She could not wait to eat her meal. She went straight to the kitchen to get her drink. Just cold water was enough. A huge bottle, to be exact. She filled it to the brim and skipped back to where she 'parked' her food.

She checked the time of the wall and decided to inform Mika of the time they should meet. She did not want to go out immediately. She wanted to rest for a while before leaving. Her body and even her brain were exhausted.

She needed a nap.

Mika promised to come around 6.00 pm, just right on time for dinner. Once she was done dealing with her best friend, Ryn continued with her feast happily.

There was nothing more she should do apart from eating and later on sleeping.

Never once did she remember, even between her biting into the delicious burger to ask how her boyfriend was currently. In fact, she already forgot about him. Her mind was full of food and bed to sleep.

Poor Jeremy, he has been forgotten by Ryn, the only woman he had been longed for, and even today, the whole office was under pressure to commemorate his misery.

She cleaned herself after eating and went to sleep. No time to waste. Mika would come and she did want to rest before doing all those things Mika planned.

Around 5.50 pm, Ryn woke up from the noisy alarm of her phone. She rubbed her eyes sleepily but pushed herself to her feet. She needed to get ready quickly before Mika arrived.

And right on time, at 6.00 pm, as she tied her hair into a slick ponytail, the bell was rung in a hurried pattern. Ryn checked herself in the mirror for the last time and then grabbed her phone and a small wallet. Ryn decided not to bring any bag for this 'trip'. She was too lazy to carry anything. If it was left to her, she would rather stay at home and sleep.

"Ryn~" Mika hugged Ryn tightly once she opened the door.

"Are we going now or you need to drink? You look hot," Ryn asked with a chuckle.

"I need a glass of water. You can't believe how much grandma and mom nagging today," Mika cried as she went straight to the kitchen. She treated the house as her own and even went to grab a glass to fill in with the cold water from the refrigerator.

Ryn followed and leaned her back against the wall, watching her best friend quenching her thirst. She crossed her arms and chuckled, "What happened?"

"I wanted to go to Spain for my pre-wedding photoshoot but Mother wants us to take it in Japan," Mika grumbled.

"She wants to have a traditional Japanese wedding photoshoot?" Ryn asked.

"Hmm… a kimono," Mika nodded. "We chose two locations already. Besides, Jason said he wanted to look for a holiday house for us so we don't have to stay at the hotel whenever we go there for a holiday."

"Did you tell her about Jason's plan?"

"Hmm… But mom said we can go there anytime, even after the wedding," Mika wailed.

Ryn chuckled. The family was so funny in their own way. She did not know why Mrs. Long was determined to have the pre-wedding photoshoot in Japan but regardless of where the location was, the shooting would be marvelous.

"Anyway, luckily dad said that I can choose where I want to have my pre-wedding shoot," Mika rubbed her hands gleefully.

"So when are you going?" Ryn asked. She looked through her refrigerator and frowned seeing how empty it was. She seriously needed to go to the shop and buy something for the refrigerator. She kept forgetting to do so.

"Next week. You're going as well, aren't you? You're my bridesmaid."

"Hmm…" what else could Ryn do? Besides, as a bridesmaid, she felt like she did nothing much to help Mika with her preparation. Everything was done by Mika's mother and grandmother. She did not do much. If this was what she has to do as her bridesmaid, Ryn would gladly do it.

"How many days?" Ryn asked. Her mind was already busy thinking about her schedule. Does she have any work that day?

"Not many. Six days? I need to think about the traveling time too," Mika shrugged. She was not worried about whether she would get the plane ticket or not, because they would take the private plane to go there. Dad already agreed. So Jeremy could not say anything.

For their destination, the real venue, Jason would do it. Mika believed in her fiancé's planning ability.

"Let's go. I've already booked a room for us," Mika said once she was done drinking. She put the glass back to where she took after rinsed it quickly.

"Hmm…" Ryn took out her house key and locked the door once they were out. But as she stepped forward, she frowned. "It's not a luxury place, is it?"

"Your outfit is fine," Mika said as she eyed what Ryn was wearing.

Ryn nodded. She then let Mika wrapped her arm around hers and walked together to the elevator. Her stomach was starting to grumble too although she ate before having her nap before. All the burgers were already digested during her nap.

Mika chose quite a far restaurant for them to go to. In fact, it was on the third floor of her favorite high-end shopping complex. She ignored the weird look coming from some of the girls there watching Ryn walking beside her.

In their mind, Ryn was a maid accompanying Mika coming shopping. What else could they think of seeing how 'cheap' Ryn's clothes were. She did not wear any branded clothes, hence leading to that conclusion. Compared to Mika, this best friend of hers was wearing her usual 'C' brand dress. It was the latest collection.

The waiter did not bat an eye when she saw what Ryn was wearing. Nothing could faze her. She simply welcomed them with a polite smile and led them to their private room. She then brought the menu to the two of them and used her smartphone to take the order from them before she excused herself and left them in the room.

"What do you have in mind for today?" Ryn asked once the waiter left them.

"Nothing much. I'm just bored staying at home," Mika shrugged.

"You don't have anything to buy?" Ryn frowned. Why were they here if there was nothing Mika wanted to buy?

"Oh, relax. I do need to check on something," Mika said when she noticed the look coming from Ryn. She knew what inside Ryn's mind without Ryn said anything.

"I could continue my sleep," Ryn said unhappily, thinking about those hours she could use for her nap.

"Come on. We haven't had the chance to spend the time together without that lightbulb," Mika giggled, hugging the frowning Ryn.

"Hmm…" They were already here so Ryn could do nothing.

They did not speak anymore once the food arrived. Mika did not eat much but Ryn ate every single thing. Despite Mika said she had nothing to buy and just wanted to check, she would buy a lot. And being her best friend, Ryn would carry all of them as they walked around the mall.

"I hope you don't have to go to every shop," Ryn said after Mika paid the bill.

"I can't promise anything," Mika said cheekily.



"Fine. I won't grumble," Ryn grumbled. Although she knew Mika would spend hours shopping, today she was hoping that the time taken for this particular shopping was not that long. She still wanted to sleep early tonight.

"You are the best, Ryn. That's why I love you so much," Mika cried as she hugged Ryn happily. And then, before Ryn could change her mind, Mika pulled her toward the first shop, the 'C' brand shop.

"Yeah… yeah… yeah…"


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