Tell Me Again, My Love
365 The person she remembered 02
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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365 The person she remembered 02

Half an hour later, both women entered the second shop. Ryn only carried a paper bag that contained a pair of heels. Ryn went straight to the sofa to rest her feet while Mika made a beeline toward the dresses.

 The salesgirl quickly approached. The smile on her face widened as her eyes shone brightly. Seeing the way Ryn was behaving, she had no doubt she would make a lot of sales today.

Ryn crossed her legs and covered her mouth to stifle her yawn. It was only half an hour but she was already tired. She wished Mika would be done after this one but she knew it was a hopeless hope. It seemed like her best friend was still energetic for shopping.

"What do you think?" Mika asked as she spun around slowly, showing off the dress she chose.

Ryn opened her eyes sleepily and looked at her for a second. Then, she closed her eyes back and nodded her head dumbly.

"Well?" Mika cocked an eyebrow when all Ryn did is nodding her head.

"You look good," Ryn said. She scratched her nape lazily.

"Catherine," Mika put her hands on her hips and glared.

Ryn let out a heavy sigh and stood up. She went to her best friend before Mika sulked and stopped there for a second before she went to the row of dresses. She flipped through it before chose a pink sleeveless dress. It was slick and clean-cut in her eyes.

"Why don't you try this?" she asked Mika, showing the dress.

"Hmm…" Mika took the dress and went into the dressing room. She believed in Ryn's eyes too even though she was the fashion designer here.

Ryn went back to sit on the sofa and yawned again. She ignored the weird look coming from the salesgirl. She knew they were feeling weird seeing how easy for Mika to trust her when she was wearing such a boring outfit with no high-end brand wrapping her body. And she was too lazy to act like a supermodel. Right now she was just Ryn, a simple girl, not a supermodel.

She took out her phone when it rang and frowned seeing a very familiar name.

"Hello," she answered the call lazily. She knew if she did not answer it, the call would never end. It was better to finish this as quickly as possible.

"Hi, Ryn. Are you busy? Am I interrupting you?" Harry asked quickly. He was happy when his call went through. This was almost the first time for him. It was hard to talk with Ryn lately. She was too busy with her work.

"Not really. Why?" Ryn scratched her neck again. Was there a mosquito here? But this was a luxury boutique and it was impossible for an insect to get into an air-conditioned shop.

"I thought I want to treat you for dinner. I mean… if you're free," Harry laughed awkwardly. His heart was pounded hard, hoping she would agree.

"I've already had my dinner," Ryn replied without thinking.

"Oh… what about supper, then?" Harry did not give up. As long as he could meet her tonight, he would create as many as reasons needed until she agreed.

"Actually… I already have a plan tonight. Why don't we meet tomorrow for breakfast?" Ryn suggested.

"Breakfast? Okay. I'll pick you up around… 7.00 a.m.?" Even though he could not meet her today, he was still ecstatic to see her tomorrow. And she was the one who suggested it, which made it more special. It meant she did not mind spending time with him.

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow," Ryn agreed. She actually did not think much about tomorrow's breakfast. For her, Harry was just a colleague and a university mate. No more than that.

She put her phone aside when she noticed Mika already coming out from the dressing room.

"Well?" Mika spun around to show off the dress.

"Better. Are we done here?" Ryn asked as she reached for the paper bag.

"No. Not yet. You should choose one too," Mika said excitedly pulling her best friend toward the rack full of clothes.

"No need. I haven't finished wearing the dresses I've received. Besides, I don't have anywhere to wear this. I wear your clothes for the events and I even receive sponsors when I attend anything," Ryn shrugged. Being a supermodel has its own perk. She did not have to buy anything when the brands gladly give her things to wear for free.

And she did not wear branded clothes on a daily basis. As long as it's clean and not dirty, she just wore whatever she could reach on the first try. And she was a laid-back kind of girl and only wore jeans and top to class and to go out. It was rare for her to wear dresses.

In her mind, clothes did not wear her. She was the one wearing the clothes. As long as she felt comfortable in it, she did not care much about anything else.

The salesgirl, upon hearing Ryn's reply, twitched her lips. She was already looking down on Ryn since the moment both of them came into the boutique and now…

"Fine. I bet you've received the latest collection recently," Mika mumbled, a bit jealous when she had to pay while her best friend received it for free.

"Hmm…" Ryn just shrugged. She did receive something from the brand and wore it during the event. After that, she kept everything in the room and never looked back. She had nowhere else to wear it anyway.

"I won't get jealous," Mika said with a huff.

"You know you can choose what you want. We do share the same size. Well," Ryn eyed Mika figure up and down, "Almost the same size."

"Oh, shut up."

"Just go and pay your dress, babe," Ryn shook her head in bemused.

"Humph," Mika stuck her tongue out to Ryn before turned to change back into her outfit in the dressing room.

Ryn just gathered the bag and stood up. She went to stand at the entrance, just in case Mika changed her mind and started to choose other dresses.

"Are you having a bad mood today, Ryn?" Mika asked once she paid for the dress and went to Ryn. Without thinking, she handed the paper bag to her best friend, and Ryn automatically took it from her. Their action was seen by the salesgirl and she smirked at Ryn, thinking her initial thought was right. This woman was just a poor woman trying to leech onto the rich woman (Mika) but the poor rich woman did not recognize the bad reason the poor woman has to befriend her.

"No. Why do you think so?" Ryn replied back with a frown. They started to walk away, well, it was more like Mika leading the way into another shop.

"You seem not having any interest in anything in the shop," Mika pointed out.

"I don't," Ryn replied quickly. "But it doesn't mean that you can't have fun."

"But how could I have fun when you don't?" Mika cried as she tried to hug Ryn.

"Mika, it's fine. Today we are spending time together. You can do your shopping spree and I'm accompanying you. It's fine. Don't worry."

"Ryn, why are you so good to me? If I am a guy, I will keep you forever and ever," Mika blinked her big eyes a few times in touch.

Her exaggerate expression made Ryn laugh instead. She pushed Mika away when Mika tried to kiss her lips playfully. "Mika, enough. Stop being so dramatic. We're in public right now."

"Oops… sorry," Mika giggled. She pulled herself from Ryn and looked around sheepishly. Then, she pulled Ryn away quickly. Her steps were so light it was like she was dancing away. Ryn had to quicken her pace to catch up with Mika. Ryn shook her head in bemused at Mika's childish behavior. This was what they all wanted to see from Mika, her cheerfulness and happiness.


Jeremy stared at his phone quietly. He no longer cared about the work piling on his table. His whole attention was on the screen, waiting for any notification from her. But to his disappointment, nothing came through.

It had been hours. Shouldn't her work end already? She should text or call him to tell him what she was doing, right?

Jacob knocked on the door with his heart pounded so hard. If following his heart, he did not want to enter the boss room but this was an emergency.

"Young… young master…" Jacob choked out once he was allowed to enter the room.

"Hmm…?" Jeremy cocked an eyebrow at his personal assistant.

"There are two reporters came to interview you about the lawsuit against Jennifer Lin. I already told them no but they refused to leave the building."

Jeremy sighed as he narrowed his eyes at his table, deep in his thought. The lawsuit had ended with Jennifer's side lost. Of course, they tried to settle this outside the court but Jeremy refused to give in.

"I thought that we have given what they wanted to hear after the court's result?" Jeremy asked.

"I'm not sure, boss. Maybe they were hoping to get an exclusive with you?"

"Just tell them I won't accept any interview regarding the court case or Jennifer. The one I gave before is enough," Jeremy stated firmly. He no longer had the interest to talk about Jennifer. That woman was like a bug disturbing his life and he wanted her to disappear completely, no longer pestering his life with Ryn.

Ahh… talking about Ryn made him miss her again. He missed her all the time. Was she missing him back? Or has she forgotten about him with her busy schedule?

"B… boss?" Jacob choked out when he saw how absentminded Jeremy became. It seemed like his Young Master has a lot of things in his mind until he kept zoning even when talking with someone else. Nervously, he looked around before stumbled with his excuse to leave and quickly made his way out of the room. He went straight to the reporters and told them seriously their presence was not invited by the Young Master. Deep inside, he hoped that his boss would get better. Hoping for tomorrow his Young Master's mood would get better and would not get angry in every single tiny thing they did wrong. Touchwood.


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