Tell Me Again, My Love
366 Food was more important than her boyfriend
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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366 Food was more important than her boyfriend

They spend almost four hours at the mall. When the car left the building, the sky was already dark and the road was almost empty of vehicles. Mika skilfully drove the car joining the others who were still out enjoying their nightlife, careful all the time but still, too fast for Ryn's comfort.

However, Ryn did not say anything. Instead, she just adjusted her seating to her comfort, too tired to even chat with Mika. It was better stealing the time for napping rather than trying to reason with a daredevil called Mika.

Mika did not complain when she wanted to chat but Ryn went straight closing her eyes to sleep. She knew her best friend was still exhausted from her work and then still agreed to accompany her shopping. This kind of loyalty was hard to get even among friends. No wonder she was reluctant to get more friends after she met Ryn. For her, Ryn was enough. Ryn and Jason, the love of her life.

She was driving happily toward Ryn's apartment when she noticed the ring coming from Ryn's phone. She frowned, thinking who was the caller. She waited for Ryn to wake up to answer the call but her best friend was too exhausted to notice the call.

Mika pursed her lips. Should she answer it for Ryn? It might be important.

She used one hand to get Ryn's bag to answer it but the ringing stopped. Mika waited for the phone to ring again, but it didn't. Instead, her own phone rang. As her phone was connected to the car's audio, Mika could see the name of the caller. She pursed her lips. This time, she decided to play deaf and ignored the call.

It was so obvious the one calling Ryn was him and when he could not connect to Ryn, he called her instead. He wanted to check Ryn's location. And then, her pretty pajama party would be canceled because he wanted to spend time with Ryn, leaving her alone.

No. She would not allow that to happen. She would not allow him to steal Ryn away from her.

It took him several calls before he gave up. But then again, Ryn's phone started to ring again. Well, it seemed like her big brother decided that Ryn was not with her and hence tried calling Ryn again.

She won't let it from happening. Hmph. Mika kicked the accelerator harder to make the car even faster. Once they reached the apartment, she would quietly silence the phones so Jeremy could not contact any of them. He should just focus on the company instead of trying to 'steal' Ryn from her.

To her relief, not once did Ryn wake up from the non-stop ringing. The anger in her heart built up as that stupid brother did not even know the meaning of giving up. Luckily, throughout the time not once did it wake Ryn up. Her best friend was so exhausted from all the work and shopping. Poor Ryn.

"Ryn, wake up. We've arrived," she shook Ryn's shoulder once they reached the parking lot of Ryn's apartment. She could not carry her sleeping best friend on her own. So she needed Ryn to walk by herself. She could help to hold her hand, though.

"Hmm…?" Ryn asked sleepily. She looked around and rubbed her eyes again. Did they arrive at her place? "You're coming?"

"Of course. We're having our pajama party tonight," Mika said cheerfully. She shut the engine off and pulled the key. Then, she tried to grab Ryn's bag from Ryn's hands. She was worried that the stupid brother of hers suddenly decided to call again and her naïve and innocent best friend would answer the call automatically. It would ruin her perfect plan.

"I can carry it. You carry whatever you need to use tonight," Ryn replied with a chuckle. She was still drowsy but managed to feel funny seeing how desperate Mika was trying to get her bag. She did not find it weird at all, thinking Mika was being her playful self again. Mika was, after all, still a childish girl in Ryn's eyes, and needed to always being pampered or she would feel neglect. This was stupid, as Mika was the baby in the group and everyone loved and pampered her.

Mika tried again but failed. In the end, groaning loudly, Mika went to open the bonnet to grab some paper bags to carry with her into Ryn's apartment. She followed behind Ryn while grumbling under her breath.

"What are you grumbling about?" Ryn asked when she noticed what her best friend was doing.

"Nothing," Mika mumbled.

Ryn did not poke too much into it. She just shrugged it off and entered the elevator. She pushed the button to pause the door from closing in order for Mika to enter the small place without rushing.

"What are we going to have for dinner?" Ryn asked suddenly as she watched her best friend leaning toward the elevator's cold wall. She was about to press the button to close the door when she heard someone asking to keep the door open. She quickly pressed the open door again.

Three men came in breathlessly. One of them quickly thanked immediately once they entered the elevator but when he saw Ryn, the voice trailed off. The other two were ogling at Ryn as well, their jaw almost dropped.

Mika cocked an eyebrow seeing their reaction.

She looked at Ryn but was taken aback seeing her best friend was leaning toward the wall comfortably with her eyes shut. Great, Sleeping Beauty did not notice the look from the men. Sigh.

It seemed like they had to push the contractor to work faster on renovating Ryn's new house. She could not stay here longer without anyone trying to 'steal' her from them.

Luckily the men went out on the third floor. Mika blew out a sigh of relief seeing them going out. She was worried the men would stay until they reached their floor and saw where Ryn lived.

Tomorrow, Mika decided, they needed to go to the house to check the latest state of the house. As long as Ryn still refused to expose her relationship to the public and made it hard for Jeremy to live with her… wait… Mika scowled at the thought of Jeremy 'conquering' Ryn's time. She definitely did not like that, conveniently forgetting the fact that she would get married to Jason in just a few more months.

"What are we going to eat?" Ryn asked again after she unlocked the door and walked into her house with Mika following behind. Ryn looked at Mika sleepily.

Yes, she was still sleepy but her stomach was starting to ask for food.

Mika dropped the bags on the floor and sighed.

"Mika, are you okay?" Ryn asked. She finally noticed the scowl on her best friend's face. What was wrong with her now?

"I'm okay," Mika murmured. She did not want Ryn to know what bothering her mind. She did not want Ryn to laugh at her. Yes, she knew she was being childish wanting to keep Ryn to herself, but what else she could do? She really cared about Ryn and wanted Ryn to be happy with her.

Ryn narrowed her eyes suspiciously but she did not ask much. She, again, shrugged it off and went to the kitchen. Was there something she could whip up quickly for their dinner?

"You really need to do your grocery," Mika commented as she watched Ryn going through the cabinet and refrigerator. There was nothing to make except cereal. There was not even a slab of meat left!

"I guess so…" Ryn mumbled. She knew it already. She always planned to do the grocery but she always forgot to do so. She was too busy with her work until… well… she forgot.

"Well, do you want to go out for dinner? No. Not dinner. It's supper." Mika asked before frowned, "But I'm still full."

"I just call a delivery," Ryn decided. She was too exhausted to get out just for a meal. Besides, she could save some money with the drink.

Mika just nodded dumbly and without asking, went into the bedroom. She opened the cupboard and took out the pajama. She also grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom.

She needed a shower to clean the sweat off her. And at the same time, she needed the space alone to think of a good plan to help to block others from stealing Ryn away.

Ryn was unaware of what Mika was thinking. In fact, if she knew that Mika was worried someone else would 'steal' her away, she would be laughing at Mika's silliness. No one could steal her away without her permission. Heck, she was her own person. No one could own her.

Right now, all she could think of was her dinner. No. Not dinner, but supper. She took out her phone, planning to order something. But, her eyes widened when she noticed the amount of miscalled coming from Jeremy. He even left her messages.

Why didn't she notice any of it? She wondered silently.

And more importantly, why would he call her so many times?

"Whatever. I should order the food first," she muttered and did just that. Food was more important right now for her.


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