Tell Me Again, My Love
369 The breakfast date 02
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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369 The breakfast date 02

Ryn did not say anything anymore. She simply sent a message to Mei Li, reassuring her that she remembered about the shooting today. She would go straight to the venue and Mei Li did not have to come to accompany her. She would be fine. And not to mention, Mika was here with her. Ryn had no doubt Mika would skip her work to accompany her so might as well make use of the free travel cost and 'bodyguard'. Afterward, they could have lunch and dinner anywhere Mika wanted. Ryn smiled silently at her own plan.

Mika looked at Ryn worriedly. How could this naïve best friend of her do not even realize when a predator was aiming at her? What should Mika do to help open up Ryn's eyes widely and realize her surrounding? Not good. So not good. Her hands gripped at the sight as she fretted about this matter.

But she did not talk about this matter with Ryn. Despite being blunt with her best friends, regarding this topic, Mika needed to think about this more because she could tell Ryn about her worry.

Ryn and Mika then walked together out of the elevator once it reached the ground floor. Ryn frowned at her phone, at Harry's message, before looked around.

"He's there," she pointed at a red Ferrari. The driver was leaning against the door, looking so handsome in his black jeans and crisp baby blue shirt. His hair was combed back, not letting even one hair to cover his forehead. Half of his face was covered with Burberry sunglasses but nothing could hide his handsomeness.

Mika chewed her lower lip, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. Why would that boy use such an expensive car just for breakfast? And why was he wearing so nicely just a breakfast? Was he having another plan? Mika looked at her best friend worriedly. Surely not, right?

"Oh, J is calling. Tell him to wait for a while," Ryn said and went to the wall, wanting to answer the call. She felt sorry for her boyfriend last night so when she woke up today, she decided to treat him nicer.

"Hello, J. Good morning," she greeted cheerfully.

"Morning, babe. Are you busy?" Jeremy asked enthusiastically. His mood was better today after mooning over Ryn for the rest of the night. Surely Ryn would not treat him harsh today, right?

"Hmm… today I have a shooting at the studio," she told him honestly.

"Do you want me to send you? Have you had your breakfast yet?" he asked.

Ryn chewed her lower lip. Her eyes were on the car that was waiting for her. It seemed like Mika went to sit in front and she was saying something to Harry. Ryn could not hear what she was talking about and did not know how much frustrated Harry was listening to Mika's sharp words. Ryn sighed a bit.

"I'm having breakfast with a friend," she purposely hid the fact that Mika was spending the night with her and the 'friend' she was talking about was Harry. Knowing Jeremy's temper by now, this boyfriend of hers would start thinking weirdly and even gulped down a whole bucket of vinegar. She could not understand this sudden jealousy. Was she happy seeing how much Jeremy cared about her? Of course, she did. It would be a lie if she did not feel a little bit of touch seeing how he cared about her but when it was too much and with a ridiculous reason, she felt so exhausted. He seemed so childish behaving this way and she could not take it any longer.

"Is it that boy?" somehow he could sense something. Call it intuition or instinct but he definitely did not like someone else accompanying his love. What if that person suddenly decided to lure his sweetheart away?

"What boy? What do you mean?" Ryn tried not to lose her temper but her empty stomach made her emotional. Her patience almost slipped from the grip but she managed to control it. Why was Jeremy being this frustrating?

Jeremy shut his mouth regretfully. Why didn't he think before he asked that? The slip of the tongue could ruin his love life!

"Err… baby…"

"Look… I don't know what you're worried about and I don't care about your silly thought. You have your set of friends and I have mine too. We can't just…. For the sake of our relationship… cut our friendship with our friends," she sighed heavily. She would not lose her friends because of Jeremy. Her friends, especially the boys on the island, were the one helped to keep her sane during their breakup. Losing them would make her lose another pillar to hold onto. And she would not let that from happening.

Sigh. It seemed like it had been months since she contacted them. How were they lately? Were they good?

"But… but I'm scared I would lose you again. I really love you… so much that I can't think rationally anymore," Jeremy choked out.

Ryn let out another heavy sigh when she heard him. This side of Jeremy was something new for her. She was still trying to get used to it but if he kept pushing and forcing her, she did not know what would happen later. Would she be the one to end this barely new relationship to get free from this tangle? But she knew, deep down in her heart, there was still space in there with his name on it. But she was scared to really let him conquer her heart. She was scared that she would not manage to get back to the surface anything happened again.

"Forgive me, please. Don't be mad at me," Jeremy begged her. He did not care about his face or ego. All he could think of was not letting Ryn has a reason to break up with him. No more separation. He could not picture his life without her. Heck, she was his life. Without her, he was nothing.

"Fine. But I hope you won't get jealous for a silly reason. Trust in me, just like I trust you," she said finally. She did not want to prolong this conversation anymore. She felt tired with the constant accusation and wondered whether it was a mistake to give him another chance. Was their love truly not accepted by Fate? Why did they keep having this kind of conversation and fight? She felt tired from all of this. And they just started back their relationship but she did not feel calm at all.

"I promise. I promise you that I won't… no, I can't promise that I won't think about this. You are so beautiful inside and out and everyone likes you. I don't want others to steal you from me. I can't lose you again. Baby, I love you so much. I don't think I can live without you," Jeremy knew he would go against his words easily and made her even angrier. Hence, he hoped she would understand why he was behaving this way. He hoped she would give him reassurance that he was and would be the only man in her heart. No one could take her away from him.

She closed her eyes and took a deep break. She felt like shouting. She felt like crying. Why would he do this to her? Didn't he realize that he was pushing and forcing her like she was just a doll with no feeling?

"J, I'm hungry. And my friend is waiting for me. You should go have your breakfast and then go to work. Bye," without waiting for his reply, Ryn disconnected the call. She did not think she could hold this conversation anymore calmly without losing her mind. He was too much. Too much. Couldn't he think about her feeling too?

She kept her phone in her pocket and took a deep breath to calm herself. Luckily she did not shed a tear during the conversation even though she felt like crying in frustration over his overbearing attitude. Why would he think it was easy to change her mind? She was not a kid. She was not that stupid or naïve. She knew how to take care of herself. Even without him, she managed to move on and lived her life even though it was not full of happiness and cheerfulness but at least she lived. She lived just fine.

With or without him, she could live her life peacefully.

With another sigh, she managed to compose herself and made her way toward the car. With a smile on her face, she went to pull the door at the back and got into the car.

"Sorry for that," she apologized first. "Good morning, Harry."

"Morning,�� Harry gave her a huge smile. He did not care about the warning Mika gave him just now. As long as Ryn was still not married, Harry thought of himself still has the chance to win her heart. Besides, comparing to that of Jeremy, he was the safe choice. There were no crazy fans that would make trouble for Ryn. And there were no paparazzi trying to steal their pictures during their outing or whatnot. He was safe. Besides, his family would love to have her in their family. Even Aunty Angel would like her to be her niece-in-law.

"So, where are we going to have our breakfast? I'm starving," Ryn asked. She was unaware of the tense in the car, still thinking about Jeremy unconsciously in her mind.

Mika crossed her arms and snorted seeing the look of Harry. This boy was truly a stupid boy. She really needed help from her beloved Jason to stop this stupid boy from ruining Ryn's way to become her sister-in-law. She gave another glare for good measure but was ignored by Harry as he started the engine and talked about the food in the restaurant he chose for their breakfast.


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