Tell Me Again, My Love
370 The breakfast date 03
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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370 The breakfast date 03

Harry did not let Mika ruin the atmosphere even further. He started to talk about what's happening to the campus and to his friends in a way to grab Ryn's attention. He also discussed his work and modeling classes. Ryn nodded her head approvingly when she learned that Harry already managed to book himself as a spokesperson for a very popular sports shoe brand. He was in the middle of discussing a contract with an alcoholic drink even though he was not a drinker.

So far so good. And he liked it when she praised him so much.

"One day I want to see your walk," Ryn said without thinking. Her mind was on encouraging Harry to better himself. She would not be around for too long. With her busy schedule, she always had to move around doing her jobs. She could not always be here helping him around.

"Okay. It's a d…" his cheerful voice trailed off when he received another glare from the person beside him. He gulped.

"But this month I'm a bit busy. Maybe we can set a date for that," Ryn decided, nodding her head.

Harry grinned. He glanced at Mika and gave her a smirk. See, he was not the one forcing Ryn. She was the one who suggested this.

Mika turned around to look at Ryn but her silly best friend was looking outside the window. How could Ryn be so silly to even suggest this? Mika crossed her arms and scowled.

It did not take much time for them to arrive. Harry parked the car and shut off the engine. He looked at Ryn through the rear mirror and smiled to see Ryn rubbed her eyes absentmindedly and reached for her backpack. "Ryn, we've arrived."

Ryn nodded her head dumbly. She opened the door and went to stand next to Mika. Without thinking, she wrapped her arm around Mika's arm. She was still a bit sleepy but pushed herself to stay awake.

Mika quickly stepped away from Harry. She even gave him a warning glare. In order for Ryn not to know about this, she gave Mika a hug and pulled her faster toward the restaurant.

Harry sighed. It seemed like his journey to Ryn's heart full of obstacles. But he would not give up.

Mika chose an empty table for them. In order to ensure Harry had no chance to get closer to Ryn, Mika chose to sit beside Ryn backing the other customers. Harry had to sit facing the incoming customers.

He sensed her intention but did not point it out. He sat on the empty chair and gestured for the waiter to approach them.

"What do you want?" the waiter asked. It was not a high-end restaurant. It was just a small business but seeing how many customers here, there was no doubt the food was delicious.

"I want a lamb curry bun, noodle with shrimp, two coconut buns, and coffee. Mika?" Ryn looked at Mika.

"I just want toasted bread with two boiled eggs. A glass of lemon water."

"For me, I want noodles with shrimp and coffee. Thank you," Harry handed the menu back to the waiter. Then, he smiled at Ryn. "Are you starving?"

"Hmm…" Ryn nodded.

Harry opened his mouth to say something but Mika cut him off. "How about after work we go to the spa? You haven't had the chance to relax your body, right? And do a simple facial."

"Are you sure, Mika? I don't know what time it ends," Ryn asked carefully. She knew in order to have the facial and spa session they needed to have an appointment first. They could not just simply go there and demand the service.

"Don't worry. Leave everything to me," Mika patted her own chest proudly. Then, she frowned. "I need to take this call."

Ryn and Harry watched as Mika went to another side of the restaurant to answer the call. The restaurant was quite noisy with the customers and waiters and even the television blaring so loudly. It was impossible to have a phone conversation in this kind of place. Hence, it was no wonder for Mika to quickly go out to answer the call.

"I need to take this call too. Excuse me," Ryn said when her phone suddenly rang.

Harry watched helplessly as the woman of his heart went outside to answer the call. It was supposed to be a golden opportunity for him to have a conversation without the lamppost listening or ruining him. But alas, it seemed like Fate liked to play with his love life.

It took the waiter no time to deliver the food they ordered. Harry watched as the man skilfully arranged everything according to their order. It was another reason why this restaurant received good responses from the customers. Not only the food was delicious, but the service was also good too.

Mika returned with a frown. She did see Ryn answering the call and did not want to disturb her. So, she went back to the table to check on the food. And maybe to give another warning to Harry. He needed to stop his dream. No one could take Ryn away from her.

Harry straightened himself and looked at her. He knew perfectly the identity of this woman. She was not only the daughter of the Long, the little sister of Jeremy Long. She was also Ryn's best friend, and without a doubt, her words carried some weight in Ryn. He needed to be careful when facing this woman.

"Henry Si," Mika started after she sat down. "I am not sure whether you understand what I told you before or pretend to be stupid to understand."

Harry's eyes narrowed dangerously. Being called stupid hit his ego. He did not like it when people calling him stupid. Especially when it was coming from a petite woman like the woman in front of him right now. Who was she to condemn him?

"Excuse me?"

"Despite what you think, she won't like you. She won't become your girlfriend. Stop thinking that you have a chance. You don't even have even a sliver of hope of her falling in love with you," Mika stated, holding her temper desperately. She did not understand how thick-skinned this man could be. Couldn't he see how cold Ryn was toward him?

"Catherine has her own mind. You don't own her," he pointed out through his gritted teeth. He would not lose his cool here. Ryn would not like him being in temper. He must endure.

"Yes, she is her own person. But she already has a boyfriend and you are not him. That's a fact. You have to keep in mind your status with her. You are just a friend, not more than that," Mika said before snorted, "I'm sorry. It's my mistake. You're just a colleague now. Her junior. Of course, she would take care of you because you are still new to modeling. She is that kind of person, helpful to everyone."

Harry's hands on his laps gripped tightly, holding onto his temper desperately.

"Hey, the food is here," Ryn's cheerful words broke the tension. Mika stood up to give space for Ryn to get through. "The buns look so big and so fragrance."

"Who called you just now?" Mika asked, hoping Ryn did not sense the tense.

"Mei Li. Today's work is postponed to another date. She will inform the new date and if it's okay, I'll go. If not, it's too bad," Ryn shrugged. She was used with the last-minute cancellation. Then, she remembered Harry and smiled at him, "You'll get used to it. The cancellation and postponing. Don't think much about it. If it's yours, it's yours."

"I know," Harry smiled. He did not show any temper, just a huge smile.

Ryn now turned her attention to her food. First, she tasted the curry bun and sighed happily. This was so delicious. The bun so silky, it melted in her mouth. The filling so abundance, she could taste the lamb pieces in every bite. How she wished she ordered more just now.

Harry smiled seeing her enjoying her food. He reached for the chopsticks and started to eat his food as well. He felt so proud of bringing her to this restaurant. Seeing her so happy eating them, made him more determined to look for more restaurants that offered delicious food.

Mika's warning meant nothing in his mind. He would not give up just because Mika said so.

Mika gritted her teeth furiously. She could see how he ignored her warning. This could not go on.

"Mika, are you alright?" Ryn finally noticed something weird. She looked at her best friend worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Say, we can go for the facial earlier, right? I'll book it now," without waiting for Ryn's answer, Mika quickly tapped something in her phone, dealing with the appointment.

Ryn chuckled. She shook her head seeing Mika so excited about their facial session. She was done with the bun and reached for the chopstick for her noodle.

"So… what about lunch, then?" Harry tried.

"Harry, come on," Ryn chuckled, shaking her head again. Although she knew he was offering free lunch, free breakfast was enough. Besides, she would want to spend time with Mika before going to meet Jeremy. That poor man deserved some attention too.

"Oh…" Harry did not like it but he did not force her. He just nodded dumbly and just ate his noddle.


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