Tell Me Again, My Love
371 Not busy at all
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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371 Not busy at all

Mika glanced at Ryn who was already sleeping at the back. The breakfast went smoothly with no drama. None of Mika and Harry dared to say anything sarcastic that could make Ryn knew about their 'argument'. Of course, Harry did try to make Ryn agree to spend more time with him but Ryn said no. 

Mika looked at her hands now. They were still in their grip state. She never let loose of them. Her heart was burning but she had no channel to let it out. She did not want Ryn to see her losing her temper at Harry even though she was so pissed off with the man.

Did the man lose all his dignity keep trying to win Ryn's heart? Didn't he understand a word of what she said? 

Harry, on the other hand, was busy thinking what to say to persuade Ryn for another date. This time he wanted them together without anyone else interrupting their date.

The journey to go back to Ryn's apartment was uneventful and quiet. Each in each's own thought.

Ryn stirred and opened her eyes slowly when she felt the vehicle has come to a stop. She looked around and smiled seeing they had already arrived in front of the apartment. Reaching for the backpack she always brought everywhere, she looked at Harry.

"Thank you, Harry, for the breakfast."

"You're welcome. Next time-"

"Ryn, let's go. I need to go to the bathroom," Mika cut his words off rudely. She did not need to go to the bathroom but using it as an excuse to quickly pull Ryn away before Harry did something. 

She would do her best to keep these two apart.

Ryn was oblivious of these two's fighting. She believed in what Mika said and hurriedly got out of the car. "Thanks again, Harry. Until next time. Bye."

Mika quickly grabbed Ryn's arm and pulled her to the elevator. No time to waste here. 

Chuckling, Ryn just followed her best friend to the elevator. She felt amused seeing how desperate Mika was to use the bathroom. She quickly unlocked the door of her house and was taken aback when Mika, instead of making a beeline toward the bathroom, went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water.

"You no longer need to go to the bathroom?" Ryn asked.

"Nope," Mika replied simply. She leaned her back against the counter and sipped her drink leisurely.

Ryn shrugged and went to put her backpack in her room. Then, she went to the kitchen to wet her throat.

"So, what's your plan today?" Mika asked. Ryn did not have any job to do today so she was supposed to have a free day. 

"Sleep. Later I will have lunch with Jeremy... maybe..." Ryn shrugged. She hadn't called Jeremy yet to ask his opinion. But she was optimistic that her boyfriend would spare some time for their lunch date.

Mika pursed her lips immediately. Why would Ryn want to spend time with Jeremy? Why not with her? Was she unlikable? 

"Oh, I need to call Jeremy," Ryn said and went back to the bedroom to retrieve her phone. She did not notice the gloom in Mika's face. Even if she knew about it, she would just laugh but still went to call Jeremy.

Mika gripped her glass. Her eyes looked down on the floor. There was no word came out from her rosy lips. Her mind was in a mess. She did not want Ryn to be close to Harry. She wanted Ryn to be her real sister. But at the same time, she did not like it when she felt like Jeremy was stealing Ryn away from her.

She did not understand what she really wanted.

Ryn sat on the floor, leaning toward the wall as she waited for Jeremy to answer the call. It did not take too long for him to do so. She smiled almost immediately when she heard his voice.


"Hello, Ryn. Have you had your breakfast?" he asked, "Good? Are you full?"

She shook her head at his shower of questions. Why would he be so nervous whether she was full or not? She knew to order more if she still hungry. It did not make any sense.

"Hmm... you? Have you had your breakfast?" she asked back.

"Yes. I had toast with eggs. And a cup of coffee," he reported without being asked.

Her lips twitched at his answer. Did she ask him what he ate? 

"Anyway/what..." both smiled when they spoke at the same time.

"You first," Jeremy said.

She cleared her throat before opened her mouth, "Actually, I want to ask you whether you are free this afternoon. I was thinking to have lunch with you, if you have free time."

"Of course. I am free. What time does your work done?" he asked hurriedly. He could not help from grinning from ear to ear. She was calling him to have lunch with him. She actually called him to have lunch with him!

"Actually my work cancelled in the last minute. I'm free for the rest of the day," she told him honestly.

His grin widened.

"In that case, how about after lunch I bring you out for-"

"Don't you have work in the company, J?" she asked with a frown.

"Oh, I'm not busy as well. Right now I am staring at the window, waiting for lunch hour," he lied, ignoring the mountain of files he had to read and approve.

"Really?" she asked suspiciously. 

"Yes. Believe me," he said hurriedly. He even placed a hand against his chest to show his honesty.

"Well..." she paused, frowning again, "Mika is with me. We had breakfast together just now. Can she come too?" 

His brows made a straight line. Has Mika come along? Has his beloved lost her mind? Why would she want to have someone else with them during their date?

"What do you think, J? Can she come with us?" she asked again when he did not give any answer.

"Baby," he called with a heavy sigh. "Is it possible to have date with only us? Why do we have to bring Mika along?"

She pursed her lips. Was this a date? But she could hear the desperation in his voice. He really wanted to have this date with her. "But..."

"But what?"

"What about your fans? Your identity as-"

"Why should we care about them? Baby, I am a human too. If people learn about our relationship, isn't it easier for us to have our date? We don't have to keep this as a secret," he begged.

"But... I am still not ready..." she choked out slowly.

"When can we expose our relationship? How long do I have to wait?" he almost whined at the dissatisfaction he felt. He felt like a victim in this relationship. Why was he being refused of the official title? He was already ready to face the world.


"My love..."

She sighed. "Can we... talk about this later? I don't think it's suitable to talk in the phone."

He did not answer immediately. She waited with bated breath. Would he get hurt with her answer? But, she truly was not ready for this. She still needed time for this. She needed time to think this through.

"Fine. I will wait for the time you are ready for us to inform others about us," he finally spoke. It hurt his feeling with her decision to keep this quiet. He truly wanted them to no longer keep this as a secret. He truly wanted them to hold hand in hand in the public without denying their feeling.

She finally smiled but she knew how reluctant he was saying that. It showed how he loved her. It showed that although he was unhappy with her decision, he respected her request. This made her heart... well... the wall around her heart cracked a little bit more. But... she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was still scared.

"One day..." she said slowly.

"One day, I will announce to the world proudly that you are mine. Mine alone," he said.

She smiled bitterly. Until that day, she would keep the wall wrapping around her heart snugly to protect her fragile feeling. Until the day she truly believed he would never hurt her again, she would not let any chance to be hurt ever again.

"I..." he paused, trying to calm himself. Stay calm, Jeremy. Stay calm. Don't lose your temper. She gave you another chance and this was his only chance. He must not waste this chance because of his temper. He must be patience. "Is it okay if you tell Mika to spend the time with her fiance if she doesn't want to return to the company to work?"

She glanced at the door, frowning. Would Mika agree with this? She had the feeling her best friend would get hurt if she was to request it. But then...

"I... I will try," she said finally after letting out a heavy sigh. He was her boyfriend. It was unfair to keep pushing his patience to the edge without giving in. There should be a give and take in this relationship. He already agreed to be patience until she was ready. And she should give in and gave him the chance of spending the day with him without anyone else. He deserved it.


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