Tell Me Again, My Love
372 Do you want me to be your sister-in-law?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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372 Do you want me to be your sister-in-law?

"What? You want me to leave?" Mika cried in anguish, clutching Ryn's hands tightly when her best friend came out from the bedroom and told her she needed to leave because Jeremy was on the way. Tears welling in her eyes as she looked at her best friend sadly.

Ryn sighed. She was not kicking Mika out but she needed to prepare herself for lunch with Jeremy. She knew Mika would try her best to 'ruin' the date. It was better for the other woman to return back to her work or her sewing, rather than staying here and ruined the date Jeremy deserved to have.

"Don't you love me anymore? He is just my stupid brother. Why do you have to love him more than me?" Mika wailed. She could not accept this. Ryn belonged to her. Her!

Ryn sighed, rubbing between her brows. She was getting a headache from all the wail and cry. She did not have the time for this.

"Mika," she started. She took another breath to calm herself. Seeing how emotional Mika was, she needed to thread this carefully. 

"I don't belong to anyone. You have to accept this fact. We are best friends, almost like a real family. Jeremy is your brother. He is my boyfriend. Although I don't mind we are spending time together the whole day but he does deserve spending time one to one with me. Please understand, Mika. You also spend time with Jason, doesn't you? There is time for you only want to spend with him alone," she coaxed gently.

Mika shook her head.

"Mika, please understand. Our relationship won't be ruined when I spend time with him. Don't worry. Believe in our relationship," Ryn persuaded.

Mika put her fingers into her ears and shook her head again and again.

She refused to hear anything.

Ryn tried to pull her hands away. She could not let Mika behaving like this forever. Although she was worried with Mika's depression, but she could not let Mika using her illness to be so spoiled and get everything she wanted.

"Mika, listen to me. You can't be this spoiled. You are not a child anymore. You must grow up. Be more matured," she said. She tried to make Mika understand they needed time space for their loved ones. Mika too needed time to spend with Jason. She was the same too.

And Jeremy deserved it even though she was not ready to expose their relationship to the public.

Mika sniffed.

"Whether I'm with Jeremy or not, our friendship is still strong as ever. Don't take him as your enemy. He is your brother, my boyfriend. If God's willing, We will get married and I will become your sister-in-law. You don't want me as your sister-in-law, Mika?" Ryn asked.

"You are my best friend. You are my sister. I always take you as my sister," Mika cried.

"Then? If I were to break up with Jeremy, do you think I can be your sister?" Ryn purposely asked that question to open up Mika's mind.

Mika scrunched her face. She did not want not to become Ryn's sister. It was her dream since young to be real sister with Ryn.

"Think about it. If I were to break up with Jeremy because he can't have a decent date with me, what will happen?" Ryn asked again.

Mika's face turned paler. She definitely did not want it to happen. She wanted them to be real sisters. Would Ryn leave her again if they broke up?

No... No...

Ryn watched the changing expressions on Mika's face. She waited nervously, hoping Mika would understand and would accept it.

It took Mika almost half an hour before she finally opened her mouth with a sad face, "Okay. I will go home. You go have your date with Jeremy. I won't disturb you two."

"You're sure, right? You won't be mad at Jeremy and I, would you?" Ryn asked just in case Mika would go 'crazy' at the mansion and accused Jeremy of 'stealing' her again. She did not want the siblings fighting because of her. It made her feel guilt.

"I won't. I will go ask Jason to accompany me today," Mika said.

"How about this weekend we go watch movie at the cinema? We can check the response from our makeup too," Ryn suggested.

The makeup launch was held not long ago but Ryn could not attend it because she was away in another country. But she did 'attend' it digitally by watching the recording right after the program. She also read the news written by the reporters and happy to see the good responses. She knew Mika was not stringy with her media kit. She included a set of their makeup for each other them as well as another item. She did not know what was given but it must be good.

"Oh yes. I want to know too," Mika cheered up at the thought. Later, she would check out what movie was shown this week and which one was good enough for them to watch on the weekend.

Ryn wiped the invicible sweat on her forehead once she saw she finally managed to coax Mika. It did not matter what day they would spend time together so long as Mika would allow her to spend some time with Jeremy alone today. Besides, if she was not mistaken, she was free on Saturday.

She waved at the finally happy Mika as this best friend of hers left. She quickly locked the door and leaned her back against the cold door. Phew. Safe.

She went back into her bedroom. She planned to catch a few winks before preparing herself for the date. She set the clock just in time for the preparation for the outing before slammed herself on the cozy bed and promptly went to sleep with a huge yawn. She was still so exhausted!

It felt like only several minutes of sleeping before the alarm went off. Grumbling to herself, Ryn pushed herself to wake up and went to the bathroom. She needed a quick shower to freshen herself. She wanted to look bright eyes and fresh in front of him.

It took her just ten minutes to shower and another ten minutes for choosing and wearing her clothes. She did not spend much time in front of the mirror, simply reaching for the hair tie to turn her hair into a neat ponytail. As it was a date, she clipped a diamond clipper to it to make her ponytail looked more... Proper? For makeup, she only took the lipbalm. And that was all.

With her ID, two notes of money, enough for something emergency and not to forget, her mobile phone, she went out of the house with her hand clutching the house key. Jeremy has arrived downstairs as she tied her hair just now.

She smiled seeing the already familiar car waiting at the familiar spot downstairs. Without another word or even a wave, she went to it and got into the car. She placed her house key in the small compartment in the car and finally looked at him.

He smiled, watching her with love shining in his eyes. Would she confess her love to him? Would she finally agree to make their relationship official?

She opened her rosy lips and his heart pounded hard. Was this finally happening? The moment he had been waiting for?

"So, where are we going to have lunch today? I'm hungry."

He threw his head back and laughed. How stupid was he? He should not expect much after she told him many times that she was still not ready? He should expect this question to be asked once she came. He should guess this would happen?

Now, he no longer knew whether he was hurt or amused with the question. He was such a silly man, expecting too much, only to be disappointed.

"Jeremy?" she gave him a weird look when he suddenly laughed. Had he gone mad?


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