Tell Me Again, My Love
373 Wanting others to know about them
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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373 Wanting others to know about them

Ryn did not say anything at all even though she was confused with Jeremy's weird behavior. Jeremy himself did not offer any explanation. He simply switched the gear to drive the car away. The only thing that broke the silence was the jazz music Jeremy played.

Instead of looking for a parking lot, Jeremy handed his key to the valet and quickly went to open the door for Ryn. He smiled seeing her eyes widened.

"Are you trying to expose?" she whispered.

"Not really," he denied. "Too lazy to find one parking."

She snorted but did not take away her hand. Together, they walked into the tower. There were only three restaurants in the building and all three were famous with their own specialties. Ryn did not know which restaurant Jeremy booked for their lunch but knew he would choose food that she liked aka not vegetarian.

He led the way into the elevator, smiling as some visitors and even workers there stopped their walk to take another look at him. He did not make any move to separate himself from Ryn, even tightened his hand around hers. Hopefully, there would be a rumor about them, he thought with a grin. Ryn only said not to expose their relationship but did not say anything about others 'accidentally' learned about them. So what he was doing did not go against her request.

Ryn twitched her lips as they walked into the elevator. She could guess what was in his mind. Was she angry? Weirdly she did not. She did not know what to think about this. Should she be angry, mad, or disappointed with his trick? He was too eager to make their relationship known to the public as if trying to make amendments to his mistake during their previous relationship.

She did not feel anything. No anger. No disappointment. Just amused. Amused by his silly behavior. How childish.

"I've booked us a table next to the window," he told her as they watched the man in charge of the elevator to press the floor of their restaurant.

"Hmm..." Ryn nodded dumbly. She was too lazy to ask more. What she was hoping was that he already ordered their food so they did not have to wait too long for their food to arrive. She was starving. Nothing else was more important than their food.

He smiled seeing her lack of response. He knew she was starving and wanted to eat quickly. Luckily, he already ordered the food when booking the table. With the early order, hopefully, the chef was preparing their food as they were coming. 

They reached the restaurant in no time and the manager who was waiting at the entrance quickly led them to their table after welcoming them politely with a smile. His eyes could not stop looking at the linking hands between Jeremy and Ryn. Was this...

Ryn twitched her lips seeing the manager's expression but she did not say a word. But she did pinch Jeremy's waist to make him stop being so proud. Stop being so childish, J. It's unseemly.

"The food will be served in a moment," the manager said after both Jeremy and Ryn sat on the chair. Sensing the look from Jeremy, he did not pull the chair for Ryn, letting the latter do the honor. Supposedly, a waiter was serving them but the boss told him to do it so the manager obeyed. He recognized Jeremy as the singer but found the woman quite familiar. But he could not remember where he saw her.

Ryn looked outside the window. As it was a rotating restaurant, every few minutes, she would see new scenery. She sighed.

"Do we need to eat expensive food each time?" she asked without looking at him. Even when she saw the building they were heading to, she knew the cost of the food was quite high.

"As long as you like it," he replied. He knew better than to say he had the money to pay for it. Ryn would go all crazy if she thought he was being his 'rich kid' mode again.

"Hopefully the taste equivalent to the price."

"Don't worry. Mika said the food here is good," he chuckled. Taste is more important for Ryn hence the reason why he chose this place. Besides, he wanted her to try varieties of food to develop her palette.

He wanted her to change her main food from steak to other delicate food. She should stop eating steak for breakfast. It was not good for her health.

They only needed to wait about two minutes before the manager leading two waiters to bring their appetizer. Ryn looked at the white bowl with a frown. Bunny food?

"For the appetizer, we have Caesar salad spears," the manager introduced with a dramatic flair.

Ryn's face changed. She stared at the gulping Jeremy. Was this a joke?

Oblivious to the sudden tense, the manager smiled and nodded his head. He then signaled the waiters to follow him to the kitchen to check the next meal.

"Ryn... I... I can explain..." Jeremy choked out once the three musketeers left the place.

"Speak," she snarled.

"I didn't check the appetizer. It's the only menu with your favorite," he explained quickly.

"So the main meal is steak?" she asked with narrowed eyes.

He gulped.

"Jeremy Long," she muttered his name slowly.

"Babe, let me finish this," he quickly pulled her appetizer to him and started to chew them.

Ryn crossed her arms and frowned. Her good mood already turned bad. This was not what she had in mind. She should guess this would happen when he brought her here. She should predict this would happen when he refused to let her hand go on the way up here.

Jeremy quickly ate Ryn's bowl before his. His heart pounded hard. Silently he blamed the restaurant for not giving more options for their meal. Heck, he should just order based on her taste, not following the restaurant's arrangement. He has the money. He could pay more to get what he wanted.

Unaware of what was happening, the manager, along with the waiters, approached them back while holding their next food. This time it was pumpkin soup.

Ryn took a deep breath. She did not let loose of her anger at the restaurant workers. They did not know her peculiar. The one receiving all the blame was him, her boyfriend. Maybe she should think again about giving him a second chance.

This is a disaster, he thought worriedly.

"I can explain," he said hurriedly once the workers left their table.

She tapped the table, cocking an eyebrow. She was waiting for the explanation~ Explain now. Explain!

He took a deep breath to gather his thought. But, his hand quickly reached for the bowl of soup in front of her, planning to devour it too. Damn, his stomach was getting full and they haven't started the main course yet!

"Well?" her voice was dangerously low when he still did not explain why their food was based on bunny food rather than meat, any kind of meat. Was this a prank? 

If it was, it was not funny at all. It was a bad prank and she was not amused.

"Baby, you will like the main course. I promise you. In fact, you can take my portion too," he said hurriedly. He did not know what else to say other than about the main course. Heck, he chose the set because of the main course, until he neglected to check the appetizer and the soup. He vowed not to repeat this silly and stupid mistake ever again.

"Are you sure?" she felt it was hard to believe in him now when two food in a row belonged to the group she hated so much. She refused to even taste it. Why would a good human being want to eat food that bunny and rabbit eat? It was ridiculous. They're supposed to eat meat to get their strength.

"Yes, baby. I promise," he nodded his head. He wanted to hold her hand but he should finish the soup first.

She crossed her arms and stared at him suspiciously.

He quickly ate the soup. Luckily the portion was not much as this was a five-star restaurant, a small portion with an expensive price. So, it took him no time to finish everything. But, he must admit that he was getting full with having double the portions for both the appetizers and soups.

The trio came again to retrieve the empty bowls and serve the main course. This time, the plate was dotted with green and orange puree but the center of the plate has a slab of white meat. Chicken fillet. A small chicken fillet.

"Please enjoy," the manager said with a huge smile.

Ryn looked at the small piece of white meat before at Jeremy. Her nose flared.

Jeremy gulped. He pulled the tie off, trying to get more space to breath. Why? Why was everything not according to his plan? His romantic lunch. All ruined. 


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