Tell Me Again, My Love
374 The meaning of love
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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374 The meaning of love

Ryn did not speak a word this time. But the aura surrounding her was so cold that even Jeremy shivered from it despite wearing his work coat. He was doomed. He knew it.

It took Ryn no time to finish both pieces of chicken. She was starving and despite the small portion, it smelled good. It tasted good too. 

But it was not enough!

She was still hungry. These two tiny pieces were not enough to fill her teeth!

The only point Jeremy gained from the lunch was the drink. He chose her favorite and she unhappily had to give a point for that.

The trio came again to serve the dessert. The manager finally noticed the tense atmosphere. He looked at the couple in a puzzle. Why would the couple on a fight? He never met this kind of situation before. Usually, the couple who was having a meal here would be loving and romantic. In fact, it was not rare seeing the man chose the restaurant as the location for proposing to his loved one.

So what was this situation?

The waiters did not care about anything but retrieving the empty plates and utensils. One of the waiters refilled the drink wordlessly.

The manager cleared his throat unconsciously when neither Jeremy nor his partner gave him any attention. 

Jeremy and Ryn looked at him, frowning.

The manager gulped. "Er... for dessert..." he choked out, "White and dark chocolate bullets."

Ryn cocked an eyebrow. The portion was little too. She bet two spoonfuls would clear the whole plate. 

"Please enjoy your dessert," the manager said with a forced smile before he pulled his 'minions' to leave the couple. He dared not to think what would happen if they were still lingering there. The stare coming from the woman was so scary, he swore his legs shaking.

"Why don't... why don't I bring you to another restaurant? Your favorite?" Jeremy asked. he was hoping it could make Ryn feel better and lessen the 'demerit' he was having because of this spoiled lunch date.

She did not speak a word. Her right hand reached for the dessert spoon and gracefully ate the mousse.

He watched her every move nervously. He knew she was deliberately 'punishing' him by not responding to his suggestion. Please say something, love, his heart begged. This cold shoulder was making him more scared. Would this affect his second chance?

She finally put down the spoon and looked at him. 

"I'm sorry. I was wrong. I didn't think it through," he said hurriedly.

She sighed. He looked so miserable while apologizing but the frustration in her heart made it hard for her to forgive him. He knew her likes and dislikes. So, it should be impossible for him to make this stupid mistake. However, this happened. Was it because of him being so full of confidence until he did not notice this very simple thing?

"Let me pay the bill first, okay?" he coaxed. He waved for the waiter to approach and handed his credit card. Then, he hurriedly reached for her hand and grasped it gently. "Don't be mad at me, okay? I won't repeat this mistake again."

She pursed her lips but still not speaking a word. She wanted to see what he would do. Would he make her feel better with his action or make it worst?

He quickly signed his signature on the receipt and took his copy. Then, he took her hand and both headed back to the elevator. None spoke of what happened during the meal but some of the waiters who were sensitive enough could feel the tension. They shared a puzzled look but none dared to say or ask anything.

The valet quickly parked Jeremy's car at the entrance. He smiled widely when Jeremy handed a couple of notes when he got out of the car. No wonder some of his friends who worked in another place said if Jeremy or his little sister were using the valet, they were not stingy with the tips.

But... why were they pulling a long face?

The valet did not say anything, just bowing politely and saying his farewell to the couple. Then, he went to the waiter who was accompanying the couple.

"What's wrong with them?" he asked.

"Who knows?" the waiter shrugged. 

Jeremy tightened the grip on the steering, trying to calm himself. He could do this. He believed with an optimistic mind, he could change her mind and made her love him more. More than ever.

She crossed her arms and looked out of the window. She refused to think of anything. If she did, she was worried all she could feel was anger and frustration. Not having to eat to her fill would do that. And she definitely did not want to lose whatever patience she still had.

He glanced at her for the tenth time, more nervous seeing how quiet she was. Was she still angry at him?

Fifteen minutes were not a long time but for him, it felt like forever. He was just thinking about which Ryn's favorite restaurant they should go to for the second lunch when she let out a heavy sigh. He glanced at her, wondering what she would say. Would she forgive him? Was he forgiven now?

"This is stupid," she said suddenly.

"Love?" he choked out in a puzzle. What did she mean? Was he she meant by being stupid?

"Why do you have to spend so much on a stupid menu? You know I don't eat bunny food and I have a huge appetite. What's the point of going to an expensive restaurant with me?"

His jaw dropped. She thought it was stupid bringing her to an expensive restaurant? But he wanted her to eat delicious food. He planned the whole lunch to make her feel happy. Of course, everything wasn't what he had in mind but he hoped his good thought went through her heart. He did not mind spending a lot of money just to make her happy.

Didn't she even understand that?

"Baby, please don't think it's useless when I'm loving you so much," he finally said.

"Does love equal to spending a lot of money?" she asked back with a cock of her eyebrow.

He opened his mouth, but then, closed it back. He did not know how to answer this. He did not think much about money. All he could think of was making her happy. If she was happy, he would feel satisfied. And that was what mattered the most in his mind now. Making her happy.

"I... I never think about money... never," he said hurriedly once he gathered his thought into words.

"Do you think we can go back to what we used to?" she asked suddenly, changing the topic. She looked at him without blinking her eyes. She just wanted to look at him, wanting to know whether he was being honest or lying with his feeling.

"Of course we can. We love each other, right? Like we used to. No... I think I love you more than before," he was getting stressed with the way her question was heading to. Was she hinting for them to break up again?

"Oh my God, Jeremy!" she shrieked when he suddenly parked the car on the side without any warning. Luckily there was no car following behind them or they would be the reason for an accident to happen. 

"Catherine, listen to me. Do not follow what those people want. They're jealous of us. They don't even care about us," his words quite fast, it took her some time to understand.

She was confused with his sudden burst. What did he mean by that? Had he gone mad... again?

"Listen, what matters the most is us, our love. Do not believe what those bad people say," he added quickly.

She rubbed the spot between her brows. She was getting a headache with his weird behavior. Seriously, had he gone mad from seeing his 'lovely lunch date' turned into a nightmare?

"Baby, please believe in me. I promise I will make you happier than you ever be," he said, taking both hands in his and grasped them. He tried to deliver his love through his shining eyes.

"You, Jeremy Long, has gone mad. Stop doing this," she said, trying to pull her hands from his.

"No. I am not mad. Everyone else is mad but not us, love. We are being rational here. The only sane here," he shook his head.

She sighed. She was right. He had gone mad. And it was in the middle of nowhere!

He should choose to do this in his house where no one, especially the paparazzi, could see this.

Aish... he was giving her such a huge headache and did not even understand it. 

And he claimed he's a genius! 

Well, he is a genius but right now, if only they were outside so she could fly kick his head to wake him up from his 'dream'.


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