Tell Me Again, My Love
375 Why was he being childish again?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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375 Why was he being childish again?

"Jeremy, wake up," she tried to snap him back from his crazy self.

"Baby, promise you. You won't break up with me," he begged. His voice was hoarse with desperation.

She sighed. What should she do to make him wake up? His behavior was getting troublesome. She did not want his action to be caught by the public. It would not only ruin him as a singer and an idol but also would affect the family's name and company.

"Can we go home first? This place is not suitable to have this kind of conversation," she suggested slowly. 

He looked around and realized where they were. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes. He tried to calm down. His racing heart slowed to a normal pace. Then, he opened his eyes back and looked at her. "Okay."

He switched the gear and headed the car toward his home. The idea of having another lunch was scrapped off from his mind completely.

She blew out a relieved sigh. Luckily he managed to get back or they might become a hot topic trending in the media social.

They reached the condominium in no time. Instead of letting Jeremy did the honor to open the door for her, Ryn got out of the car once the car stopped at his designed parking lot. She waited for Jeremy and walked together with him to the lift.

"Are you feeling better?" she asked. Her hand wrapped around his waist in a show of support.

He did not reply verbally. Instead, he dropped a kiss on top of her head and sighed.

"Don't think too much. Let's go," she coaxed. Her voice was soft with love. She knew not to lose her temper when his emotion was in chaos. But she could not help from thinking being with him was tiring. She now needed to watch over his emotion in order not to create unwanted attention from the public. This was the price she had to pay when she decided to accept him back and she could not blame anyone but herself when she felt the pressure on her shoulders.

He tapped the password to unlock the door and entered his house. She followed behind and closed the door. It automatically locked.

"J," she cried in shock when she was about to turn around after closing the door and he hugged her from behind. She could feel his chin resting on top of her head. She sighed and closed her eyes, resting her body against him. She let him do whatever he wanted.

He did not take too long hugging her without moving. After about five to six minutes, he finally lifted up his head with a sigh. Then, he turned her around so they were facing each other. He leaned down to press his dry lips against her rosy lips. 

"I think I'm going crazy," he murmured against her lips.

"Don't think too much. You're always overthinking," she replied back with a frown. Her hand reached to rub his cheek gently.

"I feel like you don't love me anymore. I'm scared you don't want me anymore," he confessed.

She sighed. He sounded like a lost child, It made her heart fluttered.

She wrapped her arms around his and rested her head against his broad chest, right on top of his heart. His pounding heart was like soothing music for her. "Are you tired, J?"


"You must be exhausted handling the company and the wedding," she added. It reminded her how much pressure he had to face along with trying to win her heart. No wonder the insecurity regarding their relationship intensified in him. The stress from everything made him overthinking every single thing.

"Why don't you have some rest? I'll check the kitchen and see what I can whip for us," she pulled herself from him and gave him a slight push toward the living room. He refused to obey. He kept giving her a slightly hurt puppy-eyed look, hoping she would understand that he wanted more hugs to calm his nervousness and worry.

She chuckled and leaned forward to allow him another hug. She leaned her head back and smiled at him. "Do you want to sit?"

"Hmm..." Without another word, he bent down and scooped her up. Then, he walked to the living room with her in his arms.

He sat on the couch without placing her down first. She giggled and wiggled a bit so they could continue their embrace. He seemed to really need this connection to calm his heart.

And she gave him the time and touch he needed.

It was another fifteen minutes before he finally pulled herself from her. She looked at him with a smile. Both her hands cupped his cheeks. 

"Do you feel better now?" she asked after they shared another kiss.


"Can I go to cook now?" she asked.

"Are you still hungry?" he asked.

"What do you think?" she cocked an eyebrow. Then, she leaned forward to kiss his lips gently before pulled herself and stood up.

"Stay," he said, grabbing her hand to prevent her from walking away.

"I'm just going to the kitchen. I'm not leaving you. Don't worry," she coaxed. With another chuckle, she leaned down to press another kiss against his lips. She could no longer remember how many times she kissed him but no matter. She did like kissing him. It made her heart flutter.

It took her another ten minutes to coax him. And two more kisses to make him feel better. With another giggle, she walked to the kitchen. "Behave yourself."

He watched her leaving with a sad expression. He did not want to be separated from her. He needed her in front of him all the time in order to feel better. Couldn't she understand that? Why wouldn't she understand that?

She shook her head when she reached the kitchen counter. Why was he so childish and needy today? It was totally unlike him.

And somehow right now she was not pissed with the way he was behaving. Her heart kept fluttering. She swore the wall protecting her heart cracked even more.

"Ryn, take a hold of yourself," she told herself as she slapped her cheeks a few times to gather her thought. What should she do next? Should she allow him to completely own her heart... again?

Once she managed to calm herself, she went to check what was left in the kitchen. Hopefully, there was something she could make to fill her stomach. She was getting hungrier by the minute now and she did not think she would have the patience to go to a restaurant and wait for the service. And what if the service was not up to her expectation?

She rummaged through the whole area and shook her head. She gave up. She only found some eggs and cereals. There were also wilted vegetables and out of date canned food. And something weird in the polystyrene packet. She did not dare to smell to check what it was. She simply threw everything not consumable into the trash bin with a frown. 

Why didn't he clean up the kitchen? Even if he did not cook and only ate a take-away because he was not a good cook anyway, he should notice all these things already turned bad. Well, except for the eggs, cereal, and milk of course. She bet he had eggs and cereal for breakfast and maybe for dinner too.

She quickly made quick work of boiling the eggs. At least it could keep the hunger at bay before she went to get more food. Hmm... She took out her phone and searched for the delivery of food available in the area. Checking the estimated time the food would arrive, well, most of the food available would take more than half an hour to arrive. So, she should eat while waiting for it to arrive or she would get starved.

While waiting for the eggs to boil, she made quick work of ordering several foods. Even if she could not finish them, they could have them for dinner.

And apparently, if the man had the mood for it, they could go out and buy groceries. They seriously needed to do their grocery shopping as soon as possible.

Well, the coaxing and persuasion would occur after she had her meal. Before that, she would not even bother to list down what both of them needed.

She did not check on Jeremy while waiting for the eggs to be ready. She simply leaned her back against the counter and crossed her arms. And waited. It would not take long for the eggs to be ready. And she did not need much anyway. Just five eggs were enough for her. And two eggs for him... if he wanted some.

"Ryn, what are you doing so long in the kitchen?" his voice disturbed her daydreaming. She opened her eyes and looked at him. 

He was giving her a puppy-eyed look again, standing right in front of her. 

Her lips twitched at the sight. Why was he being childish again?


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