Tell Me Again, My Love
376 I just want you with me
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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376 I just want you with me

She straightened herself and smiled.

"What's wrong, J?"

"You've been in the kitchen for too long," he complained. He stepped forward to pull her for another hug.

"Why are you being so needy today?" she asked with a chuckle, wrapping her arms around his waist as she rested her cheek against his chest. 

"I just want you with me. Right in front of me. I feel worried when I couldn't see you," he choked out.

"You..." she was speechless. Would he act this way for long? They could not stay like this forever. They still needed to go out to work and he could not expect them to be together all the time.

"Can you hear my heart calling your name?" he asked.

She closed her eyes and listened. His heart was beating so loud, it was clear to her. She could not stop smiling.

"My heart beats only for you," he said romantically but there was some desperation injected in it as well. 

"Oh no, my eggs," she cried, pushing him away when she remembered her boiling eggs. She turned off the stove and sighed in relief. Luckily, she was right on time.

He watched as she cracked the hot eggs carefully. When he saw her wincing from the heat and kept holding onto her ears to ease the unpleasantness, he took the bowl and did it himself.

She just watched him with a slight smile on her face. The way he was looking so handsome and adorable at the same time.

Upon noticing her look, he straightened himself and put more attention to preparing the boiled eggs. It ended up making her giggle with amusement. Now he was looking comical.

"Why are you giggling?" he asked with his hands was still peeling the eggs.

"Nothing." She lifted herself up to kiss his cheek gently. Then, she wrapped her arm around his waist and sighed. This peacefulness was what she really wanted in a relationship. She did not want any quarrel or misunderstanding between them. She hated quarreling with him. She liked this rather than trying to understand and follow his whim. She was tired of being understanding. She was tired of standing on a fragile egg, afraid of hurting anyone's feelings.

This was better.

"I'm done. Get your drink," he told her as he bent to throw the eggs' broken shells into the trash bin. Then, he grabbed a small dish to pour some soy sauce for the dip. She loved eating boiled eggs with soy sauce.

She simply poured two glasses of water for both of them. Then. she followed him to the dining table.

"You ordered food as well?" he asked as he took one egg to put on the small plate and gave it to her.

"Hmm..." she took a bite of the boiled egg and took out her phone to check. "About ten minutes more?"

"COD or already paid?" he asked.

"Already paid," she replied after chewing the last bite of the first egg.

"Oh. I thought I want to pay for them," he mumbled. He wanted to have the excitement of spending money for his love. But it was hard when she always preferred to use her own money when spending. It did make him feel a little bit... useless?

She did not comment upon that 'complain'. Her focus was 100% on the boiled eggs. 

When the bell rang, Jeremy went to get her food delivery. She watched as her boyfriend brought everything to the kitchen.

"Do you need my help?" she asked without moving.

"No need. You just eat your eggs," he told her from the kitchen.

"You really need to do grocery shopping," she commented as she watched him walking back to her bringing a tray of food.

"I don't cook much," he shrugged.

"Well, at least something essential during emergency," she pointed out.

"We can go after this. You don't have any work to do, right? No appointment?" he helped bringing the food closer to her.

"No. Oh, I plan to check the house this evening. The contractor said it almost finished but did not mention how much exactly," Ryn said as she reached for the fork to eat her real lunch.

"We'll go together, then. We go to the house, and then to the supermarket," he decided. When he looked at her, waiting for her approval, he found that she was engrossed with her meal. He shook his head in amused. And then, he rested his cheek on his left hand and watched her enjoying her meal.

There was no more frustration nor anger between them. They spent the time quietly and peacefully with him watching her eating her lunch.

It was almost 3.15 pm before both of them getting out of the house. This time, his emotion was stable. In fact, he was having a huge grin even when he was locking the door. 

"If the renovation has completed within this month, are you moving in next month?" he asked while they were waiting in the elevator to the lower ground floor for the parking lot.

"Maybe. It's all depend on my schedule," she shrugged. She did not find it a problem at all. Most of her things were still in boxes. She only opened those essentials when she was living in her rented apartment. Not much needed to pack back everything, compared to the last time. So she did not feel much pressure this time around.

"I'll help you," he said. Actually, what he really wanted to say was that he wished she would move in with him. The condominium was big enough for them, what with Mika was already living in the mansion before she would marry Jason in a few months time. But, he was scared it would make her angry at him and might want to break up with him. In his heart, he was always worried about their relationship but on the surface, he managed to cover his worry.

"Hmm..." Ryn crossed her arms and closed her eyes. Her stomach was full and she felt sleepy. But she knew this outing was important. There was nothing in the kitchen at home and most importantly, she needed to check the progress of her house. How long did she have to wait for the renovation to complete? It has been months now.

They went to the house first. Ryn opened the door of the car and stepped out. She took out her phone to call the contractor and it was a minute or two after she called when a man came out from the house.

"Miss Catherine? I am Wong," the man introduced himself. They actually have met before but he was worried she did not recognize him after all these months.

"Hello, Mr Wong. This is my friend, Mr Long. How is the progress?" she asked.

"Almost 90% is complete," Mr Wong said with a pride. He was happy with the work his team has done and could not wait for the client, i.e. Miss Catherine to see it herself. Everything Miss Catherine wanted he managed to fulfill.

Ryn simply walked into the house. She was careful not to step onto the items scattered on the floor. She was not worried being among the men there with Jeremy by her side.

"We only need to wait for the lamps to arrive before we can install them. The water heater, Jacuzzi, and the bathtub have been installed," he said as he led the way.

"Bathtub? Jacuzzi?" Ryn looked at Jeremy in a puzzle. She knew she did not order them.

Jeremy shrugged. He refused to admit to anything. Besides, everything was already installed and there was nothing Ryn could do. Or she had to wait for more and even add more budget to cover the re-renovation. Which he knew she would never do. She could not wait any longer to move in, despite the calm she showed on her face. 

Ryn could guess what he had in mind and could only sigh heavily. It was obvious he was the one ordering these things. But what else could she do? She did not want to add more money just to take them out and then re-tiled or do whatever needed to correct back everything. She refused to wait more than she should and spend more than she should for the house.

"We have added the bathroom in the second bedroom as per your request and put the bathtub in the bathroom," Mr Wong said. When he received the instruction, he was a bit skeptical. Why not put the bathtub into the master room? But, as the instruction was clear written on the paper, he did not think more and just did it. Of course, with the bathtub inside, the instruction was to enlarge the bathroom to accommodate the bathtub as well as the shower. Which he did with much difficulty. And when it was done, he could not picture how proud he was with his workers.

"So what's left are the lights, the wallpaper and the paint," he said. The paint would arrive tomorrow.

"Hmm.... so when will the house finish?" Ryn asked as she checked her bedroom. She asked for them to install the wardrobe. She was too lazy to move her old ones or buy a new one. She did not want to give a headache to herself when settling into the house.

"In a week? The lamps will arrive in two more days. The wallpaper will arrive around that time. The paint will arrive tomorrow," Mr Wong reported. 

"Good," Jeremy said instead of Ryn. Both of them did not hold hands nor talk to each other. They were checking the house carefully, especially Ryn. This would be her nest so of course she would be extra careful with everything.


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