Tell Me Again, My Love
377 Grocery shopping or a date?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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377 Grocery shopping or a date?

They spent almost an hour in that house before Ryn decided she has checked enough and ready to leave. Mr Wong escorted them to the car, grinning widely when Ryn complimented him on the quality of the work. He again promised her that the renovation would be completed next week.

"Do you feel better now knowing your house is almost done?" Jeremy asked as he drove the car away.


"Well, now, where do you want to buy the grocery?" seeing how she did not have the mood to talk more about the house, he changed the subject. He was so used with her being so lazy chatting. To compare to his chatterbox little sister, Ryn was more quiet and thoughtful. Although both of them were best friends, their behavior was like heaven and earth. Too different but managed to keep their friendship close and tight.

She sighed. She actually had no idea where to go. If she followed what she really felt, she had no mood to go anywhere else. She wanted to go home and sleep. But then again, she really needed to do the grocery because she had nothing left in the kitchen. 

"Wherever that's convenient for you," she said finally. She could not think of a place to go. 

He smiled. He looked at the traffic and made a turn to the right. His destination, the tallest shopping complex in the city.

"Seriously?" she asked with a cock of an eyebrow when she realized where they were heading. She could actually recognize the way to the most luxuriest shopping complex in the city where only super rich people shopping there. It was not because that was the place she always went to when she needed to buy something but because sometimes she needed to go there for her work commitments or when Mika asked her to accompany her shopping.

"You're the one who said I can choose where we're going to do our grocery," he pointed out innocently. 

What else could she say? If she was to argue about it, he would point out the existence of a supermarket on the lower ground floor of the building as their so-called destination. In the end she had to give in to him. Great.

He smiled winningly when he saw her giving in. He knew she could not win against his reason. She was too lazy to think of a reasonable answer for an argument. Besides, by going into this shopping complex, he was not worried that he would go against her wish of keeping their relationship in secret. There was no chance for a reporter to get into this exclusive shopping complex. Only super rich people could afford even an item in the mall. Hence, he did not actually break his promise, right?

Grocery shopping? 

He snorted at the thought of the innocent grocery shopping for their plan.

Their date was more important than buying grocery.

She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously when she saw his grin. Did he have anything weird in his mind right now? He should remember their real plan when going to the building. They were supposed to do their grocery shopping. They desperately needed to buy food for their kitchen or they would end up starving in the middle of the night.

"Remember, J. We need to do our grocery shopping today," she reminded. "Both of us have nothing left to eat in our house."

"Yes... yes..." he nodded his head dumbly but would he confess what he had in mind? He was not that stupid. 

She twitched her lips. She did not believe him at all. She had the feeling he would try to play dumb when it was already late for their grocery shopping. Was this the after effect of his sudden emotion burst?

But she would not ask. She held herself from asking because she did not want to face that side of emotion from him. She did not think she could control her own emotion facing that situation again. She might even break up with him if he started to act all weird again. And she did not think she would give their relationship another go if they were to break up again.

That was how much struggle she had when dealing with him just now.

He found an empty parking space close to the entrance of the mall. He maneuvered skillfully so the car was parked in reverse. Then, he shut off the engine and smiled at her. 

"We're here," he announced.


She was just unbuckling her seat belt when he leaned forward and kissed her lips without warning. She sighed and wrapped her arm around his neck unconsciously. She did not realize she needed this kiss as well. She replied to the kiss and even allowed his tongue to slip between her teeth to deepen the kiss.

"I love you so much," he whispered against her lips. They were breathless from the kiss.

"Hmm..." she did not repeat his words, just acknowledged his confession, still breathing hard to catch her breath. Her lips were slightly swollen but none noticed them. 

He pulled back from her with a sigh. Still until now she could not say those words loudly again. Could he still wait patiently for that time to arrive? He did not know whether he could wait anymore. He was scared that she was just allowing them to rekindle their relationship but had no real feeling toward him, just agreeing for the sake of not hurting his feeling. But his guts told him she was still in love with him. And he believed it sincerely.

She was still in love with him, dammit. And one day she would say those words loudly to him with her cheeks reddened and her eyes full of love, just for him. He would wait for that day to arrive.

She blinked her eyes and sighed softly. The worry in her mind almost slipped away after the kiss. She licked her lips unconsciously but her reaction was not seen by him because she was looking toward the door. Then, she opened the door and got out of the car without waiting for him to open it for her. She needed the time to really calm her racing heart.

He sighed but quickly shrugged it off. She must be in a rush for her not to wait for him. He went out and quickly caught her hand. He pulled her closer to him and kissed the top of her head gently.

"Don't be too fast. No one is waiting for us," he told her gently.

She just huffed and puffed. The bulged of her cheeks really cute in his eyes and he could not help from leaning down to drop a kiss for each cheek. He wished he could bite into her cheeks instead but managed to calm himself. He only gave her a teasing bite. Just a tiny little bite to ease a bit of his urge.

"J!" she cried. Her cheeks no longer in their balloon state. Her eyes widened and she quickly looked around, afraid that someone saw them. Luckily, there was no one is sight. She blew out a sigh in relieve. Then, she pinched his waist in frustration with his crazy act. Why would he try to bite her cheeks without warning? It was not funny at all.

He grinned. His hands reached to caress her cheeks gently before the naughty mood struck again and this time he pushed both cheeks to make her lips turned into duck lips. And then, he leaned down to kiss her lips.

"Jeremy!" she cried.

"I love you, Catherine," he told her, resting his forehead against hers.

"This is not what I have in mind when you're confessing your feeling, J. It's not funny at all," she grumbled, trying to push him away but it only made him laugh and hugged her even tighter.

"I love you. I love you. I love you," he confessed again and again but this time did not try to kiss her again. He knew not to go overboard. She seemed to be unable to control her anger and he did not want to trigger the fury button... Although he almost riskef of doing just that.

"Fine. Let go," she said with a heavy sigh. They should not waste more time here.They should start going before the night came and it would be too late for anything.

"We need to move now," she reminded.

"As your wish," he said and finally, to her relieved, he freed her from the embrace and only held her hand. Then, he pulled her toward the entrance.

"Finally," she mumbled under her breath. She was worried there was a CCTV caught what happened just now. Hopefully no one realized it and there was no CCTV at the entrance. Touch wood.

They finally entered the entrance and he led her toward the shops. She tried not to groan when their first stop was a jewellery shop. She should know it!


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