Tell Me Again, My Love
378 I don“t need more of these things 1
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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378 I don“t need more of these things 1

Jeremy smiled warmly at the enthusiastic greeting from the saleswomen. He made a beeline toward the set section, pulling Ryn with him. He planned to buy a set of jewelleries instead rather than asking her to choose a ring she liked. A set was better in his opinion.

"Welcome..." the saleswoman who was in charge of the section widened her eyes when she recognized Jeremy. Her mouth opened in a shock and she started blinking a few times. She forgot all the intensive training she received before being tasked in this branch s she stared at Jeremy. Why? Because Jeremy was her idol. She had been following him since the year he started becoming a singer. She even spent half a year crying when he suddenly decided to quit singing and started a company. Then, imagined her happiness when his group made a comeback and he also produced a solo album. She bought more than twenty albums of his solo album and memorized all the lyrics. This was how much she really liked him. She truly liked him.

It was a dream come true to see him in person. Ooh... her poor little heart... Could she take it? 

Her shaking hands pressed against her chest, right on top of her pounding heart. And why the aircon stopped working? She felt so hot. She felt like she was going to swoon.

Jeremy smiled seeing the starstruck look from her. He waited for her to gather her breath and opened his mouth, "Do you need to drink some water to calm down?"

She fanned her face to calm down. Her colleagues tried to give her a sign not to shame them all but her eyes and mind were on the handsome and suave Jeremy. She could not see anyone else but him. Jeremy. The Jeremy.

Ryn just sat on a chair close to them patiently. She knew this would happen. It was not a surprise to bump into a fan or two whenever he came out in the public. She was used with it even when they were hiding their relationship that time. Her status as Mika's best friend and their family's closest friend was used to explain her closeness to Jeremy. Hence, during that time, no one actually guess that they were in a serious relationship. Of course, most of the time, whenever they were in public, Mika was with them as well. She could only be alone with him when they were in their home. That time was the only time she could love and is loved by him. The only time she could feel herself as his girlfriend, not just a friend.

Ryn took out her phone to check the message sent by both Mei Li and Mika while waiting for Jeremy to handle his fan. She frowned when Mei Li sent her a proposal for the next project. Wasn't the time for the project at the same time with the one she already gave her commitment to? It must be Mei Li forgot about the other project for her to suggest for Ryn to accept this one.

Just to make sure, Ryn quickly checked her calendar. She was right. She already has a commitment during that time and day. She sighed and quickly replied the message to Mei Li. She also reminded her manager to always check her schedule before arranging for new work. Besides, has Mei Li forgotten that she was not a full-time model? Why was her schedule seemed to be so packed lately? She swore her schedule getting full every day.

Mika on the other hand, was asking when could they meet again and Ryn had in mind for their activity. Of course, she remembered that Ryn was spending the time with Jeremy today but she could barely able to control her excitement of spending the time together with Ryn again. Ryn replied with a question of her wedding dress and her bridemaid dress. Have they been completed yet? What about her family and Jason's family outfit? Should she spend the time outside having fun instead of making sure all the dresses were done according to her creative idea? And Ryn really wanted to point out why Mika wanted to do them herself. She has a lot of people under her to do the designing and sewing. But no. She wanted to do them herself and then whined she had no time left to have fun.

But the funny this was, as far as Ryn knew, Mika was only doing two outfits for herself and Ryn. She refused to talk about others' dress and kept wanting a time out from all the designing and sewing. She wanted to have fun to release the stress and the only person she wanted to spend time with was her, Ryn.

Sometimes, it was important to remind Mika about her responsibility rather than following all her whims just because of her mental illness. Mika should not use her sickness to get everything she wanted.

As she replied to Mika's message, a call came in. It was from her mother. Ryn looked at Jeremy and pointed outside as she mouthed 'mom'. Then, she walked outside the jewelry shop to answer the call.

"Hello, mom."

"Ryn, dear, how are you? Are you busy? Am I interrupting you?"

"Not really. I'm with J right now," Ryn replied honestly.

"Dating or just helping him?" her mother asked suspiciously. She was a bit worried with her daughter mental state. She did not want what happened that time to happeb again. But then again, she realized how deep Jeremy's love toward her daughter and she could sense the same feeling in her stubborn daughter's heart. That was why she did not give much objection toward their relationship. She believed her daughter was matured enough to make her own decision but she wished this time Jeremy would not hurt her daughter's feeling again. Once was enough to last for the entire life. 

"Honestly, mom, I am not sure. I guess in his mind we're dating," Ryn sighed heavily, rubbing her forehead in frustration. She did not like what this would head to but seeing how excited Jeremy was when he was leading her toward the jewellery shop, she did not have the guts to say no and ask him to bring them straight to the grocery store. She gave herself only an hour to follow his suit before she would insist for them to do what they were supposed to do in the first place.

"Well... Well..." her mother did not know what to comment. She could hear the frustration in her daughter's voice and feel sorry for her only child to face this kind of situation. Hopefully Ryn was strong enough to go through this 'challenge'. "Erm... Actually I call you because I want to tell you that we have bank in your pocket money for this month."

"Mom~ How many times do I have to tell you not to do that. I have money. You don't have to give money to me. In fact, the money you gave me months ago still untouched. You know I don't spend much daily," Ryn said with a heavy sigh. She did not know how to stop her parents from giving her pocket money when she already earned her own money by working as a model. Besides, the only huge spending she had was for the renovation of the house. She did not bother buying new clothes or jewelleries, finding them not important enough in her life. She also did not spend much in anything but food. But the only expensive food she bought was the meat. She did not care about the brand or where they came from as long as they're delicious and fulfilling.

"Catherine, this is our responsibility as your parents. Accept it. Next month, we will transfer again," her mother chided. She did not care how much her daughter earned in that job. All she and her husband knew, their daughter was still studying and it was their job as her parents to support her financially. But she had the feeling of this privilege of supporting her daughter would come to an end earlier than they thought it wpuld be, what with Jeremy came back into the picture in just two years after the initial break up. She could see how impatient Jeremy was to cement their relationship officially this time, maybe worried that they had to be separated again if he did not manage to put a ring on Ryn's finger. And when that day finally came, she and her husband had to accept the fact that their only daughter would belong to someone else. And her husband was a bit unhappy for it, mumbling that someone was trying to steal his only daughter but it was life. Their daughter would one day marry to someone else and become that person's responsibility.


"Ryn, give us this pleasure to take care of you before we have to let you go to... Jeremy..."

"Mom~" Ryn's cheeks reddened as she cried shyly. How could her mother think that far ahead? Jeremy was still on probation in their relationship. She could not say for certain that she would marry Jeremy. Even when her heart was crying for his name and longing for his love and touch, another small part of her heart still has the doubt and she would not allow herself to fall completely in order to avoid being hurt again. She still needed more time to be certain.


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