Tell Me Again, My Love
379 I don“t need more of these things 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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379 I don“t need more of these things 2

Ryn patted her cheeks to hide her shyness. Luckily her mother was on the phone rather than facing her right now.

"Mom, I have to go. I will call you later. Bye," Ryn quickly said her goodbye. She did not think she could stop blushing once her mother decided to tease her.

"Bye, dear." Her mother chuckled when she quickly ended the call. Maybe this time her daughter would open up her heart and accept Jeremy. And hopefully Jeremy would not hurt Ryn's feeling. She would not

mind having him as her son-in-law as long as he could take care and love Ryn as much as they taking care of their daughter.

Ryn blew out a sigh to calm herself. And then, she checked on the message from Mei Li. Her silly manager just realized the same date and time and apologized. But, at the same time, Mei Li actully gave her another proposal. Ryn shook her head in bemused. Why did it feel like this manager of hers taking her as the only model she was in charged with? Didn't she have a few more models under her belt? What about Harry? She did not think it was a problem to make him try applying for this brand even though it was a female product. 

Ryn quickly typed her suggestion and sent to Mei Li. She did not notice the way she was treating Harry seemed special in others' eyes. In her mind, as a senior, she should help Harry improving himself and become a good model.

Ryn went into the shop once she was done and Mei Li agreed with her suggestion. She saw Jeremy already finished using his charm to calm the saleswoman down. Ryn bet he even took pictures with them in an exchange of not exposing their relationship.

"What do you think of this?" Jeremy asked when Ryn stopped beside him. He showed her a set of ruby red earring, necklace and ring. 

Ryn fell in love with the set but thinking of how much they would cost dump cold water on her excitement. With a heavy feeling, she shook her head slightly, "I have a lot of jewellery already. I don't need more of these things. Where can I wear them?"

Those who listened looked at Ryn weirdly. They never saw a woman refused to accept gift especially expensive jewellery from a man. Was this a tactic from the woman? Their heart could not stop from assuming.

Jeremy smiled. He knew she would reject it. The ones she received from her jobs and those Mika gave were stored in the extra room of her house. But this time, he would insist.

"Please. Take this as my birthday present to you. I lost two years of celebrating your birthday. Please." His voice was quite low so only Ryn could hear him.

"But why these?" she still refused to accept. Where could she even wear them? She hadn't even worn the five sets Mika sent her previously.

"Why not?" he asked her back, refused to give in.

All the females and even the security watched without blinking as Jeremy kept persuading Ryn to accept his 'birthday gift'.

"Or we can straight forward buy an engagement ring and wedding ring instead?" he made a move toward the engagement rings section.

"Fine... fine... no need for those rings. I'll take the set. And please, no more. It's getting late. We still need to buy the grocery," she said hurriedly, holding onto his arm to stop him from going to the other glass cabinet.

Jeremy grinned winningly. He made a show of handing his credit card to the one serving them, "Pack them."

Ryn crossed her arms and frowned. This was seriously her own fault. Maybe she should let Mika following them today. How stupid of her thinking that Jeremy deserve some time alone with her? Her earlier plan was to spend time with him at his place and after a few hours, she would take a taxi or he would send her home. On the way, she would go to the grocery store to buy some food. She was still optimistic when she decided to ask him along for the grocery shopping so they could both buy what they needed. But now... she could only blame herself for being too... soft hearted.

"I think we can't no longer hide our relatinship now," he whispered as they left the shop.

"This is your real plan, right?" she accused with narrowed eyes. Even though he said he would give her time to accept him back but his action spoke the opposite. And he kept playing dumb when she pointed it out.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," again he played dumb. But he couldn't hide the glint in his eyes when he looked down at the paper-bag with the jewellery logo on it. 

"You-" she was speechless. This time it was so obvious. Even though this place full with high-end and luxurious brands, who could predict what the workers and even the visitors would do? With the media social being a sort of necessity in life, it was usual for eveyone to post anything that grab their interest. It would be a miracle if the news of them shopping together not being published by anyone. 

Seriously this was her own fault. She should not do her grocery shopping with him. 

"Love, I know you are unhappy but why don't we make it official? Don't you feel tired of hiding behind everyone? And it would not look weird if I accompany you for your work or when you want to accompany me when I have to work outside once our relationship is known by everyone," he suggested. He has patience of course, but right now he thought to use this chance to make her unable to say no. The chance was hard to come so better make use of it.

Ryn sighed heavily. She stepped to the side to separate both of them and crossed her arms. "I know it's unfair to you but you have to understand my feeling. I... I don't think I am ready for anyone to know. I.. I am sorry."

"How long do you need to be ready?" he asked.

"I... I don't know. I really don't know. Give me more time, please. I still feel the pain here," she touched against her heart.

"You... you still don't forgive me? Are you still angry at me?" he asked slowly. 

"I..." she let out a heavy sigh, "I've forgiven you but... I couldn't forget what you've done that week."

He wanted to pull her into his arms to soothe her sadness but she stepped back, shaking her head. She gave him a bitter smile.

"I'm okay. We're still in the public," she said.


"It's me, J. The problem right now is me. Although I know, my heart knows, that you are sincere with me, that you really want me, love me, that you truly want to marry me, but I'm still scared that the history will repeat again. I am the one who has no confidence in our relationship. I am the one who cannot give full commitment in our relationship," she said. She confessed of her worry to make him understand why she was so reluctant to accept him back.

This was not a novel or drama series where the female lead could simply forgive what the male lead did to her and accept him back without any worry. This was her life. She needed to make a decision that could lead to her happiness. She did not want to end up regretting one day. So until she could convince herself that he was the one for her, she would keep the wall around her heart to protect herself. This was how she survived after their breakup.

"Catherine," he choked out, wanting so much to turn back the time so he could redo back all those things he did. He should just confess about their relationship to the public rather than worrying of

losing his fans. He should not allow Jennifer to enterhis  hotel room and later being caught by Ryn. And most importantly, he should not allow his ego to cloud his mind. They were young and in love but because of his ego, their love ended before they could get married. If... if he lowered his ego and ran back to her, maybe they would have a daughter or two. A daughter that looked exactly like her but playful like him. A mini Ryn. Sigh... his stupidity ruined his happiness.

But this time, he would not allow his ego to ruin his future.

"I won't hurt you again. I swear upon my own life," he lifted three fingers to show his honesty and devotion.

"Please, J, stop pushing me. Don't you think we are progressing nicely now? Don't you think we are learning about each other like we never before? Why do you want to rush everything?"

"But don't you think we've known each other enough by now? Even our family knew each other and even accept our relationship," he could not help from arguing. Somehow he found the time.was right to change her mind. This was the day she should change her mind about making their love official.


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