Tell Me Again, My Love
380 We have to tell the truth
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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380 We have to tell the truth

To Ryn's frustration and Jeremy's delight, their relationship was exposed in the media social in half an hour after their 'argument' at the mall. The media quickly rushed to call the management Jeremy and his group was in to get their hot news. Luckily, the two lovebirds were no longer at the mall. Sensing something bad would happen, Ryn insisted for them to go to another place for their grocery shopping. Hence, they went to the grocery shop near Jeremy's place. Jeremy insisted for her to stay the night at his place because he did not want her to spend the night alone being mad at him. As he was the driver, she had to agree with his suggestion.

And the one who exposed it was not from the jewelry shop but one of the socialites who was shopping there with her boyfriend. They saw Ryn and Jeremy arguing in the middle of the building and recognizing Jeremy, she quickly took a few photos of them and uploaded them to her media social, crying that her 'second husband' has a girlfriend already,that Jeremy was playing with her heart ruthlessly. Of course, her real boyfriend saw her phone and chuckled in bemused seeing how cutely mad and jealous she was. And he was not mad because he knew the real person she in love with was him and Jeremy was just a crush albeit being called 'the second husband'. He even coaxed her so she would not go to the couple and create trouble. She was soothed when he brought her into the jewelry shop and bought a set of jade and diamond jewelries for her.

The whole county was in shocked when they learned about Jeremy having a girlfriend and even had a fight in the shopping complex. Most of the girls were crying and even wanting to kill Ryn for stealing their 'husband' while the men just asked who the girlfriend was because the photos were cleared showing that Ryn was wearing a simple pair of shirt and jeans with her hair in a loose ponytail. She also did not wear any makeup, not even mascara! It was hard to find a girl or a woman who went out or going shopping, not wearing any makeup.

Jeremy and Mika learned about it when Mika called her.

"Excuse me," she told Jeremy as they were walking into the grocery store. Jeremy stopped and watched. But then, his own phone started ringing. He pushed the trolley aside so as not to block anyone and took out his own phone to answer the call.

"Hello, Mika," Ryn greeted her best friend. 

"Ryn, what happened?" Mika asked hurriedly.

"What happened... what? What happened?" Ryn asked her back, frowning. She was confused with the question Mika asked her. What happened... what?

"No. I want to know... I mean... check the news. Your pictures are all over the place," Mika cried.

"Wait... what? What pictures?" Ryn asked in a puzzle. She still could not understand what Mika was yammering about. She looked at her boyfriend and saw Jeremy frowning as he was deep in his conversation with someone over the phone.

"Ryn, listen to me. You can't keep your relationship with Jeremy a secret. Someone actually caught and spread photos of you two at the mall. You went to the mall and even argued there? What were you thinking?"

"Pictures of Jeremy and I?" Ryn choked out. They did not 'argue' too long but someone actually took photos of them?

"Ryn, you better check it... no, is Jeremy with you still?" Mika asked suspiciously. The timing was quite short between the mall and now... too short for the couple to separate to their own home. And knowing her stupid big brother, he would do anything not to let Ryn go.

"Yes. He's on the phone," Ryn said. 

"Well... someone or maybe his manager is telling him about the photos. You, Ryn, go check the photos now online," Mika ordered dramatically.

"Okay, fine. Bye, Mika."

They ended their conversation. Then, instead of keeping her phone in the pocket like she always did, she went online to check what the fuss about. She did not even need to type for a name or something. Jeremy's name was on the first third most trending online. Ryn's brows lifted up high to her hairline. There were so many photos of them and some even repeated with different size or focus. There was even a photo zoomed to her face with the question about her real status.

A girlfriend or a girl friend?

From a family's friend into a real family member?

Just a friend, Jeremy?

Catherine, a bikini model and a gold-digger?

The title made Ryn felt like laughing. Since when was she a gold-digger? She did not even care the things Jeremy and Mika kept giving her. Heck, she even threw them into the extra room she had and then forgot about them. Unless it was something not too expensive and usable to use daily, then, she put them into her bedroom to make it easier to reach and wear. 

She scrolled and read all the comments, even the bad condemning toward her. She just laughed and laughed until someone actually commented that she was the third party between Jeremy and Jennifer. She stole Jeremy from Jennifer and poor Jennifer even had to face lawsuit because Ryn has bewitched the poor innocent Jeremy.

Was this person a friend of Jennifer or Jennifer herself? So hateful!

"Babe," Jeremy called once he was done with his conversation with his music manager.

"Hmm... you already know?" she asked without looking at him.

"We cannot keep this a secret anymore. We have to tell the truth," Jeremy said seriously, trying not to gloat over his success. He knew Ryn had to accept this decision or it would become worst.

She sighed. She knew this was Jeremy's plan but it was all too late. Even if she was mad at him, it was useless to scold him. He already got what he wanted.


"So, you want to make it official as in press conference or...?" he was hoping for an official press conference so he could say whatever he wanted to the public.

"No need," Ryn replied.

She reached out for his phone. He handed it without any question. And he watched as she opened the album and looked for photos.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked when he saw her scrolling the photos.

"Why are we trying so hard just to expose our relationship? No need to spend money and time for press conference when you and I have media social account," she replied. She finally chose a photo of them when they were younger. It was a photo of them when they were starting their relationship. And then, she opened the camera application and focused on their face.

"A selfie?" he asked but obeyed the unspoken order by standing close to her. He also held her other hand. "Wait, let me take the photo. My arm is longer."

With a glare and a twitch of her lips, she handed the phone wordlessly.

Smiling, he focused back the camera to them and smiled. She also smiled. Then, just right before he clicked the camera, he turned and kissed her cheek. Her eyes widened in shock. Grinning, he handed the phone back to her. "Use it. More believable." 

She bulged her cheeks but did not say a word. She quickly sent both photos to her phone. She gave back his phone. And then, she opened her IG account on her phone. She attached both photos with a caption, 'Past, present, future, forever.' She also included the year they started their previous relationship and the year they started their present relationship which was this year. This should stop others from thinking bad about their relationship.

Smiling, Jeremy did the same. He also used the same captions but instead of making it looked like they were in their second relationship, he simply put the year of the previous relationship and added 'until forever'. He tagged the song he wrote for her, so his fans and everyone else knew who his muse was and also #myonlylove, #myfirstandlastgf, and #willyoumarryme

It was a risque but he just wanted everyone to know that she was his only one. He never had anyone else, not even Jennifer, as his girlfriend.

Once they posted their pictures, the internet went crazy. Mika also posted photos of the four of them with a caption, 'two couples in love' with a hashtag #mybestfriendmysister and #myonlysister.

Also, Jeremy's mother posted in her media social account to clear the news. She sensed that the poor dear Ryn would not want to complicate everything with a press conference and want a straight-forward declaration when she saw the post from the youngsters. She quickly chose a photo of Ryn and Jeremy when they were young, gleefully praising herself for making the butler to make sure all the photos taken being kept in her phone as well. The caption was simply, 'Another wedding to plan'.

Poor Ryn did not know what Mrs Long wrote in her post. This one 'innocent' post actually created more buzz because she already hinted that Jeremy and Ryn would get married.


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