Tell Me Again, My Love
381 Are we going to get married together?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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381 Are we going to get married together?

Not long after Ryn posted the photo on her Instagram account, her post received so many comments. Some were good and some were bad. Ryn did not bother reading them. Her mind was on the grocery list she had in her hand.

"Let's go," she told Jeremy with her head nodded toward the automatic sliding door.

Jeremy took her hand. As they already exposed their relationship to the public officially, she could not reject this small intimate action in the public anymore. He smiled at people who stopped and looked at them, whispering to each other. He also did not mind when some of the customers of the grocery shop took out their phones and took pictures of them. In his opinion, the more photos being taken better. He wanted more explosion of his relationship with Ryn so Ryn would not break up with him anymore. And this also meant his probation has ended and they were real boyfriend and girlfriend.

And to his relief, she did not pull back her hand. They walked hand in hand into the grocery store before he went to get a trolley to put their purchase. He followed behind her as she started to look for the things on the list.

"Don't look at the price," he told her when he noticed she would take the cheapest brand. "I'll pay."

She glared but did not argue. She simply walked ahead, looking for the next item. He, behind her back, quickly put back the things she chose and took the brand he liked. Yes, it was the expensive ones but who cares? He had money. He could buy the whole grocery shop if he wanted to.

Her lips twitched in displeasure when she finally noticed the exchange. But, in order not to create 'drama' in the middle of the grocery store, she could only glare at him. 

He grinned and handed his credit card. "Keep it now. Easy when we want to pay later. Oh, you don't have to ask for separate purchases. We'll divide them at home," he said with a shake of his card.

She opened her mouth, planning to tell him off but she canceled her plan. She noticed the attention they received from other customers and unhappily accepted the card.

"I will pay back," she muttered, loud enough for the closest customer to hear.

"My money is yours. Stop being so stingy, Ryn," Jeremy shook his head in bemused with how grudgingly she accepted his card. He knew later she would nag at him for 'showing off' in front of everyone.

"This is not funny at all," she said as she started walking to another aisle. She could not bear to stay there any longer with the customers kept recording them (they thought they were doing it without anyone notice but it was so obvious in Ryn's eyes). For sure they would upload it to their media social and another rumor would spread out again about her and Jeremy. 

"Babe, I am not making jokes. I'm serious," he said happily pushing the trolley following her as a good husband would. He has already considered himself as her lawful husband now. Everyone already knew about them so it was important for him to put his ownership of hers.

Ryn was already onto the last half of her list when her phone rang with Mika's unique's ringtone. Of course, her phone was ringing non-stop but she ignored them. She also saw Jeremy put his phone on silent but she did not dare to do the same because she was worried that her parents would call her for an emergency.

"Hello, Mika. What's up?" she asked, stopping at the meat section and began handing the packets of meat to Jeremy to put into the trolley.

"Ryn, are we going to get married together? I don't think I can finish making your dress right on time~" Mika cried unhappily.

"Married together?" Ryn frowned. What was this cry all about? What now?

Jeremy did not give any concern to Mika's call. His attention was on the selection of the meats. He knew Ryn could handle his crazy little sister. He frowned as he looked at different kinds of cuts. He pursed his lips as he chose carefully. 

He was thinking of having a candlelit dinner tonight but instead of reserving a table at the restaurant (and received another glare from Ryn if the amount of meat did not reach her standard), he would make the steaks. He believed that with his love and brain, he would succeed in making the most delicious steaks ever she ever tasted. Besides, how hard could it be to cook a huge slab of steak for his love?

"Mom just posted that she's planning your wedding with Jeremy. Are you marrying on the same date as us? Ryn, why didn't you tell me earlier? I haven't started making your wedding dress yet. No... I won't be able to make it before the wedding. Are you trying to kill me? Or did you choose someone else to make your wedding dress? Ryn, you can't do this to me. You promised since we were young that I will create your perfect wedding dress. Have you forgotten your promise?" Mika cried unhappily.

"Wait... what? Explain back slowly, Mika. I don't think I catch your words," Ryn asked back, trying to digest what she just heard. Did her hearing play with her today? What wedding? What wedding dress?

"You did follow mom's account, didn't you?" Mika asked. She felt like it was a waste of time trying to explain to Ryn when she could hear how noisy the background on Ryn's side. She could lose her voice and still, Ryn would not understand.

"Your mom's account? What account?" Ryn was still confused. She could not make a head or tail of the conversation with Mika. Then, from the corner of her eyes, she saw Jeremy busy choosing the already marinated beef. Her eyes widened.

"What are you doing?" she hurriedly went to Jeremy and asked him. She used her shoulder to hold the phone to her ear so she could use both hands to stop Jeremy.

"What's wrong with these?" Jeremy asked with a puzzle. He thought it would be better to buy the marinated beef to make the steak. Easier for him to make. Just defrost and then cook them. Save time too.

"No... we need to marinate them freshly. I have the recipe. Put them back," she said, trying to pick back the packets of marinated beef to its container. 

He stopped her. "You... focus on your conversation. You're still talking with Mika, right?" 

She gasped. She totally forgot about Mika when she saw what Jeremy was doing. "Mika, I'm sorry. Are you still there?"

"Catherine, you forgot about me~" Mika cried. She could hear Ryn's conversation with Jeremy and felt left out. Were they planning to have a barbeque without her? This was unfair. Totally unfair!

"I'm sorry," Ryn apologized.

"Where are you right now? Are you having a barbeque without me? How could you, Ryn? Am I your best friend? Am I your sister?" Mika cried again, sad that she was left out of the barbeque date. How could they do this to her? Was she not unneeded when their relationship was exposed? Was she that easy to be forgotten? She was so sad, she felt like crying right now. A real cry.

"No, Mika. We are not having a barbeque party. We're doing grocery shopping, for both of our places," Ryn explained.

"But the marinated meat?"

Ryn rubbed her forehead hearing the question. It was suspicious if she was the one who heard the conversation by phone too. She would think that she and Jeremy would have a barbeque party too. So how to explain to Mika so she would not misunderstand her?

She looked at Jeremy, hoping he could help her, but he did not even look at her. His focus was on the meat... still. She sighed heavily. These two siblings were peas in a pod. Both only cared about their own opinion and not listening to her explanation and want. 


"You're bullying me. You both are bullying me," Mika accused sadly. The topic of her mother planning for Jeremy and Ryn's wedding was long forgotten. Her mind was full of the barbeque party.

"Mika, please..." Ryn choked out. She was getting a headache from this conversation. Why couldn't the siblings stop being so ... irritating?

Maybe she should rethink her relationship with Jeremy. She could not have this kind of stress every single day!


Harry's hand trembled as his eyes read the post that Ryn just posted on her Instagram and the comments beneath it. This was not what should happen. He never... never thought that she would... that she and that Jeremy was... no...

Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm down. Maybe this was just a nightmare. When he opened back his eyes, the post would disappear and all he would see was a photo of her activity of the day or a photo of food she ate. She would not announce her relationship with the public. Between she and Jeremy, they were only friends, close friends... just friends.


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