Tell Me Again, My Love
382 Until my last breath
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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382 Until my last breath

Harry opened his eyes with full anticipation. He would no longer see the photos of Jeremy and Ryn. He would not see the caption explaining their relationship. The short and simple sentences but feel like a dagger stuck into his heart a couple of dozens of times.

Unfortunately, the One above did not hear his prayer. 

To his disappointment, he could still see the photos of Ryn and Jeremy together and the captions that confirmed their real relationship. 

He was heartbroken. His feeling was rejected before he could confess.

"Please tell me you're lying, Ryn," he choked out. He did not mind receiving a cold treatment from her because he thought even though she did not say much, but based on his observation, Ryn treated him better than anyone else. She really cared about his improvement and his career in modeling. She even made sure he gets more jobs even though she was far away, completing her work commitment. Wasn't that a clear sign that she, unconsciously, shared the same feeling as him?

Even if she did not realize her real feeling, she should feel... something for him, right?

So why would she do this to him?

He could not think of any reason why she would hurt him like this. He just could not. He thought that being in the same industry as Ryn, it would give him huge advantage on winning her heart. The fact that even his aunt used to be her neighbor should add a few brownie points too. So why would she accept someone like Jeremy? Jeremy already has Jennifer!

He put down the phone and started to pace around the room. His mind was full of question and dissatisfaction. He could not believe what she did and why. He thought they were heading toward the next level rather smoothly. She did not focus on him too much because she was busy with her work. But she did help him choosing for good jobs even when she was far away. 

"Harry, I want chocolate cake. Why didn't you..." Angel's words trailed off when she saw the state of her nephew. She frowned, uncertain with what was happening to him. 

"What's wrong, Harry? Do you have any problem?" she asked. She never saw him like this and was taken aback.

"Aunt, why is my heart in so much pain?" Harry looked at his aunt sadly. His hand clutched his chest, against his heart.

"Do you need to see a doctor? I'll call Dr Xiu now," Angel took out her phone to call their family doctor. She was worried seeing how pale he was. But their family has no... wait, she did have a heart problem. 

"I... I'll get my medicine for you," she said hurriedly. She turned to run to her own room before remembered. She reached for her pocket and took out a small bottle of white pills. "Here, take my heart pill."

"Aunty," he cried, "I'm heartbroken. I've been rejected. I..."

Her eyes widened. Did her nephew said he was rejected? Who would reject her good, nice and handsome and most importantly good cook nephew? Who was the stupid woman?

"When... how... why?" she choked out finally.

He dropped to his knees and covered his face.

She quickly knelt beside him and looked at him worriedly. She had the experience of being brokenhearted but the one coaxing her was her sister-in-law and him. What should she do now?

"I... I'll call your mom," she decided and rushed out of the room to get her sister-in-law.

Harry lied down on the bed. His eyes stared at where he dropped his phone. He was still trying to digest the news and the fact that Ryn did not like him back and he was the only one loving her with his whole heart. He was the one thinking that they were meant together. Or was it? That she did not know who she really fell in love with? She thought the brotherly love was a true love.

Yes, that must be it.

When Angel returned to the room with her sister-in-law, she found her nephew who was supposed to be drown in heartbroken was having a huge smile.

"Aunty, I get it. She misunderstood her own feeling. She thought what she had with him was love but it was actually a brotherly love. Because she's best friend with his little sister, she mistakenly thought that-"

Angela and her sister-in-law shared a worried look. 


Jeremy parked the car and shut the engine. And then, he hurriedly went to Ryn's side. He opened the car's door carefully before leaned down to press a kiss on her rosy lips. 

"Sleeping beauty, wake up," he whispered against her lips. She fell asleep on the way back from the grocery store. She must be exhausted from her frustration and the shopping. And as her good husband, he would do his best to make her feel better.

She stirred and blinked her eyes a few times sleepily. Her eyes caught his and she sighed.

"It was true, then?" she asked, rubbing her head.

"What true?" he asked with a frown. 

She took out her phone and opened her Instagram. She checked the post she did and sighed seeing thousands more comments appeared beneath it. She sighed.

"Why? What's wrong? How many negative comments you received?" he took out his phone hurriedly to check. His face changed when he read the comments. 

"No, don't bother. Just ignore them," she stopped him when he wanted to reply to the comments. 


"Don't bother. Don't read them," she insisted. She did not care about the bad comments. She only cared that now everyone knew about them. She could no longer hide her status.

"But you... you were sighing," he said unhappily.

"Yes, I did," she sighed again.

"You just did," he pointed out.

"Jeremy," she groaned, rubbing her temple.

"Baby," he called her back, in a puzzle. She was sighing

but she said she did not. She looked uncomfortable too when she read the post. So why won't she just tell him how sad she was reading the bad comments? He felt angry reading them too.

"Let's go upstairs. It's uncomfortable staying here while trying to send common sense to you," she said and pushed him slightly away to give way for her to move.

He furrowed his brows but still obeyed her. He stepped backward to give space for her. She took her bag and stood up straighter.

"I'll get the groceries," he said finally and went to the bonnet to do so.

"Do you need my help?" she asked when she saw him struggling with all the plastics.

"No need. I can carry them," he said.

She didn't say anything anymore and just waited there for him. She knew better to insist.

Once he was done everything in his hands, he smiled proudly at her. See, he could gather everything in both hands.

She shook her head seeing the proud look on his face. She took the key from the pocket of his pants and locked the car. Then, she walked toward the elevator with him following behind obediently.

"I feel so happy today," he said, hugging her slim waist from behind once they entered his house. The groceries were left on the floor, unwanted. He need to feel her in his arms immediately and he could not wait anymore.

"Jeremy..." she choked out, surprised with his sudden move. She tried to turn around to face him as well as checking where he put their groceries.

But he did not allow her. His embrace was firm and he even buried his face against her hair. 

"We need to keep the food first. We can't let they ruin," she cried.

"They won't turn bad just in a few minutes," he replied back, now attacking her neck and even ear passionately. It had been too long for him. Although they seemed close and good right now but how many times did both of them making love? It felt like years ago he could taste her freely. She was always busy, exhausted or plain mad at him. The only thing she allowed him to do was kissing her. And they only hugged each other. The most he could do was kissing her while hugging her tight. Didn't she miss him too? Didn't she want to express their feeling using their body?

Thinking of expressing their love through their body made him even more excited. His breath got heavier and his hands got naughtier.

"Jeremy~" she let out a long moan calling his name breathlessly. It was getting harder to hold onto her rational mind. Why was he doing? Why now? They were... This was...

She tried to grasp her thought but failed. Her legs went weak. Luckily, he was already holding her so she did not fall. 

He finally turned her around. This time he attacked her lips. Not enough. Still not enough. He pulled her up so her legs wrapped around his waist and tightened their embrace. 

"I love you. I love you, Catherine. My Ryn. Past, present and future. Until my last breath. I only love you."


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