Tell Me Again, My Love
383 I can cook
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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383 I can cook

"Where are you going?" he asked sleepily when he saw her getting up and reached for her scattered shirt.

"I need to put the groceries into the kitchen," she said, well, more like grumbled. He refused to listen and they spent hours making love. Now, she was worried if she followed her tiredness, all those fresh ingredients went bad.

"But I still need you," he mumbled.

"I am still here. Be good." With that, she walked to the living room hurriedly, even only in her shirt. She did not bother wearing her pants. It was wasting her time trying to locate where he threw it away during the heated moments.

And boy, how passionate he was during those hours. If she did not exercise regularly, she would be left breathless and weak.

Her cheeks were still red from their session. She quickened her step to the kitchen. Right now she should be worried about her meats. Were they already ruined beyond saving? 

The first plastic she attacked was the one full with meat. She let out a relieved sigh when she saw them in good condition. She took out four to cook for tonight's dinner and put the rest into the refrigerator. Although the amount was quite a lot, as the freezer was empty, she managed to arrange them neatly in there. She then turned her attention to the vegetables and other things to put them into their appropriate place.

Jeremy lied on the bed with only the blanket covering his naked body. He frowned when he heard noises coming from the kitchen. He waited for a several minutes before jumped to his feet and put on a boxer. Then, he rushed to the kitchen.

"Do you need help, babe?" he asked once he reached the kitchen. He watched as she, sitting on her knees, arranging the bottles and tins into the counter's cabinet. He quickly knelt beside her and took the bottles from her hands. "Why do you need to do all these? I can do it."

"You?" she cocked an eyebrow. 

"Stop giving me that look. I am not that lazy, okay?" he sat up straighter to make him seem serious but she just shook her head. "Love."

"You go fresh yourself. I will start making dinner after this," she told him, could not stand seeing his look.

He tried to change her mind but she was insisted on not having him in the kitchen while she was cooking. She did not want to be distracted.

With his head drop low, he walked back into the bedroom. He went straight into the bedroom to clean himself. She told him to so he, as her good husband, would obey. He would do everything she told him to.

It did not take him much time to take a quick shower. But for her, he spent time to get ready. He even sprayed cologne all over his body just to make her think he smelled delicious and maybe, they could repeat back what they did just now. 

She washed her hands once she was done tidying up the place. And then, she took the apron and put it on. She put her focus on marinating the meat as well as making the sauce according to the recipe Harry taught her. Then, although she hated vegetable so much, she still prepared some for Jeremy. Enough for one serving.

"Ryn, what are you doing so long in there? Are you done yet?" Jeremy asked as he looked into the kitchen. Why was it so long for her to stay in the kitchen? Why wasn't she returned back to the bedroom to be with him?

Jeremy did not realize how he turned so spoiled and clingy today. He only thought about Ryn and wanted her to be with him all the time. He just wanted her to be close to him, right next to him.

"I'm cooking dinner," she replied. She sidestepped him when he was blocking her way to the kitchen.

"But... I plan to cook for us," he mumbled.

"You?" she cocked an eyebrow. Although he could help her in the kitchen but only an unimportant task like cutting the chicken or vegetables or preparing the seafood but in term of cooking, she did not believe in him. He always believed using the highest temperature would make the cooking better. Less time and less struggle. Every time he tried to cook something for her, it ended up in the trash bin, all black and unrecognizable. Of course, the first time he cooked meal for her, she ate it happily despite the color and taste but afterwards, she had to speak the truth even though it hurt his feeling. She did not want to end up being hospitalized because of food-poisoning.

"I can cook," he said, sticking his chin up proudly.

"Just go do whatever you need to do. Why don't you go to the studio and finish the preparation for Mika's wedding?" she suggested. She desperately wanted him out of the kitchen. He would only distract her when he was here. And the possibility for him to pull her away from the kitchen during the cooking was huge as well. It was better to keep him away from the kitchen.


"Just go. I'm getting hungrier. You don't want to starve me, do you?" She crossed her arms and frowned.

"Of course not. You're important. Your stomach is important," he answered hurriedly.


"I'll go. I will go rearrange the songs. Don't be mad, please," he quickly turned around and rushed to his studio. He did not want her to be mad at him just right after they finally made love.

He sat on the comfortable chair and switched on his computer. He cracked his fingers while waiting for the computer to be ready.

Ryn, on the other hand, let out a relieved sigh when she saw him leaving the kitchen for good. She poured a glass of water to wet her throat before continued her cooking.

Half an hour later, Ryn was done with her cooking. She tidied up the dining table before arranged the food and drink on it. She checked the time and sighed. It was already late. Would Jeremy have the appetite to eat this late?

Never mind, she shook her head. Regardless whether he wanted to eat or not, she would have her dinner. But then, she still had to call him down or he would hurt again. Sigh. Why was he being so childish? How old was he to behave this way?

She washed her hands at the sink and dried them with a paper towel. She then went upstairs to call Jeremy.

Jeremy was absorbed with his work when he noticed the door was flung opened. He did not notice the knock, though. He turned and looked at her. At first with a scowl but later he had a huge smile when he realized the person disturbing his work. "Ryn~"

"Dinner is ready. Do you want to eat?" she asked. She did not ask whether she was disturbing his work. She could guess his answer. He would say no. It was no point asking question that she knew the answer. Better not beating around the bush and ask the question straight-forwardly. That was more her style, not wasting time.

"Of course. Of course. It must be delicious," he said hurriedly rushing toward her. He did not even save his work with his eagerness to spend time with her.

"You should save your work first," she pointed out, crossing her arms and leaned against the door's panel.

"Oh yes," he scratched his head and turned around to do just that. He quickly saved his work and even switched off all the electric and electronic equipment used.

She shook her head in bemused and turned back to walk downstairs. Her stomach was already growling in hunger and she could not wait to have her dinner. She did not even wait for him.

"Baby, wait for me," he cried as he rushed behind her.

She was just landing on the floor when she remembered her state of clothes. She winced and turned around, almost bumping into him.

"What's wrong?" he asked, managed to hold her before she fell down.

"See what I'm wearing," she said.

His eyes shone brightly as he leered at her body.

"Jeremy!" she cried.

"What's wrong with it? You look so beautiful," he leered with bright eyes. He even whistled a long whistle of appreciation.

"Jeremy, eyes up here," she pointed at her face but he was so consumed with his lust to notice.

She stormed her feet in frustration. Then, she tried to sidestep him so she could go upstairs to the bedroom to wear something more appropriate.

But he did not let her. He even hugged her close to him happily. "You are so beautiful. I'm so lucky you chose me to be your lover."

"Yes, yes, yes. Let me go. I need to put on some pants," she nodded her head, too lazy now to argue. All she wanted was to change her clothes. She could not bear being half naked like this. 

But it seemed like Jeremy has another idea.


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