Tell Me Again, My Love
384 As you wish
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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384 As you wish

"We really need to eat dinner," she said tiredly but her body already turned into a bunch of limp noodles on top of him. She no longer has the energy to even lift her head. 

He was insatiable. She could not remember how many rounds they had the whole night.

"Later," he replied. His fingers stroking her back gently while another cushioning his head. He could not stop grinning. He was so satisfied, he did not think he could do it again if she asked for another round. She squeezed him dry!

Which she would definitely not! It was all his only thought and imagination.

"I'm starving," she mumbled.

"We'll eat later," he replied. He played with her hair too, happy to see her keeping her long hair. He loved seeing her long hair. He loved playing with her hair especially after their making love session. 

"Hmm..." she closed her eyes drowsily. She was so exhausted. She could no longer move even a muscle. She could not even lift her head to look at him.

"Shh... sleep... later we'll have our meal," he whispered, knowing that he had made her working so hard and no longer has any energy to do anything. It made him so proud and satisfied. 

It took him about fifteen minutes to fall asleep. They spent the whole night in each other's arms, sleeping peacefully.

The next day, he woke up when he felt movement on his body. He blinked and smiled unconsciously seeing her still deep in her sleep.

"Good morning, my love," he whispered and leaned to kiss the top of her head gently. Then, he sighed and gazed up to the ceiling, smiling. This was what he dreamed of. To be able to wake up with her in his arms. This was paradise. Truly a paradise on earth. And he had nothing more to ask.

It took her five to six minutes before she truly woke up. First, she blinked her eyes with a sigh. And frowned. What happened last night? Why was her bed felt so...

Then, sensing she was waking up, Jeremy stroked her back gently to soothe her. He even dropped a kiss on top of her head. "Good morning, my love."

"Mor... morning?" it was a question as she was still drowsy. Immediately what happened last night came into her mind. And almost automatically her face and even ears turned red.

Did they...

"You smell so good," he sighed happily.

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes and made a move to get up.

"No. Don't go yet," he quickly stopped her. He even pulled her until they faced each other, groaning to feel every inch of her front body against his. "Good morning."

"Morning," she whispered shyly. She could feel her cheeks warmed at the feel of her body against his.

And then, her eyes widened when she felt something hard poking her teasingly.

"J... Jeremy!" she cried. She quickly pulled herself from him and grabbed the blanket to cover her naked body, leaving him exposed.

Instead of trying to find something to cover himself, he just crossed his arms underneath his head and leered at her.

"Jeremy, cover yourself," she said and made a dash into the bathroom with the blanket still wrapped around her. She looked like a mummy with the blanket all over herself.

Jeremy lowered his eyes to the part of his body that stood tall proudly and grinned. He had no intention to cover himself. Never.

Ryn patted her face after splashing it with cold water. What happened last night? Wait... how many rounds did they do? Her body especially the bottom part of her body was so sore, she could barely walk. She had no idea how she could move into the bathroom, even running here. But now, once she looked at herself in the mirror, seeing how red her face was, she remembered and could feel the soreness. 

"I must leave this place," she murmured. She knew if she still here, he would try to repeat it again and again. And she would end up unable to do anything... and unable to eat too.

Her stomach growled at the thought. Starving. She was starving. She did not even have the chance to eat her steaks. Poor her steaks left uneaten since last night.

With that in mind, she quickly went into the shower to wash every single thing she could wash. Then, she reached for the bathrobe hanging at the back of the door and put it on. Her hair was wrapped in a white fluffy towel. She did not have the plan to dry them with a towel nor a hairdryer. Her stomach needed food desperately.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked when he noticed upon her walking out of the bathroom, she did not give him a glance, instead, heading toward the door only in a bathrobe.

"I'm borrowing Mika's clothes," she replied, rubbing the towel on her head unconsciously.

"But... But... But I still need you," he said desperately, glancing at Little Jeremy he managed to keep firm the whole time. He thought they could have a morning workout before he brought her out for breakfast.

"Use your hands," she replied ruthlessly. She knew what he had in mind and had no plan to allow him to lure her back to the bed. She was too hungry to care about his feeling and want.

He quickly jumped to his feet and wanted to rush behind her but the coldness of the morning hit his bare body. He shivered and quickly reached for another bathrobe to wear. 

"Baby," he called. 

Ignoring his call, she went into Mika's bedroom and straight to the closet. As she was always here, she already knew where each cloth was. So, she quickly pulled the drawer for new underwear Mika kept just for when she needed to stay overnight but did not bring anything. She skipped the bra and chose a black halter top to cover her upper body and jeans for her bottom.

"Why do you want to use Mika's clothes? You can always use mine," Jeremy grumbled. Didn't Ryn know the feeling of watching his loved one wearing his clothes? It would make him feel closer to her, body to body.

"No need. Mika and I share the same size," she replied. She held herself from rolling her eyes at the question. Trust Jeremy to find everything to feed his ego.

"I can see your cherries," he leered when he noticed them.

"Jeremy, stop looking. Eyes up here," she pointed to her face. She even snapped her fingers to get his attention but to no avail. He was staring at her chest awfully long while licking his lips.

"Jeremy, you're impossible!" she cried. Why was he being so shameless today? Where was the matured and serious Jeremy she knew? The one taking care of Mika and her at school when others tried to bully her? 

"I'm just appreciating the beauty God gave," he replied huskily.

"You are crazy, Jeremy. Stop acting this way," she cried, crossing her arms across her chest to cover them from his eyes.

"I'm crazy. You're crazy. We're the crazy couple," he shrugged off her cry. In fact, he even stepped forward to pull her into his arms. He cupped her face and leaned down for a kiss, "I'm crazily in love with you."

They kissed and kissed. He tried to step backward, bringing her back into his bedroom for another round but something stopped them. It was from her growling stomach. Both stopped and looked at her slim stomach breathlessly.

"Are you hungry?" he asked.


"Do you want to eat now?"

"Hmm..." she nodded, rubbing her stomach ruefully.

"Now?" he asked again, hoping she would say no. That she still could wait.

"I'm starving. We didn't eat dinner last night," she pointed out with a pout.

He leaned down to kiss the pout away but she avoided the kiss with her hand and a glare. He bit his lower lip full of longing.

"I want to eat breakfast, J. I'm starving."

He let out a heavy sigh. It seemed like if he did not feed her, she would not allow him to kiss her. So unfair. She was supposed to love him more than anything but it seemed like he lost against food in her heart.

"I'll make something for us," she said and walked around him to the door. Then, she paused and looked at him, "You should fresh yourself. You don't want to be late to work, do you?"

He opened his mouth to say that he was going to take a day off today to accompany her but before he could speak, she laid a finger against his lips to stop him.

"You are not taking another day off. Please tell me you're not skipping your work, please, J?" she gave him a hopeful look. She did not want to be the reason he ignored his work and affected his company.


"No more but," she leaned forward to kiss his lips lightly without warning. Then, when she broke the kiss, she rubbed the corner of his lips gently, "Please, J, for me? Go to work?"

He took her hand and grasped it gently. Then, he patted it and nodded slowly, "As your wish."

Hey, he was a good husband. And a good husband would always obey what his beautiful wife wants.


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