Tell Me Again, My Love
385 You are an adult now
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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385 You are an adult now

In the kitchen...

Ryn slipped the sunny-side eggs into the plate. She prepared four eggs for herself and two for him. For sausages, she made five for her and two for him. She made toast for both of them. She patted her shoulders proudly with invisible hands after she put two slices of bread into the toaster, remembering how she insisted to have a loaf of bread at the grocery store yesterday despite his refusal. In order to create a balanced meal for him, she included some baked beans and some vegetables. But she did not put them into the plate. Err... her plate to be precise.

Eating bunny food?

No, thank you.

She put both plates on the dining table before returned to check on the coffee machine. She nodded approvingly but did not make a move to pour the hot coffee into two mugs. Instead, she went to the refrigerator to take out a carton of milk.

"J, breakfast is ready," she called loudly after she put the carton of milk on the dining table, along with two glasses. Then, she went to get the pot of coffee. She also checked on the stove, in case she forgot to turn off the fire.

"Morning, beautiful," he said, standing beside her and pulled her into his arms for a kiss. He ignored the fact that her hands were not free. All he cared about was having her in his arms and kissed her passionately. The kind of morning he always wanted to have.

"I'm holding cups," she cried. Luckily, she did not drop the cups and saucers. As she was holding them, she did not wrap her arms around him for the kiss.

"Sorry. But I can't help myself," he grinned boyishly. Without another word, he took the saucers and cups from her to put on the dining table. She followed behind.

His eyes widened at the sight of the plates on the table. His eyes landed on the plate she put for herself and then compared it to his.

"You are hungry," he commented in amused seeing the amount of food she piled for herself. Comparing to his, it seemed like she was having a double serving.

"Of course. We skipped our dinner," she pointed out dryly. She was too hungry to even nag at him on how much they wasted for their dinner. Her poor steaks. Her poor delicious steaks. She blamed it to his inability to control his lust. Right now, the most important thing was to feed her stomach.

He grinned, remembering what they did the whole night. He even winked at her.

"Eat your breakfast," she told him, refusing to be drawn to his naughty thought. She focused on eating her meal. Despite being so hungry she could eat a cow, she ate her food rather gracefully.

He obeyed. But his naughty feet started to feel her up.

Her eyes widened. Even the fork and knife she was holding dropped loudly on the plate. "J... Jeremy!"

"Yes?" he asked innocently, his eyes twinkling naughtily. 

"Stop it," she begged.

"Enjoy your food," he nodded toward her plate. But his feet never stopped moving.

She realized that he would never stop despite her begging. She pushed the chair backward, trying to 'run' from him.

He grinned. He knew what she was doing. Luckily for him (and unluckily for her), he has long legs. 

"Jeremy!" she cried, this time jumping to stand on her feet. She could not concentrate on eating with him behaving this way. She wished he would stop.

"What?" he asked her innocently.

She opened her mouth, wanting to scold him. But she changed her mind. It was useless. He would not stop doing what he was doing even when she told him a few times. It would be better for her to eat elsewhere.

"Babe, where are you going? You haven't finished your meal yet," he called when he saw her taking her plate and walked to the kitchen.

"I'm eating there," she replied shortly.

"Why?" he asked in a puzzle.

"I'm hungry. I don't want to be distracted by you," she pointed out. She leaned against the counter and ate her food with the fork.

He pouted like a child. Why was she being so... serious this morning? They just announced their relationship officially to the public yesterday and she expected him to go to work today. Where was the celebration? He had been waiting for two years to come to this day and she was being so unappreciated. What went wrong with her mood today?

She finished her meal and put the empty plate into the sink. Then, she went to the dining table where Jeremy was sulking. Shaking her head in bemused when she saw the uneaten food on his plate, she leaned and cupped his face. Her eyes gazed into his eyes.

"Stop being like a child. You are an adult now. Behave as one," she said before leaned down to kiss his lips gently. 

Before he could deepen the kiss, she already pulled back and then reached for her glass of milk. She sipped it and smiled when she saw his disappointment look.

"Mei Li will pick me up for my photo shooting. Later on, Mika and I will spend the time together," she told him.

"The whole day?" he asked sadly.

"Hmm..." she finished the whole glass and put the glass into the sink. "Quickly finish your meal. I need to clean them before going out."

"I can do it," he said. Hey, doing the dishes was not that hard. He could do it with his eyes closed.

"Cool," she nodded. Once she was satisfied that everything except for those in the sink was cleared, she went upstairs. She needed to contact Mei Li and asked what she has to do today. The announcement yesterday would create an aftermath that they all needed to handle. As one of the person involved, she would do her best not to affect the modeling agency.

"Babe, aren't you going to accompany me eating my breakfast?" he asked desperately when he saw her heading upstairs.

"No," she replied shortly. She paused before added, "I have something to do."

He pouted again. He looked at his plate of food, unhappy that he could not spend more time with her. He knew once she was in her work mode, she would focus on it and ignore everything else. 

And he thought they could spend the day together, just the two of them.

Ryn closed the door and sat on the love seat. She crossed her legs and dialed Mei Li's number. She did not have to wait for long when her manager answered the call almost immediately.

"Catherine!" Mei Li gasped.

"How's the situation?" Ryn asked. Her eyes gazed at the photo Jeremy put on the small table next to the cushion and her expression softened. He put a photo of them on the first day they moved in together. At that time, her parents objected to her decision but she used the reason that it was closer to her modeling agency and it was easier for her to go there instead of taking two buses to reach there. At that time, she was juggling between her work, study as well as practicing her modeling move. Almost every day, when she could, she would go to the agency to practice and improve herself. Hence, she received the permission to move with Jeremy. 

"I could only sleep for two hours," Mei Li cried. Her phone rang non-stop since the moment Ryn announced her relationship to the world. There was even reporters wanted to have an interview with Ryn. A magazine asked if they could feature both Ryn and Jeremy on the first page complete with 10 pages of interview and photos. Of course, Mei Li would not dare to make her own decision before she talked this through with Ryn. 

"Do you need to discuss this at the office or right now?" Ryn asked. She could sense the exhaustion in Mei Li's voice. She felt guilty for being the reason for this. 

"Yes, please. Err... can you take a cab or ask Jeremy to send you? I need a quick nap," Mei Li said with apology. She was so exhausted, she could barely open her eyes.

"Yeah, sure. I'll see you in half an hour?" Ryn checked the time. She actually did not plan to ask Jeremy to send her, afraid that the man would change the plan and brought her somewhere else. She planned to ask someone else to help.

She ended the call and closed her eyes, sighing. This revelation actually gave more pressure to her. Hopefully, she would not get too stressful on handling this. And she knew...

"Babe, are you done?"

She lifted her head and looked at him, smiling. She knew he would be here with her, helping her, supporting her. Together, they would face the obstacles that were on their way.


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