Tell Me Again, My Love
386 You are mine and I am yours
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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386 You are mine and I am yours

"Are you okay?" he asked, reaching to caress her cheek gently.

"Hmm..." she turned her head so she could kiss his hand. Then, she took his hand and rested her cheek against it.

His eyes softened. She seemed dependent on him, which he liked. He liked taking care of her, protecting her. 

"What's your plan today? What did Mei Li say?" Jeremy asked. 

"It seems like I have to return to the agency to deal with the aftermath of our announcement," she replied with a sigh.

"Do you need my team?" he asked, referring to his team of PR.

"No. There is no need to burden them. I don't think the agency will have any problem handling this," she said after a while. Holding to his hand actually made the stress in her heart go away. She did not even notice how stressed she was at the thought of having to face all the reporters and paparazzi. She was so used to handling the photographers during her work, not because of her private life, hence, she felt a little bit scared. Would they start following her around like she was a criminal?

He knelt down in front of her and took both hands. "If you can't take it, we will have another press conference. And I will sue those who make you sad."

"Jeremy," she chided. 

"I don't want to see you sad. Right now, our relationship is known by everyone and I'm worried my haters will find ways to hurt you," he explained and frowned worriedly, "Or worse, my fanatic fans."

"We can't expect everyone to like us. I don't want you to be hated because of me," she said, leaning forward until she was in his arms comfortably on the floor. "I just want us to live peacefully. No more drama."

"Fine. Your wish is my command," he said and kissed the top of her head gently. "You know I'll do everything for you."

"Hmm... thank you."

"You don't have to thank me. You are mine and I am yours."

She smiled hearing his words. She is his and he is hers. She liked that.


Harry woke up with a huge headache. He clutched to his head and groaned loudly. His spinning head made it feel like he was hit by a hammer and stomped by a huge elephant. It felt like years before the pain lessened a bit and he could actually move to get his phone.

He didn't bother to look, just press a button for speed-dialed.

"Hello, young master. What can I help you?" the butler asked politely. He was confused about why his young master called him using the phone.

"I'm not feeling well," Harry choked out. His headache was getting worse by now, he barely able to open his mouth. 

"I'll be right there," the butler said hurriedly. He ended the call and went to get the huge box of first-aid from the kitchen. Then, he climbed up the stairs to the young master's room.

When he reached the room, he found his young master splayed out on the floor, groaning. Harry fell down after the call ended and did not have the energy to get back to the bed. The butler quickly put down the first aid and went to help his young master to lie down on the bed.

"You're having a fever, young master," the butler said, noticing the high temperature on his body.

Harry mumbled something but did not open his eyes.

The butler used his whole body and energy to bring the young man back to the bed. It was a bit hard, considering his old age, but in the end, he managed to do it. Then, he retrieved the first-aid and took out a thermometer. He clicked on the pistol-like equipment and in seconds, Harry's temperature showed on the screen. The butler took a deep breath. Over 40. 

Without thinking, he took out his phone and called the family's doctor. He also pasted a cooling pad onto Harry's forehead to reduce the heat. Once he called the doctor, he called the kitchen to ask for a glass of water. Young Master's fever must be reduced down quickly.

"What's wrong with big brother?" Mia asked. She heard the commotion from her brother's room and went there curiously, only to see the butler and the maid from the kitchen helping Harry taking his medicine.

"Young Master is having a fever. I have called the doctor to come," the butler reported.

"Fever? Fell out of love can make him have a fever?" Mia's brows rose. She knew about Harry's heartbroken cry yesterday. In fact, she tried to help, along with her mother and aunt, to make him feel better. He did look better before they went to sleep. But now...?

"I have given him Paracetamol," the butler said, did not catch her muse. His attention was on how to reduce the temperature before Mrs. Si learned about this. He did not want to worry Madam.

"Oh. I'll go have breakfast first," Mia was starving. Last night she went to sleep a bit late because of coaxing the devastated Harry. The one thing she could not believe was that he did not even confess to the woman he was in love with and suddenly received the news that the woman was taken. Could it even consider being rejected when there was no confession involved?

Maybe she was still young and hasn't fallen in love with anyone so she could not understand the pain Harry was having. She could not empathy with him, only saying "Why don't you just find someone else to like? I have a lot of girlfriends. I can introduce you."

Hence the reason why she was sent to her room by both her mother and aunt and needed to reflect on her 'careless' opinion. But it was already late and she did not even reflect on anything, just went to sleep. She even forgot to tell her friends about her 'matchmaking' idea and asked for their opinion.

She went downstairs and into the dining room. Her parents and aunt were already there. Her mother was busy nagging at her aunt while helping to serve food for her husband. Just a usual sight every morning.

"Where is Jeremy?" her father asked once she sat on her chair and a maid quickly put her breakfast in front of her.

"He's still in his room," she replied. Her eyes shone brightly at the menu of the day. The cook really made her favorite today after she mumbled at her about her desire to eat them. So happy.

"Why hasn't he got up yet?" her father asked, frowning, "Isn't he supposed to follow me to the office today?"

His wife and sister exchanged a worried look. They knew Harry's emotion was still unstable and not suitable to work right now. He should relax and forget about his pain first before he received the training to inherit the CEO position in the company.

"He's not well. The doctor is on the way," Mia shrugged. She was not worried about Harry. Her mind was full of enjoying her favorite food. Maybe she could go to the kitchen and whisper to the cook to make her other favorite food for lunch and dinner... and maybe for tea too.

So excited.

She should call her friends and invite them to a tea party later. 

"He's not well? Is he sick? Is it serious?" Mrs. Si cried as she stood up. Throwing the fork carelessly down the plate, she rushed to the door. Angel, her sister-in-law followed behind. Both were worried about Harry. 

Mr. Si stayed on his chair. He heard that the doctor was on the way and seeing how relax Mia was. So, he had no doubt his son's sickness was not that serious. Of course, his wife and sister would think otherwise. They loved overthinking too much and exaggerate too. Too dramatic to his taste but he loved both of them, so he just accepted this side of them without complaint. That was why he just smiled when his wife started to nag at his sister. It was all for love. His wife showed her care by nagging and he showed his love by treating them well.

A give and take were what important to maintain peace in a relationship. 

"Dad, is it okay if I invite my friends for a tea party this evening?" Mia asked as she poured another glass of orange juice for herself. 

"I thought you have to go to your violin class this evening?" Mr. Si cocked an eyebrow.

"But dad~"

"Oh, it just reminds me. Your mother wants to sign you to a summer camp. I've given my permission so you just follow whatever she wants."

Mia's fork and knife dropped without her realizing it. Her widened eyes gazed at her father. A summer camp? But... but she already has a plan with her friends for the holiday. Why would her mother send her without discussing first?

"But... but..."

"No cry to me. If anything, you can discuss it with your mother. Now, where is she? I'm going to be late if she still hasn't come down," he frowned, looking for his lovely wife. He always kissed and hugged his wife before he left for work.


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