Tell Me Again, My Love
389 No such thing as bad promotion
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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389 No such thing as bad promotion

It took some time before she managed to assure Mei Li that she could go alone for the meeting. Instead of going to the nearest bus stand to get a taxi, she called one to pick her up in front of the office. Hopefully, the reporters had already gone when she got out.

Ryn waved goodbye at her sleepy manager and went to the entrance once she received the message from the driver informing her of his arrival. She gave a smile at the people in the agency, not having the mood for any chit-chat. She wanted to finish the meeting as quickly as possible so she could return and help Mei Li.

She checked her phone once she sat comfortably in the taxi and sighed a bit. It seemed like Mika was so worried about her, she kept sending her messages upon messages despite her assurance that everything would be alright. Even Mrs. Long sent her a message for her to call the elder woman once she had the time. Mrs. Long understood how busy she was and did not call her, instead of giving her a message. Compared to her son, the elder woman was more matured and understanding.

Jeremy. Thinking of her boyfriend gave Ryn such a headache. She still could not believe how Jeremy thought he could give her orders without discussing them first with her. They were just boyfriend and girlfriend, not even engaged yet and he dared to assume she would follow all his whims.

The cab brought her to the company where the meeting was scheduled. Usually, when a meeting discussing about a contract was done, there would be more than a person come in. The manager, the model as well as one or two assistants. But in Ryn's case, she came alone.

And she did not look out of sort at all. With her head held high, she walked to the receptionist to inform about her arrival and then went to the fifth floor where the meeting was set. A man and a woman welcomed her with a smile. But the woman could not help from looking behind, looking for the other people to arrive.

"Hello, my name is Catherine," Ryn introduced herself as she shook her hand with them.

The man introduced himself and the woman beside him. In the middle of that, two women came in. One woman holding two documents. The man introduced them too.

The first woman cleared her throat and opened her mouth, looking at Ryn without blink, "I am sorry to ask this but yesterday's-"

She quickly stopped herself when she received a warning look from the man beside her. She quickly lowered her head unhappily. With the way the scandal was surrounding this woman, was it still a good idea to have her to represent their brand? They should choose someone else. Why don't they choose Jennifer? She was a good singer and a good model. She represented the goddess the woman has in her mind; kind, thoughtful, friendly, talented and most importantly free of any scandal. She believed the lawsuit Jeremy had against Jennifer because she refused to accept him and because he was fooled by this model in front of her. A model who used her body to fool around with rich men was not a good role-model for others. She still did not have a clue why the company chose her rather than Jennifer. 

Yes, she was a fan of Jennifer and refused to believe any bad gossips about her idol. No one was better than Jennifer and thats that.

Ryn did not even look a little bit of disturb receiving such question. She smiled calmly and looked at the man who was looking uncomfortable.

"It's okay, I understand," she calmed the man down. She was not being such a kind-hearted toward the woman who was looking down on her. She was just being her usual self, not caring what others thought about her.

"My relationship with him doesn't affect my work and I hope you can understand that. If we were to agree with the conditions, I can assure you that I will give my best to promote your brand," Ryn said. She always did what she said, hence the reason why so many brands trusted her. Despite not being popular nationwide but people kept buying the brands she represented because of how convincing she looked like in the advertisement. If it was about food, she made them look delicious enough that people who saw it would not able to hold their urge to eat them. If its about clothing, the way she wore them looked so beautiful, even the women would urge their men to buy them. And they also heard about the meat restaurant she went during her one episode of reality show and eventually she became the spokesperson of that restaurant. It became the must go to restaurant for meat lovers and ended up with people having to book first before they could get to taste the delicious steaks. That was how good Ryn was when promoting any product or brand.

And this time they were hoping for Ryn to promote their pudding brand, especially the newly release coffee and caramel pudding.

"Erm... have you tried our pudding yet?" the man asked. With an eye, he signalled one of his assistants to bring a basket full of carefully arranged puddings.

"Oh yes. I particularly like the milk one," Ryn nodded. Once she heard the brand interested of having her to represent them, she went to taste almost all the puddings they produced. Of course, in between her work and some of her puddings were even stolen by the staffs who could not bear seeing how deliciously good it looked like when consumed by her.

It was the power of Ryn.

"In here, we have all flavours of the puddings, including the newly released coffee and caramel pudding," he handed the basket to her.

"Does this mean that we are still collaborating?" Ryn asked as she accepted the basket. Even though she wanted to reach for the milk pudding immediately but she managed to control herself. She even looked at them calmly but the basket was safely in her left hand. She would scream if they dared pulling the basket from her.

"Yes. Yes. Of course. Would you like to look at the contract first before you sign it?" the man asked. He could not help from feeling relieved seeing how protective Ryn was with the basket. He knew it was a good idea when he told his assistant to prepare the basket. Compared to other artists or models, he knew in order to lure Ryn to sign the contract, they should use food. Of course, money was important but food played a role as well.

Ryn let her hand go of the basket reluctantly and pulled the contracts closer. She read the conditions carefully and was stunned to hear the amount of years she would bind herself with the brand. She looked at the payment she would receive and pursed her lips a bit. Was this how much Mei Li agreed when discussing with them earlier?

And Mei Li even added about the puddings she would receive monthly during the years in contract.

"Do you... find anything you don't like?" the man asked worriedly when he saw Ryn did not make any sound nor reaching for the pen. Had something not to Ryn's taste? Was it the payment? 

"Hmm...?" Ryn lifted her head and looked at the man. She shook her head, smiling. There was nothing she was dissastified with. Without wasting another moment, Ryn took the pen offered and signed under her name in both copies. She handed both documents to him.

He quickly signed the documents as the representative of the company. And then, he handed one copy to Ryn for her to keepsafe. And then, he stood up and offered his hand.

"Thank you, Miss Catherine. Happy collaboration. My team will contact you for the details on the filming tomorrow."

Ryn shook his hand with a smile never left her face. She exchanged a few more pleasentries with him. She smiled at the assistants and the woman who was still unsmiling. She excused herself and with the basket in her hand, left the meeting room.

"Sir, I still think it is a mistake to sign her," the woman said bravely. She would not give up on trying to make everyone sees what she could see. 

Why couldn't anyone see what she could see?

"You quiet. What do you know about marketing?"the man said and signalled everyone to leave. He clutched the contract carefully. He imagined with the news of Ryn's relationship with Jeremy Long so famous right now, people would also curious about her work and it would bring them to the pudding. And, instead of just checking the brand out of curiousity, they would drool and buy the puddings once they saw the advertisements.

That was why, in marketing, there is no such thing as a bad promotion.


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