Tell Me Again, My Love
390 Don“t you love Jeremy? Don“t you love me?
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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390 Don“t you love Jeremy? Don“t you love me?

Ryn walked through the door of the building and stopped. She lifted up her head and looked at the sky. The sun was shining brightly and there were white clouds dotting here and there.

"So beautiful..."

A smile curled on her barely makeup face. It seemed like, despite the craziness happening in her life, the day was still good. She believed once she managed to handle the news, nothing could stop her from moving forward.

She walked slowly to the bus stand. She did not call for a cab. Instead, she planned to talk with Mika first. Her poor best friend must be worrying over her even though she already to her everything was alright.

She checked the time and decided she could squeeze some light meal to have with Mika before she went back to the agency and discussed with Mei Li the next step. She also wanted to know what the Long felt about the announcement. Although Mrs. Long told her to call the elder woman once she was free but it was better to know what to expect. She also wanted to know what the dowager thought about the sudden announcement. Who else could give her news other than her best friend who was currently living with both elder women?

"Hello, Mika. Am I interrupting you?" she asked once Mika answered the call.

"Never," Mika declared automatically before asked, "Are we spending time together today? You're not going to leave me alone for that stupid brother of mine?"

Ryn rubbed her temple in speechless. Why did it feel like Mika was angry at Jeremy? What did Jeremy do now to his little sister?

"I just finished a meeting and thought that we-"

"I'll be there," Mika said hurriedly without waiting for Ryn to finish. Then, Mika paused before asked slowly, "Where are you again?"

Shaking her head at her best friend's funny attic, Ryn told Mika the address. "I'll send you the location."

She ended the call and sent the location. It would make it easier for Mika to come here. Then, she went to sit on the steel long chair. It was uncomfortable but she did not complain at all. As long as she had a place to sit, she was already happy. She closed her eyes and started to daydream.

It took Mika around half an hour before she reached that bus stand. Ryn smiled when she saw a familiar limited edition Lamborghini in pink and stood up. She waited for the car to stop before went forward.

"What are you doing here? A new work?" Mika asked once Ryn got into the car. She glanced at the tall buildings with a frown. Would this mean Ryn would be busy again?

"Yeah, a new contract," Ryn nodded. She already clasped the safety belt and took out her phone.

"Your mother sent me a message again," Ryn said with a frown. She already planned to call the older woman after talking with Mika but it seemed like...

"Ah... Mom is asking your parents' address," Mika replied without thinking.

"Address? For what?" Ryn frowned. Somehow she had a bad feeling about this.

"Of course for the engagement discussion," Mika shrugged. She did not find anything wrong with it at all.

"Eng... engagement?" Ryn gasped out loud. What? What engagement? She had no idea what it was all about.

"Hmm... dowager said she's going to the temple to get the most auspicious date to go to your parents' house and also for both your engagement party and wedding day," Mika explained. She did not feel a little bit of envy or jealousy seeing how excited her family was toward Ryn and Jeremy's relationship. Even though her wedding preparation was ongoing and her family seemed to switch their attention to Ryn and Jeremy's wedding, Mika instead felt excited. The only worry she had was to have the same wedding day as Ryn and Jeremy because she hadn't started Ryn's wedding dress yet. Where would she have the time when she barely has enough time for her own wedding and reception dresses? Luckily she was done with the alteration for Ryn's maid of honor and reception dresses. Or else, she would need another meeting with her therapist to cry, which she stubbornly thought no longer needed because she already has Ryn with her.

She guessed the most excited person for this relationship was her. Finally, Ryn accepted Jeremy back, and soon, she would become her sister. Her real sister.

Ooh... she could not wait for it to happen.

But of course, she did not like to imagine the time when Jeremy would conquer all of Ryn's time. She decided to keep Ryn to herself, rather than bowing down to Jeremy and hand Ryn to him. Hmph... hmph... hmph...

"Mika..." Ryn looked at her best friend desperately, trying to understand the meaning behind all this but her best friend cum soulmate kept on smiling and then frowning and then smiling back.

What was this about engagement and wedding? Jeremy and she haven't discussed anything about their future, well, toward the wedding, although she knew that he wanted to marry her. But... but their relationship was still new. Well, if they were to add the years of their previous relationship, it would be years but right now, it only been like weeks... not even a year. They were still young and she... she was not ready.

She did not think she would want to get engaged and then married when her heart was still not completely accepting Jeremy. She still needed to protect herself and her poor heart.


"What do you mean by engagement and wedding?" Ryn asked carefully.

"Oh, that one? Grandma said it's better to engage you two first so no one could say anything untoward toward you. I mean, come on, who would dare to say bad about you when Jeremy is here?" Mika frowned, "Well, with I am here," she corrected back. She would protect Ryn like her own breath and life. She also knew how to make people obey her.

"I think I'm having a headache," Ryn murmured, rubbing her head. 

"Why? Are you sick?" Mika asked worriedly.

Ryn mumbled something under her breath. It was too low for Mika to hear. Mika frowned.

"Can you speak louder? Do you want to go to the hospital?" Mika asked hurriedly.

"No need. I just... I need some space to think."

"Space to think?" Mika repeated in confusion. What did Ryn mean by that? She did not understand.

Ryn pinched the bridge of her nose to calm down. Calm down, Ryn, calm down. 

"I think it's better to wait for Jeremy and I to discuss this first before you all go meet my parents," Ryn said slowly, carefully.

"Well... what is there to discuss? You two are already official. Sooner or later you will marry into the family. Why don't make it sooner?" Mika asked, still confused.



"Can you put yourself in my place and look at this from my perspective?" Ryn begged.

"I really don't understand what you mean. What do you... Do you perhaps have a second thought about this?" Mika gasped in horror. "Don't you love Jeremy? Don't you love me?"

Ryn's headache was getting worst when she heard the nonsense coming from Mika. How could this best friend of hers end up thinking that way? It was ridiculous.

"Can you stop being so dramatic and listen to me calmly?" Ryn asked tiredly.

"How do you expect me to calm down when you want to break up with my brother? With me?"

"Mika!" Ryn shouted at her. She could not control herself anymore. Why couldn't Mika stay calm? When did she ever say she wanted to break up with Jeremy? Couldn't Mika just listen first before making her own assumption?

"You shout at me?" Mika cried. "You raised your voice at me."

Ryn groaned loudly. This was getting worst.

"Mika, calm down," Ryn said, trying to calm Mika. Stupid of her for allowing her temper to fill her emotion. She should remember that Mika was driving. It would be dangerous for both of them and the others if Mika loses control because of her sadness and frustration.

"You yell at me," Mika sobbed. She did not care if anyone saw them. Ryn shouted at her. Ryn hated her. Would she lose Ryn again?


She did not want that to happen.

"Mika," Ryn said again. She held Mika's thigh to calm her down. "Calm down."

Her eyes widened at the sight of so many vehicles right now on the road. She looked at the speed they were in and gulped, "Mika~"

In her sadness, Mika could not hear Ryn's voice. She was too consumed with her emotion that her foot immediately pushed the accelerator and made the car even faster. The tears in her eyes did not stop her from increasing the speed.

"Mika, calm down. You're driving right now," Ryn reminded as she tried to calm her down. Her wide eyes stared at the road where Mika kept overtaking the other vehicles, ignoring the horns and curses coming from the other drivers.


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