Tell Me Again, My Love
391 More than enough
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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391 More than enough

Mika still could not hear Ryn's cry. In her mind, she kept repeating that Ryn hated her and did not want her anymore.

Her heart shattered at the thought of losing her best friend again. At the thought of losing her only sister.

She did not even notice the speed at which she was driving nor the curses and horns from the other drivers. Everything was like a haze in her mind. Nothing else mattered than her own emotion, her sadness and heartbroken.

"Ryn does not like me. Ryn hates me," words kept repeating over and over again in her mind.

When she saw how emotional and out of control Mika was, Ryn made up her mind and took out her phone. She quickly called Jason, hoping this fiance of her best friend could help to calm Mika down. Oh, please let him succeed. She could not bear the consequence if he failed.

It took five ringings before the call was connected. Ryn blamed it on Jason's forgetfulness for not saving her number again. It must be it.


"Jason, sorry to interrupt but I need your help," Ryn said bluntly. She glanced at Mika who was still gripping the steering wheel tight and tears wetting her face. Mika's eyes were red from her emotion.

"Help? Of what?" Jason asked. He leaned back and with one hand, closed the file he was reading. He also lifted his hand to excuse his assistant. The assistant nodded and excused himself, leaving Jason alone in his office.

"Mika... she's not feeling..." Ryn took a deep breath to calm her pounding heart, "Her emotion is unstable. Please talk with her. She's driving the car too fast now. Too fast."

"Driving too fast? She's driving?" Jason gaped. Why on earth would his loved one drive when she's not feeling well? Didn't he remind her to use the driver whenever she needed to go anywhere?

"Yes. And she... well... it's... well... anyway, please calm her down," Ryn asked hurriedly. She was getting scared when the needle for the speed kept heading toward the maximum. "Jason..."

"Are you on speaker?" Jason canceled his plan to ask more of the detail. Right now, the most important thing to do was to help to calm Mika down. He was finally going to make her his officially and legally and did not want to lose her.

"Baby?" he asked once he gave Ryn enough time to switch the speaker on.

Mika refused to answer.

"Baby, this is me, Jason, your love," Jason said gently, coaxing like a little baby. "Baby, please answer me. Do you hear me?"

Still silence from Mika's side. Ryn was getting more nervous and worried. Why wouldn't it work?

"Mika, my love, why won't you answer me? Do you hate me now?" Jason asked, sounding so sad and heartbroken.

"Ja... Jason?" Mika stuttered. His voice finally penetrated into her mind. Her eyes cleared.

"Yes, it's me, baby. Your Jason."

"Baby?" Mika asked.

"Yes, it's me."

Mika glanced to the side and saw Ryn holding a phone. Apparently, Jason was online. Mika gripped the steering wheel. Her pounding heart slowly turned to normal. Her emotion slowly went stabile.

"Baby," Mika cried. Her heart pounded fast again as she remembered why she was sad earlier.

"What's wrong, baby? Why are you crying? Don't cry. I don't want you to cry. You know I'm sad too when you're sad," Jason coaxed gently.

"Baby, Ryn hates me. She hates me now," Mika cried loudly.

Ryn was speechless hearing the accusation. When did she ever say she hated Mika? Mika shouldn't assume too fast before she understood things. Seriously, this girl was supposed to be a genius but right now Ryn could not see where the genius was.

"How do you know? Do you ask her?" Jason asked carefully. He finally could understand why Mika's emotion was unstable. But he did not dig too much. From what Ryn told him earlier, Mika was driving and it was important to calm Mika down and make her stop the car somewhere safe before he went to pick her up. He would then cuddle her until she felt better.

"No..." Mika answered truthfully. She then glanced at Ryn and sniffed seeing the frown on her best friend's face. See, Ryn did hate her.

"Then, you should ask her. Remember what I told you?"


"Don't assume before you understand all the details. Especially when regarding what people think about you."


"Baby, ask first before make your own assumption," Jason repeated again gently. "Won't it be better to know the truth than to make yourself sick from thinking negatively?"

Several times Ryn wanted to butt in and speak up but she held herself. Right now, she felt like only Jason could help. She sighed and prayed for this man to succeed in making Mika better.

She learned her lesson already. Never ask or question Mika when she was driving. It was better for her to ask when they were safe in a room or a place, and somewhere they could have their privacy.

"Baby?" Jason called Mika's pet name gently, carefully.


"What are you doing right now? Are you still driving?"


"How about you find a place to park and ask Ryn whether she still likes you or not. Don't be sad," Jason suggested.

"Hmm..." Although Mika did not say yes or no to his suggestion, she did look for a place to park the car.

Ryn blew out a relieved sigh when the car stopped. Lucky. They were lucky Mika finally calmed down. She could not bear to imagine the consequence if Mika kept driving rashly with her emotion running wild.

"Have you parked the car yet?" Jason still did not disconnect. He was worried about his fiancee and hoped she would be good and listen to his words.

"Hmm..." Mika nodded, forgetting that her fiance could not see her expression. 

"Baby?" Forgetting that Ryn was there listening to them, Jason kept using his pet name for Mika.

"We've stopped at a petrol station, Jason," Ryn announced. She saw that her best friend was incapable to utter more than hmm. Her cheeks were still wet and red from the burst of emotion. Silently, Ryn thanked Jason for able to control Mika. She was so scared she thought they would end up in an accident if Mika still refused to sober down.

Again, she promised herself not to question Mika when she was driving a car. Once was a scary experience for her and more than enough.

"Good. Very good. She's all right," Jason stroked his chest in relief. 

"You two stay there. I'll be there," he decided before frowned, "Which petrol station?"

Ryn looked outside to get the correct location and told Jason. She also sent the location via message, ending the conversation for a few seconds to do that. Then, she called him back. It might help if he was still online and kept talking with Mika.

It was a long day, such a long day. And Ryn wished this never happen. Maybe she should not ask the question or better, not ask Mika to come to pick her up. She should just call a cab to return to the agency.

She reached for Mika's hand and grasped it gently, stroking it to calm her down.


Angela watched speechlessly as her sister-in-law turned into a busy bee, giving instructions to everyone.

"We don't know what time she will come," Angela pointed out, trying to put sense into the over-energetic woman.

"We don't but at least once she arrives, she will see how welcoming we are," Mrs. Si said, refused to allow Angela's words to put a damp to her excitement. Meeting her future daughter-in-law was a very important day for her. Although Angela reminded her again and again that the girl has a boyfriend already but she believed that her handsome son could steal her away. Who would not like a lovable man like her son who was not only active in sports, brilliant, handsome, and most importantly, knew how to cook? He was also kind, considerate, very cute, and clever. She did not remember Harry being a naughty boy when he was a child. He did not even wake up late at night when he was a baby. Such a good boy. No one would not want him.

Angela's jaw dropped. What the... 

"She comes to visit Harry, not to meet the family," Angela tried to make Mrs. Si stopped her nonsense but it was hard. No one said no to Mrs. Si. Not even her husband. What she wanted was what she would get. No question asked.

Mrs. Si did not reply. She was determined to prepare the place to impress the girl. In her mind, if her son was too shy to tackle her, she would do it on behalf of him, and what was wrong with being showered with good and delicious food when meeting her future mother-in-law? She heard that the girl was a foodie so she emphasized the importance of quality to the cook. She did not even mind spending a lot to buy fresh ingredients just to create delicious food for the girl.

And she liked the fact that the girl loved to eat. Having a daughter who kept following a weird diet or too scared to eat too much made her unhappy. She liked trying new recipes. Well, actually, she would find a new recipe that grabbed her attention, and then, she would ask the cook to make it. But seeing how small her daughter took poured cold water onto her excitement. Although her husband did eat whatever she decided on the dining table, the man did not like sweet food. Her sister-in-law only cared about steaks and chocolate cake. Only dear Harry made her happy but he was always busy with his school, sports and now, being a model made him watch over what he ate. 

It was so frustrating!

"You... I don't know how to put sense into you. I'm going to my studio," Angela threw up her hands, giving up on trying to make Mrs. Si stopped her idea. She rolled her eyes seeing the maids rushing to clean the whole place, and even those rushing into the kitchen with new instructions from her sister-in-law. This was crazy. Crazy!

She climbed up the stairs and went straight to Harry's room. A maid was busy arranging the flowers on the table. It must be her crazy sister-in-law's idea to redecorating his room in order to make it 'more welcoming'. Angela shook her head in disbelief. When would this craziness end?

"Young miss," the maid greeted politely when she noticed Angela.

"Do you think the flower is suitable in this room?" Angela asked with a frown. She crossed her arms and looked at the maid seriously.

The maid gulped. She was only following orders. It was not her place to discuss or think about what was right or wrong. She only needed to obey and lower down her head respectfully.

"I give up. I give up," Angela threw her hands again, too stressful to even scold the maid. She stormed out of the room and went to her studio. She locked the door and groaned loudly, "This is nothing to do with me. I've done my job. I've called Ryn and she will come. What she thinks about the family is not my responsibility."

She went to her chair and looked at the half-done canvas. She was supposed to create a family painting but her mind was too stressful for her to clear. She dropped the brush she just reached and groaned again.

"I should not allow them to force me from staying at my own house. I shouldn't move here back. This is all a mistake," she grumbled. She went to the sofa bed and lied on it. Instead of going to her bedroom to rest, she dropped a hand over her forehead and sighed. 

"This is going to be a long day..." she murmured and closed her eyes.


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