Tell Me Again, My Love
392 I need you
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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392 I need you

It felt like hours before Jason arrived even though it only took him just half an hour. Ryn quickly got out of the car and went to Jason. He nodded at her but walked past her to the car. The driver did not waste any more second and left, leaving the three of them.

Hmm... she guessed it meant that Jason would drive the car.

Ryn did not return to the car, giving space for the engaged couple to talk. She instead went to the convenience store of the petrol station.

She noticed the look from some of the customers who took a second glance at her once she walked through the door. She chewed her bottom lip and made up her mind to ignore them. It was all Jeremy's fault, she blamed silently. 

She went straight to the drink sections and with a basket in her hand, she chose three drinks. One for herself and the other two for the couple. She chose coffee for herself and plain water for the couple. She needed the caffeine desperately but won't give any sugar to her best friend lest she got too emotional again. Of course, to be safe, she refused to give Mika a chance to exchange her drink with Jason. That man was so in love with her best friend, he would do anything for Mika.

Ryn paid the price silently, only smiled when the guy at the counter stumbled with the exchange. He could not believe it. His idol actually came into the convenience store he working at. He had her posters all over his room. His friends kept jeering at him for liking a model when there were so many beautiful singers and actresses but he ignored them. For him, Catherine represented a hundred women in one body. She could be anyone she wanted. Each poster he had of hers showed how versatile and beautiful she was. And he loved her.

"My... my name is Kyle and... I... I am your biggest fan," he stuttered.

Her eyes widened and a sincere smile blossomed on her face. 

He sighed, happy, and proud to be able to speak up about what he always wanted to say.

"Hello, Kyla. I'm Catherine," Ryn said, offering her hand to shake with the poor boy.

"Can you... can you sign this?" he asked, quickly showing his white arm.

"Why don't I sign on this?" she suggested and took the marker he offered to sign on her receipt. She gave the receipt and the marker to him.

"Can we... can we take a picture?" he asked with a small voice. He did not dare to clutch the signed receipt, afraid to wrinkle or worst, tear it apart. He would treasure this receipt, maybe put an altar for it. Yes, that what he would do for his idol.

"Sure." She watched in bemused when he hurriedly went out of the counter to stand next to her. Seeing how excited he was, she let him take several photos together. 

"Alright, you should continue your work. I don't want to disturb you," Ryn said. She noticed the grumble and dissatisfaction from the other customers who could not pay for their purchase. She gave them an apologetic smile and took her purchase along to the exit.

She blew out a sigh and went to Mika's car. Because of the tinted window, she could not see from far. She had to peep a bit and a blush attacked her cheeks. These two kids, couldn't they find another place to kiss? They were in a petrol station, for godsake!

She waited for a few minutes, tapping her right foot impatiently. Once she was sure the two lovebirds were done with their snogging, she knocked on the window to announce her arrival.

The window lowered to reveal Jason with Mika cuddled to him.

"Your drink. I'll call Jeremy to pick me up. You two just... find a room. Here is too public for whatever you're going to do," Ryn handed the plastic to him.

Grinning, Jason dropped a kiss on top of Mika's head and took the purchase. Mika mumbled something against his chest, hiding her burning face from Ryn's eyes. It seemed like Jason succeed in making Mika felt better. The window was then lifted back to cover the people inside.

Ryn was speechless. It seemed like a signal for her to leave and not to bother Mika. Shaking her head, she took out her phone to call Jeremy. She did not call for a cab, thinking it was better to discuss this with her boyfriend. They needed to prepare before facing Long's family.

"Hello, Jeremy?"

"Love? Are you done with your work?"

"Hmm... I need a ride to the agency," Ryn asked bluntly. She did not waste time with exchanging greetings and loving words.

"Yeah, sure. Send me your location," he said without thinking. He ignored the shocked look from his assistant, Jacob. For him, Ryn was the most important in his life.

"Okay." Ryn ended the call and sent her location to him.

She went to the nearest bus stand to wait, not wanting to interrupt the lovebirds. While waiting, she checked her media social.

Her brows lifted at the notification. Over 1000 new followers. And more than 10,000 comments. Almost 200 DMs. Wow... unexpected. 

She made a quick scroll at the comments, scoffing at those leaving bad comments, scolding, jeering, and accusing her as a gold-digger. She did not even bother replying to them. Instead, she checked the latest photo. Has Mei Li posted anything fir today?

It seemed like there was none other that the one she posted yesterday. She quickly looked around to find something interesting for her to capture. 

Hmm... Nothing grabbed her attention.

She lifted her head and looked at the sky.

Well, at least the sky was still clear.

Without thinking, she took a photo of the sky. Then, she posted the photo with a caption 'A clear sky and me'.

She closed the apps and cracked her neck. It was a long day and she hadn't had her lunch.

Ryn looked down on her stomach sadly. She was getting hungry now. Where was Jeremy when she needed him?

She crossed her arms and frowned. Her stomach would growl louder if he still did not arrive soon. Oh, her poor stomach.

Luckily, Jeremy arrived in fifteen minutes. He stopped his car right in front of her and got out of the car. With a smile from ear to ear, he took off his sunglasses and walked to her.

"Sorry, I'm late," he leaned down to kiss her lips but she avoided him. His expression changed.

"What's for lunch?" she asked, pushing him slightly to get into the car. 

His shoulders dropped seeing how she treated him. Was she still angry at him for what happened earlier?

Ryn buckled the safety belt and yawned. And now she was sleepy.

Sighing heavily, he went to the driver seat and got into the car. He looked at her longingly.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Drive," she gave him a weird look. Why was he giving that pitiful look at her? Her stomach would not get full receiving his stare.

She needed food.

He took a deep breath to gather his thought before switched the gear and drove the car away.

"What are we having for lunch?" she asked after a few minutes in silence.

He checked the time. It was already afternoon. No wonder his love was already hungry.

He thought for a while. Which restaurant should he bring her to?

Ryn did not ask where they were going. She trusted him to bring her to a restaurant serving delicious food.

Another fifteen minutes and the car stopped. He handed the key to the valet and quickly went to Ryn's side.

"Okay, here we go again," she mumbled under her breath when she recognized the restaurant. Her lips twitched at the memory. Would it repeat again?

The manager quickly welcomed them in when he learned about their arrival. He smiled so wide, it showed his pearly white teeth. He talked in his walkie talkie while leading them to a private room.

"I hope I would be happy today," she murmured at him, giving suspicious look at the back of the manager.

"Don't worry," he wrapped his left arm around her slim waist.

"Hmph..." she was still suspicious with this restaurant. 

He chuckled. He already planned what to order. She would not leave the restaurant unhappy. He would make sure of it.

The manager opened the door and welcomed them in with a flourish.

Jeremy just murmured his approval at the manager. He pulled the chair for Ryn.

"Thank you," she murmured as she sat on the chair. 

The manager took charge of serving them. He took the menus from a waiter and presented to the couple.

Ryn looked at every corner of the menu, putting attention to the price especially. Her heart almost stopped at first when she saw the price. She had to take a deep breath to calm down and continued looking. She was too hungry to go to another place and order her food. 

"Don't worry. Choose whatever you want," Jeremy said when he saw the many expressions on her face. She must be worried about the price again.

She put down the menu and rolled her eyes at him. Then, she lifted back the menu to read.


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