Tell Me Again, My Love
393 The way to woman“s heart is through her stomach
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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393 The way to woman“s heart is through her stomach

She told the waiter what she wanted. Only two items and a glass of water. Of course, instead of one of everything, she asked for a triple of each one. No salad or vegetable in it. She specifically told the waiter to omit them in any of her food. She handed the menu back to the waiter and waited for Jeremy to finish his ordering. He read loudly what he wanted. It was less than hers obviously but none of the manager nor the waiter bate an eye. They excused themselves politely and left the couple alone.

Jeremy looked at her. He was happy to see her no longer having a frown on her face. He knew he was on a very fragile spot right now. If she was unhappy with the food this time, there is a possibility for their relationship to go back to square one.

The cook better make the portion bigger this time or he vowed to close this restaurant for good.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked when she saw how quiet he was.

"Hmm... I am thinking about how beautiful you look," he said, hiding his plan.

"You~" she did not continue her words. He must be in his naughty and mischievous mood again. She had no mood nor energy to play with him. She was too hungry to care.

Where is her food?

She did not have to wait long. The food arrived rather quickly. Again, the manager was serving them with his white teeth sparkling all the time. Ryn swore those teeth were whitened or false teeth. Impossible for they to be his original teeth without some works done.

She could not help from glancing at his teeth instead of focussing on him introducing their meals. It was so distracting and her lips quivered from holding onto her laughter.

Jeremy saw her and narrowed his eyes suspiciously. He looked at the manager but the elder man was so excited on explaining the menu, even prattling about where each ingredients came from. 

Ryn watched as Jeremy used his serious face to kick everyone except her out of the room. He even refused for a violin player to accompany their meal. This was not dinner and not a candlelit dinner.

She approved of his decision but did not tell him. 

This time around, Ryn was satisfied with the food. The portion was bigger than the previous dinner which was such a disaster, she almost had a stomachache just thinking about it. She used the napkin to pat her lips and smiled at him.

"Are you done?" he asked gently. His heart was soaring high in happiness to see the smile on her beautiful face. She was finally happy. It was right what everyone said, the way to woman's heart is through her stomach. And he nailed it. He totally did.

He put down his napkin and stood up. He already paid the bill so there was no need to call the waiter. He went to her and took her hand.

"We need to talk," she suddenly spoke.

His face changed. Talk? What do they have to talk about? And why her face suddenly be so serious? Uh oh... did his wooing approach fail?

She pushed aside the empty plate and bowl so she could rest her hands on the table. She looked at him without blinking.

"I would like to know about our relationship," she said slowly.

He gulped nervously. Was this it? Was he too much when purposely exposing their relationship to the public? Was this lunch their last date? But he hadn't started yet!

No, he would not give in to this. He would fight for their love and their future. For their happiness.

He opened his mouth to do just that but she cut him through it.

"We're just starting... well... officially starting our relationship but I heard that your family is already looking for dates of our engagement and wedding. Care to explain?"

Jeremy gulped. He just knew a little bit about it when his mother called in the office just now and asked him whether he has prepared the engagement ring. Thinking it was just a casual question, he told her that he had prepared the ring three months after broke up and kept it safe in his bedroom. His mother did not explain much, just saying "Good. Good. You are truly my good son," before she hung up.

Jeremy did not think much and just shrugged it off. He was busy reading the reports to question the reason behind the call.

"Well?" Ryn cocked an eyebrow when she saw Jeremy just opened and closed his mouth several times but there was no explanation given.

"Of course we are getting married," he said hurriedly before she lost her temper.

"Within this year?" her brows were getting higher at his confession.

"No. Of course not. We need time for the preparation. You deserve to get the best," he answered quickly.

"What about engagement?" she asked.

He paused. Should he say the truth or lie?

"Jeremy?" she narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

He gulped. His mind was still busy thinking the pros and cons of both.

"I want you to be truthful. Right now I'm giving you a chance to earn my trust," she warned, starting to get frustrated with him. No wonder it took her long time to accept him back. It was hard to build trust once you lose it.

He scratched his nape, trying to steal some times to gather his thought. Wrong move would bring the end to his happy life. 


"I am ready whenever you are, Love. You know I love you and I want to spend my whole life with you. Being engaged to you will be another step closer to our future together. And honestly, I cannot wait for the day to come to call you my wife."

Her eyes softened seeing how eager he was. Her heart started to pound hard despite the warning sent from her brain not to lose her composure. She lowered her hands so they were covered with the table and started to wring shyly. 

Wait... shy? 

Why would she be shy all of a sudden?

No. She must keep her composure and control the situation. She could not depend on Jeremy even though he was older and cleverer than her. Someone needed to be the firm one in this conversation.

That was what she told herself many times but when he offered his big hands to her, without thinking she took his hands. His fingers stroked them gently with the smile never left his lips.

"I love you, past, present and future. I promise you that no one can come between us again. I promise you that I will only be with you now until forever. You, my love, is my only one, the owner of my heart," he said romantically.

Unconsciously, she sank her upper teeth to her bottom lip. Her heart was beating wildly.

Seeing her expression, he gained more confidence and stood up. He went to kneel on one knee in front of her and looked at her with a smile curled on his lips. His right hand already reached into the pocket of his coat and took out a velvet box.

"Ryn, my love, will you marry me?"

Her jaw dropped. Did he just propose to her? Here? Right now?


"Thank you for accepting my visit even though it is a sudden arrival, Master," Long Dowager said as she gripped her cane tightly. She smiled at the monk who was sitting in front of her.

"Donor Long is always welcomed to our humble temple," Master Li said as he smiled warmly at her. They have known each other for years. She always came, before this with her husband but after he passed away, she would come alone or with her daughter-in-law. And today, she came alone.

They exchanged small talks for several minutes before the Dowager took out two sheets of paper. 

"Like this, Master, I brought my grandson's and our Ryn's birth date. I would like your help to choose auspicious dates for the engagement and wedding days. And also a suitable date for our family to meet her family," she handed the papers to him.

Years ago, once she knew about their relationship, she brought their birth date to check their compatibility with Master Li. And the monk told her that Catherine would bring fortune and good luck to the family. And they would have a lot of children. Hence, she approved of their relationship but her stupid and stubborn grandson was too stupid to realize his fortune to actually break up with Catherine. Even though she was angry at her foolish grandson, she did not force him to return because she believed in their future. If they were meant to be together, they would rekindle their relationship.

And she was right.

The two kids became lovers back.

See, if they both did not be so stubborn back then, they would already be a husband and wife and she, poor Dowager, would already be a great-grandmother. Hmph...

She was scowling over her lost time of being great grandmother of cute little babies, not

realizing her expression was clear to the old monk eyes.

He smiled as he put down the papers onto the table. He waited until she was done mooning over her nonexistent great grandbabies before he opened his mouth.


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