Tell Me Again, My Love
396 Maybe we are not meant to be together
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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396 Maybe we are not meant to be together

Both of them stared at each other. Their teeth gritted tightly, holding their temper desperately. The temperature in the room dropped to minus 15, coming from the two of them. None of them gave in this time. They kept staring and staring with her sitting on the chair and him looming over her.

"Are you going to be stubborn?" he asked.

"Are you going to force me every single time?" she questioned between her gritted teeth. She ignored the way he was staring at her. She was too furious to care. "Regardless of what you think, Jeremy, I'm not going to be a puppet for you and let you control my life. I have my own life."

His fingers dug painfully into her shoulders, gripping her tightly when all he wanted at that time was to wrap his hands around her neck. How dare she said that right to his face? Has she forgotten who she was? She's his girlfriend, his belonging. She should follow whatever he told her to with no question asked. She should understand all he did was for them. For their love and future.

"Jeremy, let go of me. Painful. It's painful. You're hurting me," she groaned, trying so hard to push him away but he was too strong against her womanly strength.

He could not hear her voice. All he could hear was her telling him she would not obey her. She was her person. She did not need him!

"Jeremy!" She finally managed to lift her right foot and stormed on top of his as hard as she could. 

He finally snapped back and realized what he just did. His expression changed into regret. "Ryn..."

What has he done to her?

He tried to touch her, especially her shoulders, to check her shoulders. Did he hurt her?

But she pulled back, refusing the connection between them.

Her eyes were wet with tears. She refused any touch from him. He hurt her. Both her mental and physical were hurt by him. Why was he acting this way?

He said he loved her. He said he would not do anything to hurt her. He promised her. But now...

His shoulders dropped as he looked at her in hurt. Why was she behaving this way to him? Didn't she love him?

"Ryn..." he called her again but it only made her hugged herself and shook her head repeatedly. "My love..."

"I... I don't think it's suitable for us to... talk. Right now is not the right time for us to meet. Later... once... once our emotion is better, we'll talk..." she choked out, trying hard to control the tears from slipping her eyes. He hurt her so much, she felt like she was worthless. She felt like she was just a puppet to be controlled and mastered by him. It hurt her so much thinking he did not even care about her feeling even though he kept saying he loved her, that he would care for her. But now it seemed like for him, their relationship only involved him ordering her around in the name of love.

"Why can't we talk now? We're talking," he argued.

"We are not talking. Talking requires two people to communicate. You are ordering without listening and I refuse to that," she replied.

"Ryn, when are you going to understand? I demand you to stop seeing that boy. He is nothing to you, to us. Why do you want to see him when you already have me?"

She almost pulled her hair in frustration. Why was he being so difficult? She already said it loud and clear. There was nothing between Harry and her except friendship. They were just friends. And he was sick so it was usual and courtesy for her as his friend to visit him.

He straightened himself with a smile on his face. He assumed she understood what he meant and would do as he said. "Good. Now, call Angela and tell her you already have another plan later today."

She screamed and stormed out of the room. She walked past Mei Li and her colleague. Even bypassing others who were shocked when they heard the sudden scream. Every pair of eyes looked at her before turned to look at the door where she came from, at Mei Li's room. 

Jeremy planned to chase after her but he stopped. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His hands kept clutching and unclutching as he tried hard to control his anger. His jealousy. 

"Are you... Are you okay?" Mei Li gathered her courage to ask Jeremy worriedly. She did not run after Ryn. She gave her a few minutes to gather herself while getting a clear background of what just happened. Did this couple fight again? Why would they quarrel again when yesterday their relationship was revealed to the public.

But... Does this mean they were on the brink of break up?

Oh no...

"I'm fine," Jeremy muttered without looking at the person in charge of making his Ryn so busy that she had no time for him. He sighed loudly before waved his hand. "Go to her. Calm her down. I'll leave."

He needed space to calm down and this agency was not the right choice. Too many people hanging around here when all he wanted was for a place to think, to gather all his thought.

"Err..." Mei Li exchanged an uncomfortable look with the woman beside her. She was clueless about what to do. What should they do in this awkward moment?

However, when Jeremy walked through the door and past her, she and her colleague quickly stepped back to give space for him. She could only murmur 'goodbye' and 'have a safe journey' before she rushed to search for Ryn.

It took quite some time, about ten minutes before she found Ryn at the rooftop. 

Ryn was standing still with her back backing the door. Her long hair waving following the wind. She already untied her favorite ponytail and let her hair free.

When she went to stand beside the model, she saw Ryn staring blankly in front with her arms wrapped around herself. Mei Li looked at the way Ryn was staring at but could not guess what Ryn was focussing on. She did not even notice the wind which was quite strong right now. The only emotion she could gather from looking at Ryn was sadness. 

But why?

Although questions were lingering in Mei Li's mind, she did not dare to ask them loudly. She saw how fragile Ryn was right now. Her emotion was unstable. She did not want to make the matter worst by bringing up the reason behind the sadness. Hence, all Mei Li could do, she decided right there and then, just to accompany Ryn here, on the rooftop, until Ryn felt better and ready to share her feeling.

A minute. Another two. And then five. Until...Fifteen minutes passed. None of the women opened their mouths to break the silence. The only thing that accompanied them was the chirping from the birds perching at the mini trees in the pots dotting all over the rooftop. 

Another fifteen minutes passed...

"Maybe we are not meant to be together..." Ryn suddenly spoke out.

Mei Li's eyes widened at the sudden announcement. Although the thought did pop into her mind several times after seeing how many times Ryn and Jeremy ended up quarreling she kept shaking the idea away, thinking it was impossible for a couple who was so in love with each other albeit one of them aka Ryn still too scared to believe in her heart would split up. They were meant to be together. Perfect for each other.

Mei Li tried to speak but word failed her. She was too shocked to react verbally to her sudden conclusion.

"Do you think so, Mei Li?" Ryn asked slowly. She turned her head so now they were looking at each other. "That Jeremy and I..."

Mei Li gulped uncomfortably. This was not what she had in mind when she woke up. She thought all she would do today was planning how to handle the public so nothing could affect the agency. She also needed to reassure the brands and companies not to cancel the contract with Ryn. Nothing prepared her for Ryn and Jeremy might break up a day after revealing their relationship to the public.

"I'm tired, " Ryn murmured.

"I'll send you home. Don't worry. Take this as a challenge. Go home and have a lot of rest." Mei Li said hurriedly. 

Mei Li turned and prepared to go to the door. She was relieved to see Ryn felt better despite her standing there for half an hour doing nothing. Maybe staring at a lone building could make her feel better and energize her?

"Mei Li, I'm tired," Ryn repeated her words again.

Mei Li paused. She turned around and looked at Mei Li in a puzzle. She did hear Ryn said she's tired and she did say that she would send Ryn back home to rest.

So what was wrong with the way she reacted?

Why did Ryn repeat the words?


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