Tell Me Again, My Love
399 Visiting Harry 2
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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399 Visiting Harry 2

Mrs. Si knocked on the door but did not hear any sound. She looked at the younger woman sadly. It seemed like her son was still weak and had no energy to even answer her call. Ooh... her poor child.

"Is it okay for us to come?" Ryn asked. She did not want to interrupt Harry's rest. Maybe she should come on another day?

"Nooo.... Don't worry. It's okay to come. Harry knows you're coming," Mrs Si said hurriedly. She gave Ryn encouraging look before knocked on the door again. "Dear, someone is here visiting you."

Still no answer.

Ryn looked at Mei Li but this time no longer say anything. This was awkward. She did not want to enter a man's room when he doesn't realize it.

Without waiting another moment, Mrs Si opened the door. She did not notice that she was heaving a relief sigh when the door was unlocked. She entered the room and walked to the bed where her son was lying. "Harry, dear, look who is visiting you."

Harry who was sweating from his fever opened an eye and looked at his mother. He could not understand why his mother was smiling tenderly while before she was being worried. He closed back his eye with a frown, having the headache attacking him again.

"Are you feeling unwell, dear?" her mother asked worriedly. Her hand touched Harry's cheek and her heart skipped feeling how hot his skin was. Oh no, it was hotter than before.

"Aunty?" Ryn's voice broke her thought. She straightened and looked at the young woman, the one she heard being the love of her son. She was determined to make this young woman her daughter-in-law despited her sister-in-law persuaded her not to. So far, she liked what she saw. 

"Sorry, dear. Aunty forgot," she said as she went to Ryn who was still waiting at the door. She did forget about Mei Li, though. Her attention was totally at Ryn.

"Please, come in," she welcomed them.... ahem... Ryn in and walked back to her son's side.

"How is he, Aunty?" Ryn asked as she looked at the lying Harry. Her forehead wrinkled a bit as she frowned, seeing how sweaty he was. She held herself desperately from reaching a cloth to wipe the sweat away. She turned to look at the elderly woman in question.

"He is still having a high fever. The doctor said if he is still like this in two days, we have to call him back," Mrs. Si said. "My son, Harry, doesn't get sick often. Since young he doesn't get sick, even when he was a baby. Aunty is worried seeing him like this."

Ryn took the wringing hands of Mrs. Si and patted them gently. "Dont worry, Aunty. Harry will be fine."

"Yes. Yes. With you here, he will be fine," Mrs Si nodded her head repeatedly.

Ryn's eyes widened at the statement. What was the relation between her coming here and Harry getting better? She was not a doctor. She leaned back and looked at Mei Li but her manager was too speechless to notice. Both looked at the elderly woman who no longer looked worried but happy and excited.

Were they missing something here? Did anyone forget to inform them anything?

"Harry, dear, look who is here. Catherine," Mrs Si told her son loudly, pulling Ryn closer to her son. "Come, open your eyes and see dear Catherine."

"Aun... aunty?" Ryn choked out uncomfortably. This was getting weirder. She could see Harry not having a mood to open his eyes. His face was wincing, maybe having any pain anywhere.

Maybe she should leave and let Harry recuperate peacefully.

Ryn turned to look at Mei Li for her manager's opinion but her manager, already snapped from her thought, could only shrug helplessly.

Somehow Mei Li could guess why the elderly woman was so enthusiastic when welcoming Ryn into this 'palace'. It sent shiver to her body. This was not right. Didn't everyone know about Ryn's relationship with Jeremy? Why would Mrs Si think... no... treat Ryn as if Ryn was Harry's girlfriend?

"Harry hasn't esten much since this morning. Maybe with you here, you can persuade him to eat some," Mrs Si signalled a maid to approach. The younger woman came forward holding a tray with a China bowl and a crystal glass.

"Can you coax him to eat, dear?" Mrs Si flutteted her eyes at Ryn, hoping the younger lady could do as she requested.

"Well, I..." Ryn coughed to cover her uncomfortable feeling. This was not what she has in mind when she decided to come here.

She came here to visit Harry and then would leave to look for a place to sleep!

"Harry, Ryn and I are here to visit you," Mei Li stepped forward to inform the unconscious Harry. She carefully walked closer as she did not want the maid accidentally dropped the tray and broke those two expensive dishes. She did not think she has enough money to pay back those two fragile items. They looked so expensive!

Ryn nodded unconsciously when she heard Mei Li's words. She leaned down and patted Harry's arm, frowning when she realized how hot it was. Without thinking, she took the cloth resting on Harry's forehead and found it was no longer wet and cold. She dropped it into a small  basin made with expensive crystal and squeezed out the water before she folded it into small rectangular and placed it onto his forehead. She did not notice the shock look from Mei Li and the maid nor the huge smile from Mrs. Si. All she could think of was to reduce the temperature so Harry would not get sicker.

Silently she wondered why the doctor did not insist of bringing Harry to the hospital and put him on the IV? He looked so pale and uncomfortable.

Harry, feeling something not usual, struggled to open his eyes. His nose was blocked but he could smell something familiar. Something that he knew belong to the one and only Ryn, the woman in his heart. Was he so sick until he was delirious? His fever brought him Ryn? 

Maybe this was a dream, he decided, as he struggled to open his eyes. He felt like he used all his energy just to do that and the first person he saw when he managed to open his eyes were her.

"Ryn?" he choked out breathlessly.

Ryn quickly leaned down and patted his arm again. "Mei Li and I are here to visit you."

She pointed at the manager who was standing not far. But all Harry could see was her, Ryn.

His eyes shone brightly at the sight of Ryn. His muddled head thought this was just a dream. He was missing her so much so she appeared in his dream. Unconsciously he smiled tenderly at her.

Mei Li's brows lifted when she saw how Harry was behaving. Her heart skipped. This was not right. Somehow she felt this would end up badly. Mei Li looked at the elderly woman, at Mrs Si, and hoped the elderly woman would notice how Harry was reacting and put a stop to it. Ryn already has a boyfriend and she was so in live with Jeremy to notice anyone else. However, to her horror, she saw Mrs Si smiling tenderly, even rubbing her hands happily. 

Wait. Happily? Why would Mrs Si be happy when her som was still sick on the bed?

Uh oh.... This doesn't seem right.

"Ryn?" Harry choked out again and winced. His throat was do dry, it was uncomfortable to speak.

"You should drink to wet your throat. Come, I help you sitting up," without thinking, Ryn leaned even lower to help Harry moving to sit up. She even adjusted the thick blanket around him. Then, she signalled for the maid to hive her the glass and personally helped Harry to drink it.

Harry smiled. He could not help from smiling. His heart was beating so furiously fast when she was so close to him. He could smell her scent so fragrant, only belonged to her. And he felt better. The headache he was having hours ago no longer hurting him as he took a deep breath, greedily smelling her.

"Dear, please help feeding him," Mrs Si reminded. She was so happy to see her son finally sitting up and drinking water. She took this chance to feed her son so Harry would get better quicker. With food and with love, he would get well soon enough. Maybe tomorrow he would get back to normal, she believed.

Harry was like her husband. Even when her husband sick which was so rare, he would turn childish and only eat his food and medicine when she personally feeding him. He would refuse to even touch them without her presence. That was why she was insisted for the dear Ryn to come here. Only Catherine could make her son feeling better.


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