Tell Me Again, My Love
400 Visitting Harry 3
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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400 Visitting Harry 3

Ryn put down the glass and smiled seeing Harry finished drinking the whole glass. She handed the glass to the maid.

"You should eat something too," she said. "Your mother said you haven't eaten anything since this morning."

Harry did not even look at his mother when Ryn mentioning her name. He also ignored Mei Li presence. The maid? Once Ryn put down the glass on the tray, she cleverly took steps back and pretended to be invincible. She reacted accordingly and waited for any movement from any of them for her next action.

In Harry's eyes, he could only see her, Ryn. He could not believe Ryn would come to visit him once she knew he was unwell. Does this mean she has feeling toward him? Just a little bit?

His heart pounded hard at the thought. Even his paled face has some color in it as he blushed a bit. Ryn liked him. She only did not realize it. 

But Ryn did not notice his blushing face at all. She turned to look at her side and the maid quickly stepped forward with the tray. Ryn took the bowl from the tray and brought it closer to Harry.

He opened his mouth obediently when he thought Ryn was going to feed him but to his disappointment, she handed the bowl of porridge to him. His big eyes looked at her longingly. He did not speak a word, just using his eyes to express his feeling.

Mei Li looked at him speechlessly. This was not good at all. Not good. 

"Oh dear, Harry doesn't have the energy to eat by himself. Catherine, Aunty doesn't want to trouble you but could you help to feed him?" Mrs. Si requestes, blinking her eyes cutely at the younger woman.

It was weird to see an older woman acting coquettishly and Ryn almost shivered but she managed to control herself. She looked at her manager for help but Mei Li could only shrug helplessly. They did come to visit the sick but it turned out like this. This was getting awkward...

"Please..." Mrs Si gave her best puppy-eyed look, the one she reserved for her husband.

Ryn gulped. She looked at Harry who was giving her a hopeful look.

What should she do? This was not what she was supposed to do. She did not remember having to feed the sick when visiting. So how could she end up expecting to do it? How she wished she could turn back the time and not promise Angela to come here. She felt so weird right now. So awkward.

"Ehem," Mei Li cleared her throat to grab everyone's attention. She gave them a sheepish smile once everynpair of eyes, including the maid, turned to focus their attention to her.

"It is getting late and we do not want to-" Mei Li was trying to give an excuse to leave but Mrs Si shook her head and waved her hand to stop her. Mei Li's words trailed off as she looked at the older woman nervously. Did she say something wrong? 

"You are not troubling us at all. In fact, we are the one troubling you. You come here, Catherine, I am so happy. And I know Harry is happy too. See, he finally has an appetite. I am not worried now with you here," Mrs Si patted Ryn's hand, already forgetting about Mei Li... Again. She was more thinking about relieving Ryn's uneasiness and cheering Ryn up.

Mei Li pursed her lips. She gave up. It was better for her to pretend she was not here. It was clear that her presence was unneeded right now. The important person in their eyes were Ryn.

Which was not good.

But she did not know how to solve this. No wonder Jeremy refused to let Ryn came here to visit Harry. He already knew that Harry has feeling toward Ryn. Although he knew it was impossible for Ryn to accept Harry's feeling but the jealousy and possesiveness made Jeremy forgot about Ryn's feeling. 

But right now, why did Mei Li think that Harry has some chances to steal Ryn from Jeremy? Looking at the family status, both came from two wealthy families. From super rich families. And seeing how excited Mrs Si was, it was clear that she accepted Ryn. Just like Jeremy's family accepted Ryn with opened arms.

Both families accepted her for herself. They believed in love and only marry for love. As long as the child loves his/her partner, the family doesn't care about the family status nor the background.

Mei Li guessed Jeremy found a real love rival now. If only Ryn was not that dense and noticed Harry's feeling. She might not act this way. This would only make Harry not giving up and fired up his courage to court her.

 Not good at all.

"I..." Harry looked at his hands, pretending to have no energy to even lift the spoon. He looked at Ryn sadly. "Can you... Help me?"

Ryn chewed her bottom lip uncomfortably. This was not right. She is Jeremy's girlfriend and should not easily feed another man, especially behind her boyfriend's back. This was not ethical at all. Although she was quarrelling with Jeremy, it did not mean she could get too close to another man.

"Please, dear, please help to feed my son," Mrs. Si begged. She did not care how others saw her behaving like this. All she could think of was making her son happy. And make her son feeling better. She hated seeing him heartbroken last night until he fell sick. But who could guess God was helping him by sending the very woman he loved today to make him feel better.

So, she would not let this chance to go away. She would use this time to bring her son and this woman together. Who cared about Ryn having a boyfriend? Let the best man wins and she believed her son was the best man.

She would rather becoming the 'bad guy' by encouraging her son stealing someone's girlfriend than seeing her son sad and unhappy. She would do anything for her children's future. As long as they are happy, she would feel her life is fulfilled.

"I'm sorry," Ryn said finally. She took the bowl from Harry's hands, afraid that he would accidentally dropped it and burned his hands or any other part of his body. The porridge was still hot. Then, she stood up and rubbed her hands awkwardly. "I don't think it's appropriate for me to feed you."

Harry looked at her in hurt. Why did she reject him? Was he... Unlovable? Unlike that man, he was not enough for her?

The headache hit his head in a vengence and he groaned, clutching his head painfully.

"Harry, are you okay?" Ryn asked hurriedly, worriedly.

"My dear son, are you feeling pain anywhere? Where does it hurt?" Mrs Si stepped forward and asked hurriedly.

"Lie down," Ryn helped Harry to lie down. She turned to move but Harry grabbed her hand with one hand, stopping her from moving anywhere.

"Don't go, please. Don't leave me," he choked out between his pain.

Ryn's widened eyes stared at Harry. Then, she gulped. This was not good. Not good at all.

Mei Li, on the other hand, told the maid to retrieve painkillers. Checking the time, she guessed the medicine Harry took earlier has lost its power. It was time for his medicine. And she believed the doctor did leave prescription for Harry's sickness. 

The maid did what was told. She, with the tray still held by her hands, went to look for the butler because the elder man was holding the medicine. She did not need to walk far because the elder man was hovering near the room.

He quickly entered bringing another tray. This time it was filled with another glass of water and small crystal dish with two white pills on it. He went closer to the Young Master and put forward the tray.

"Young Master's medicine, Madam, Young Miss," he said politely.

Without thinking, Ryn helped Harry to lift his head a bit with one hand while another reached for the small crystal dish. She fed the medicine into his mouth. He gulped the water to help bringing the pills through his throat. It was still half full when he stopped drinking.

"Drink a little bit more," Ryn coaxed gently, holding the glass with one hand while another still holding his back to help him.

He shook his head, refusing to drink more.

She frowned but did not force him. She placed the glass back onto the tray. Then, she stood up. Well, tried to stand up to be precise. She was stopped again by his hand holding to hers.

She blew out a heavy sigh. She had no mood for this. She used her hand to forcefully take off his hand and then stood up. 

"It is getting late," she repeated what Mei Li said earlier, "We do not want to interrupt your recovering so...."

"No... No... No... Don't leave yet. It's still early," Mrs Si stepped forward and took hold of Ryn's hand firmly. 

Mei Li felt like her heart would stop any moment. Why did she have the feeling that it was easy for them to enter this palace but impossible for them to leave?


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