Tell Me Again, My Love
402 Visiting Harry 5
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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402 Visiting Harry 5

Mei Li glanced at Ryn wordlessly. They already had their meal and even dessert. But it seemed like Mrs. Si still refused to let them leave. She was telling them that Harry might want to see them now. He might be feeling better and might like to speak with them.

Which was ridiculous. Harry was still weak when they met him just now and all he needed right now was resting. He should get as much rest as possible, eat his meal and medicine on time and recuperate. He should not trouble himself trying to converse with them in his weak condition. He should just go to sleep.

Angela was no longer with them. After the meal, she announced that she still needed to work on her new commission because the due date was getting closer.

She patted Ryn's shoulder and nodded at Mei Li before she skipped happily to her studio, all in her working attire which was her black denim jumpsuit.

"Actually... Aunty..." Ryn stuttered. Her brain worked into overdrive as she tried to find a suitable excuse to give. 

"Yes, dear?" Mrs. Si gave full attention to Ryn, her future daughter-in-law. She was happy to see the younger woman ate the food, albeit not the whole thing but at least Catherine tasted each dish with no show of dislike or disgust. She could see the younger woman lost her appetite but still not wanting to hurt her feeling by rejecting outright. No wonder her son loved this woman so much. Not only was she beautiful and graceful, but she also thoughtful and took care not to hurt anyone else, especially someone older than her. She must make dear Catherine into her family, by hook or by crook.

"It's getting late. It's better for us to leave now or it would be too dark for us to travel," Ryn finally gathered her courage and spoke. She prayed hard that the elder woman would understand and would let them go. She did not want to raise her voice nor be rude but if it must, she would do what it take to leave this place

Honestly, she was exhausted. She really wanted to leave this place and go home. She wanted to rest to free her mind and gather her thoughts. She also needed to rest her body after a very fulfilling day.

"But... it is still early. Harry's father and sister haven't returned home yet. Don't you want to meet them first?" Mrs. Si asked desperately. She quickly held Ryn's hands, refused to let go. No, don't leave yet until you agree to become my son's girlfriend, her heart cried.

"I'm sorry, Aunty, but we really need to go," Ryn said firmly. She lessened the firmness by giving the elder woman pats on her hands and a gentle smile on her face.

Mei Li who was standing beside Ryn nodded her head quickly. It was getting late and she did not like driving alone at night unless if she has to.

"But..." Mrs. Si wanted to find an excuse but her mind went blank. Looking at Ryn's pleading face made her heart wavered. This younger woman would still come here, right. She would not try to avoid meeting her, right?

At last, Mrs. Si nodded her head. Although she was unhappy with dear Catherine wanting to leave her and Harry but the younger woman was right. It was getting late. What would her hubby say if he found that she deliberately kept Ryn here and refused to let her leave? He would think of her as a bad woman and refused to agree with her that this was for their son's future.

"Thank you, Aunty, for welcoming us with open arms," Ryn hugged the elder woman, much to the surprise of Mei Li and even  Mrs. Si.

Mrs. Si could not help from grinning from ear to ear as she patted Ryn's back. She liked how affectionate and friendly Ryn was. She liked it very much. And she could not wait for Ryn to become her daughter-in-law. Once her son and dear Ryn getting married, she would gift her most precious jade bangle which she inherited from her mother-in-law. This family heirloom would pass from the first daughter-in-law to the first daughter-in-law. From one generation to another for hundreds of years ago. And it was perfect for Ryn's white wrist. So perfect.

Mei Li stepped forward for her hug but it seemed like the only person Mrs. Si wanted to hug was Catherine. Awkwardly, Mei Li could only reach out her hand for a shake. It was so quick, she did not have the chance to blink before the older woman let her hand go and turned back her attention to fawn over Ryn.

This was so awkward, Mei Li's heart cried sadly. She felt like she was a lampost between Mrs. Si and Ryn. A gooseberry that was trying hard not to be left out from anything.

"Remember to come again, Catherine, dear. Our house is always opened for you," Mrs. Si cried as she still refused to let Ryn's hands go even though they were standing at Mei Li's car. Mei Li also did not get into the car as she was waiting for Mrs. Si to release Ryn's hands.

"Don't worry, Aunty. We will come again when we have time," Ryn assured her as she gently pulled her hands from Mrs. Si's clutch. She kept the smile on her face even though she swore her face felt stiffed already from all the smiling.

"You will come tomorrow, right? Harry will be happy to see you. And I will ask the cook to prepare delicious food for you," Mrs. Si suggested, not wasting a moment to bring back Ryn even though Ryn still hasn't left the place"I'm sorry, Madam Si, but Ryn has a full schedule tomorrow," Mei Li braved herself and spoke. She knew Ryn was uncomfortable to lie and it was her job to cover Ryn.

Besides, Ryn did have work to do. She had to film the commercial for the pudding brand she signed today. But it would not take the whole day, just several hours. After that, Ryn was free. But Mei Li knew this model under her care would rather be sleeping than to come here to face this weird Madam.

"Oh I see... well... what about the day after tomorrow?" Mrs. Si did not give up and suggested another day. Ryn looked at Mei Li desperately. Please, Mei Li, say something.

"Actually, Madam, Ryn's schedule is quite full. We cannot say for certain when she would be free. In fact, if I am not mistaken, Ryn needs to go outside the town for another photo shoot and then..."Mei Li looked at Ryn for help. She already led the way so Ryn should grab the chance and exaggerate her schedule. As her son is also a model, she should understand how busy a model is, especially for someone like Ryn who was chased after so many brands.

Besides, Ryn does deserve an off day to recuperate from her busy schedule.

Mrs. Si gave her puppy-eyed look at Ryn, hoping the younger woman's heart would melt and promise to come here tomorrow. She did not mind if Ryn came late. Like she mentioned earlier, her house is always opened for Ryn.

"I'm sorry, Aunty. I really am busy lately with my work. I promise you I will come once I have time," Ryn said and added when she remembered, "I will come with Mei Li."

Mei Li's eyes widened when her name was mentioned by Ryn. But she quickly nodded with a reassuring smile when the elder woman turned to look at her with a cock of an eyebrow. Was she unwelcomed in the house? 

Awkward... so awkward...

"Ryn, we should go now or it will be late," Mei Li said slowly, carefully. She was worried that Mrs. Si would change her mind and refused to let them go. She got into the car without wasting another second and started the engine. Surely Mrs. Si would understand the hint and let Ryn go. 

Unwillingly, Mrs. Si released her hands and watched sadly as Ryn got into the car and pulled the safety belt. She was sad to see how eager Ryn was to leave her. Why would dear Ryn want to leave this place when everything she wanted and needed could be found here. If there wasn't, she would order the butler to buy it for Ryn. Anything for Ryn.

"Goodbye, Catherine. Have a safe journey," Mrs. Si waved her hand as she watched the car leaving. Once she could no longer see the car, she turned and stormed into the mansion. Her sister-in-law should not behave like just now. She should be more welcoming.

what if Angela's attitude made Ryn thought they were not welcoming her here? It would thwart her plan of making Ryn her daughter-in-law.

"That was awkward..."Mei Li choked out once she was sure they have left the Si's territory.

"Tell me about it," Ryn sighed heavily.

They turned to look at each other and sighed heavily. Today was a long day even though it hadn't ended yet.


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