Tell Me Again, My Love
403 A na?ve and an innocent Mei Li
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Tell Me Again, My Love
Author :Fifie
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403 A na?ve and an innocent Mei Li

Mei Li gripped the steering tightly as she glanced at Ryn. As usual, Ryn was throwing her sight out of the window but Mei Li knew this model was not paying attention outside but was deep in her thought.

Mei Li sighed heavily. They were on their way to Ryn's place. Mei Li was hoping Ryn would change her mind about staying in the hotel. It would be pointless and wasting money when she could just go home and sleep, rather than to spend the time packing her bag and check into a hotel. 

And Mei Li did not doubt that Ryn was exhausted. From the morning until now she kept moving around. On top of that, the pressure she received mentally would make her even more exhausted. She would not be able to hold her eyes open when she saw the bed.

Mei Li was hoping for Ryn to fall asleep immediately when she reached home. About her problem with Jeremy, Mei Li thought of asking the man to give Ryn a little bit of time to calm down by herself.

Ryn turned her head to look at her manager. They were so quiet it became quite awkward again. Mei Li even did not play any song to accompany them during the journey. 

"Mei Li, what do you have in mind?" Ryn asked suddenly. She wanted to know what the other woman thought about this matter. It would be better not to make any assumptions and discuss what she should do next.

"I think..." Mei Li paused. Her mind was busy stringing a sentence in a way to make Ryn understand without hurting her fragile feeling. "I think you don't have to stay in a hotel for these couple of days."

"Why not?" Ryn frowned. Although she was a bit taken back by Mei Li's thought. She thought Mei Li understood why she needed to stay away from the drama.

"I will try to talk with Jeremy and ask him to give you some time to think. I don't think he would be irrational to give you some space. He loves you so much, Ryn and he will do anything for you," Mei Li said carefully.

"Will he?" Ryn snorted in reply. Recently Jeremy has turned into a very possessive man and he even admitted that he could not control himself. Was Mei Li being too naive of thinking he could leave her alone?

"We won't know if we don't try. Don't worry, Ryn. I will try to make him see the reason. I will also talk with Mika to give you some time off," Mei Li said bravely. She was worried, to be honest, but running away is not the right way to handle this situation. Everyone should take responsibility. Even Young Master Long has to realize that using force will not make their relationship working. There should be a give and take in everything.

"Hmm..." Ryn was speechless seeing how optimistic her manager was. So naive. So innocent. Ryn was not being pessimistic. She was being realistic.

Jeremy has been so irrational, it drove her crazy with his attic. He's older than her and should act more mature but it seemed like he has turned into a young teenager when he was with her. He could not control his jealousy and his temper. He only wanted her to follow him without any argument. Is this the kind of relationship he wanted for them?

"Don't worry, Ryn. Everything will be alright," Mei Li assured her.


"They've gone back?" Harry asked weakly.

"Don't worry, my son. She promises to come back when she has time. You should rest," Mrs. Si said gently, lovingly stroking his hair as if he was still a young boy aged 5 years old.

"Hmm..." Harry nodded and closed his eyes. At first, he thought it was a dream but his mother assured him that Ryn did come to visit her. Imagine, how happy he was when he knew about it. He wished he was clear-headed when she came but alas, he was deep in his fever to even remember what he said and did. Oh, he hoped he did not say anything embarrassing to her.

Mrs. Si stroked him for five more seconds before she stood up and looked around his room. She nodded approvingly seeing how tidy his room was. For sure it has added more points for her son in dear Catherine's mind.

"Once you're feeling better, I will invite her for dinner. Everyone should meet her, don't you think?" she planned.

"Mother..." Harry choked out. His pale face reddened at the thought of his family members seeing Ryn officially. Did this mean her mother accepted his choice? Accepted Ryn?

"Don't you worry? Right now you should focus on being better. Leave everything to me," Mrs. Si patted her chest confidently. She would help her son wooing Ryn into their family. She had no doubt that dear Catherine would accept her son's sincere heart and would join their happy family. And soon enough, Mrs. Si would hold her first grandchild. Ooh... she could not wait.

Her eyes sparkled at the thought of meeting her first grandchild. She was hoping for a granddaughter. She could pamper and buy so many beautiful dresses for her little granddaughter. Oooh... they could even wear matching dresses when going out. She and her sweet little granddaughter.

"I'll go see your aunt. You should go to sleep," Mrs. Si said and patted her son's shoulder. Then, she went to the studio to see Angela. Albeit she was dissatisfied with the way Angela was behaving today, she knew not to exclude Angela in her plan. This sister-in-law of hers could help her in wooing Ryn. And she needed her to invite Ryn to come to the house frequently.

When she entered the room which Angela claimed as her studio, her brows knitted together seeing how messy it was. Unlike her son's tidy room, this studio was filled with canvasses both painted on and unpainted. There were even brushes piling here and there, unwashed. Clucking her tongue disapprovingly, Mrs. Si searched for her sister-in-law. In order to keep her in this house without having another crazy idea of moving out, Mr. Si converted three rooms into one and prepared everything needed for her working area.

"Angela!" she called when, after walking for several minutes, still could not find the younger woman. She really needed to talk with her lovely husband about insisting to put a maid here to tidy up the room. She was getting crazy from stepping onto brushes and weird things on the floor while looking for Angela. Her thick fur slippers could not protect her from the pain. Her poor feet.

No answer. 

Her face darkened. If she was not mistaken, she was entering the second 'room' and more canvasses and weird things lying around messily. Seriously, someone should learn to tidy the place after using it.

After fifteen more minutes of walking, she finally reached the last section and, as she panted breathlessly, found her sister-in-law sleeping.

Yes, Angela was sleeping soundly on the sofabed!

No wonder when she called for Angela, that silly girl did not reply. Not even once.

She bent while panting hard. Then, she looked for the water cooler and found another glass to fill. Luckily, she commented silently, her husband put a water cooler here. Angela requested it because she said it was troublesome to call a maid to deliver her drink whenever she was thirsty. Her husband even installed another bathroom for Angela to clean herself. 

In fact, this studio was like a mini bedroom for Angela, and she always slept here, especially when she was busy completing her commission.

It was tiring to come here. Maybe she should ask her husband to install a small vehicle here, something like a small car or something? But most importantly, this place should be cleaned out. So messy!

She put back the glass once she finished drinking two glasses of water. She wiped her face with her sleeve and looked at her sister-in-law who was snoring happily. Without warning, she used all her strength and pulled the blanket off her sister-in-law's body. 

Due to the coldness of the room, once the blanket no longer covering her body, Angela frowned and shivered. Her hands started to move, searching for something to keep the coldness away. She did not even open her eyes once, refusing to wake up.

Mrs. Si frowned when she saw how stubborn Angela was. She threw the blanket to the floor and shook Angela's shoulder.

"What? Ten more minutes," Angela murmured, frowning. She refused to wake up and even turned around backing Mrs. Si, wanting to continue to sleep. Her stomach was so full, it made her drowsy. She needed to sleep to digest all the food she just had.

"Angela, wake up," Mrs. Si called her sister-in-law, shaking her shoulder even harder.

"What? I'm sleeping," Angela groaned, finally blinking her heavy eyes opened. She looked at her sister-in-law blankly before turned around again to back her.

"Angela, wake up! Stop sleeping," Mrs. Si ordered.

"Fine. Fine. I'm awake. What? Why?" Angela rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"I want you to call dear Catherine," Mrs. Si didn't waste any more time and ordered.

"Call Ryn? Why?"


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