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"Forget it, one legend of you jumping into the lake is enough. Haha, Tita as a healing sanctuary wasn't a joke. It's filled with vitality and super-gravity energy ore. Many scientists are willing to come. We'll give the best treatment to them even if it's only for the short term," Yan Xiaosu said proudly. Research on the super-gravity energy ore was open to all. This method was good. Secondly, Mu Sen attached great importance to attracting talents. Tita was sparsely populated and had ample space for development, something that was recognized internationally.

"It would just be a challenge attracting the best talents. You know that they lack nothing." Yan Xiaosu shrugged.

"Old Merchant's there. It will be different once this news is out."

"What about safety?" Even Yan Xiaosu, someone who wasn't fond of studying, knew Alan Tucker.

Wang Zheng smiled lightly. "It won't be a secret for long, and escaping it is no solution. I don't want Old Merchant to keep hiding. We have to become stronger!"

They could only make the enemies think twice about harming them when they were strong enough. They couldn't avoid it forever, nor could they keep something up forever.

They were drunk. Yan Xiaosu let himself loose and his voice became loud. It was rare for the two brothers to drink and enjoy themselves in their alma mater.

Of course, there wasn't only them here. One of them was a super warrior, while the other was a financial big shot. Here, however, they were just two boys fooling and dancing around after some beer.

Wang Zheng patted Yan Xiaosu. Yan Xiaosu was startled. He wasn't done yet… Eh… Fu*k, why were there so many people, and do they seem to have green eyes…

"That looks like Executive Director Yan."

"Yes, he really looks like him. It shouldn't be make up, and that person beside him looks so familiar!"

"Could it really be that person? I heard he was sent to the Saint for some mission. Why is he here?"

"He does look like the person on television. Perhaps you can go and ask?"

"Why don't you go? What if we get killed by his Greatest King aura!"

"Idiots, we are his juniors!"

The crowd was whispering, but the crowd quickly gathered. Wang Zheng's name was too big, probably even more famous than those of pop stars.

"I have to get his signature if he really is Wang Zheng!"

"Idiot, it's so rare to see the real person. We have to get something off him, even a piece of cloth torn from him will be my heirloom!"

Wang Zheng's ears were obviously better than Yan Xiaosu's. These people were ridiculous.

A bold, young girl stepped forward when the crowd was still undecided. "Are you Senior Wang Zheng?"

Girls were usually bolder during these times. Wang Zheng was relatively friendly, but the years of battles and experience gave him a stern air about him. The girl was from international law, and was also the head of the school debate team. She was usually eloquent, but even she lost her words when faced with Wang Zheng. A glance from Wang Zheng made Luo Jinxi's heart thump like crazy. She couldn't help but bow her head.

"I'm Wang Zheng, what can I help you with?" Wang Zheng smiled.

Luo Jinxi's eyes widened in excitement. It was impossible to imagine the Goddess of the Ares College was the same as the excitable shy girl now. "S-senior, can you give me a signature of yours? You are my idol, I enrolled into the Ares College because of you!"

"Sure, no problem. I hope you like it here," Wang Zheng said. It was obvious that the girl in front of him wasn't someone from the Solar System. The students enrolling into the college because of Wang Zheng grew and spread from solely from the Solar System previously to the entire galaxy. There was no lack of young people chasing their idols. The world was exciting because there were dreams.

"Me too, Senior!"

"Me too!"

"Me too…"

More people joined in. This was the first time they saw the person himself. Wang Zheng, the miracle of this school!

Things got out of hand in an instant. Wang Zheng had to give his signature one by one. The whole Ares College went mad. Many people were still in class at this time, but they screamed and dashed out like madmen when they gazed out of the window.

…Earthquake? No, there wasn't?

An air raid? The Solar System was safe.

The professors couldn't help but frown. What was happening? Class hadn't ended. What was this? What was happening…

All of a sudden, the students in the first few rows flew out… without telling him.

Next, many people opened their Skylinks and dashed out all the same.

What? What was happening?

Those left finally found out. Wang Zheng was here!

In a matter of minutes, the classroom emptied out.

In addition to the main campus, students from the surrounding campuses poured in. The scale and momentum was indeed scary.

It looked like a huge demonstration. Many had come to Ares College because of Wang Zheng. Their emotions had followed Wang Zheng throughout his journey.

Not only that. In this age of information, Wang Zheng's appearance traveled to the neighboring schools in an instant. The Wang Zheng of now was no longer the Wang Zheng in IG. He was now the new star of the Milky Way Alliance. He represented the glory of the Solar System, the dreams of youths. The love story between Aina and him was like a fairytale, making many girls fall for him.

No other idols could come close.

Xiao Fei was alerted. She had expected something to happen, but not to this scale. The student council was usually effective, but it had gotten out of hand. Even she herself probably couldn't do much if she were to appear there.

The people in front were fortunate. The rest at the back couldn't do anything but shout Wang Zheng's name. Some climbed onto trees or anywhere that could give them a glimpse. Their shouts got louder.

Wang Zheng himself never thought things would turn out this way. He finally had a taste of the advantage being in his home country. He was on foreign ground when he was in Elite Academy X or in Aslan. This was his home country. He never knew how passionate the people in his home country were until now. Wang Zheng's journey had shaken the world, and he had achieved everything he wanted to do, step by step. This was a true legend. Even Wang Zheng himself felt his blood boiling in passion. This was the will of the group.

Wang Zheng levitated slowly, He had to respond to the cheers of the students.

This was the first time many students had seen someone freed from the rules of gravity. The cheers only got louder.

This wasn't even Ability X, but a kind of physical technique. Rumor had it that there was only a handful of people who could do it in the Milky Way Alliance, and Wang Zheng was no doubt the youngest and strongest of them all.

That strong force was on show at this moment. Some were very far, but everyone would feel Wang Zheng right beside them. Some could even touch him if they extended their hands.

"Welcome to Ares College, everyone. I'm Wang Zheng."

Cheers sounded when Wang Zheng finished his sentence. The students waved.

"Senior, how can we become as strong as you?"

"You don't need to be like me. Everyone is their own hero, You are at the stage of life where you are the strongest. Do what you want. Don't live with any regrets. I hope that everyone can bring the spirit of Ares College to every corner of the galaxy with me!"

Wang Zheng opened his arms. What enveloped him were cheers that went on for a long time, until a broadcast from the school sounded in the skies.

"Wang Zheng, Principal Xiao Fei invites you to head to the principal's office immediately. All students are to keep order and return to their respective classrooms to their own lessons."

No one cared.

Wang Zheng smiled. "You heard the principal. I have to report to Principal Xiao Fei."

He bowed. Everyone couldn't help but smile. Wang Zheng and Xiao Fei were the reasons they had enrolled in Ares College. Wang Zheng had the image of invincibility. They never expected him to have such a humorous side, cute even. Some girls couldn't help but scream.

Wang Zheng disappeared in the air. Xiao Fei was too timely. He really didn't know what to do with so many passionate students.

…He seemed to have forgotten something…

The poor Yan Xiaosu's eyes lingered on where Wang Zheng disappeared. Big Brother, what about me? Couldn't you have brought me along?

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