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The emotions of the Aslan Empire were running high. The huge coalition force was on its way towards the Arbiter Republic, and had been through many minor confrontations. Most of which ended with the victory of the coalition forces. The Mayans were really active this time. Their unique energy control played a considerable role in dealing a huge blow to Arbiter's advance forces. The commander-in-chief was Mac Luton, a famous warrior of Aslan. He had fought many wars and was a jinx to the pirates.

The enemy was the Arbiters. Commander-in-Chief Mac Luton devised strategies carefully to defeat them. He didn't think they were weak so that they had to maximize the strength of the coalition forces to the maximum and take care not to give the Arbiters any chance to flip around. This was the advantage of being in the masses. Many people wanted a slice of the Arbiter pie.

The war might have started, but they were far from the Aslan Empire. Aslan and their affiliated federations provided continuous financial support for this war. Powerful arsenals were constantly being supplied as well. Intensity was accumulating in the Aslan Empire, and they needed to release this power.

They were ready for a protracted war, especially since they had controlled the Heaven's Arrow Federation and the Thunder Alliance effectively. The Arbiter Republic's strategy was well thought out. They believed that the Arbiter Republic could never last longer than the Aslan Empire. The human will was limited. As long as they defeated the fleet several times, they were sure that internal strife between themselves would happen. The Arbiter Republic would collapse completely. It would be the best way to obtain victory with minimal casualties.

Some forces couldn't be felt during peacetime, but once war erupted, the accumulation of technology and talents would be shown completely.

The whole of Aslan used to be a sword in a scabbard. It was powerful, but after a long while, people might just be confused with the gorgeous surface. They would only feel its murderous intent when it was unsheathed.

Aina didn't appear in this chaos. She was "recuperating". Kashawen substituted her when there was a need for it. Of course, it won't be too exaggerated, but the princess's opinion was a must, regardless of whether she was willing or not.

Aina calmed down during this period. Her whole person relaxed. The burden and determination she had carried with her all this while was gone. She missed Wang Zheng dearly. She didn't want to suspect herself, nor did she want to be cruel to her family. She didn't care whether Wang Zheng was the successor of the Oracle or not, or if he was a threat to Aslan. She understood Wang Zheng better than she understood Kashawen. She knew Wang Zheng was the same as Kashawen. They both had strong determination, with strong bottom lines. They might get obsessed, but Wang Zheng would definitely not do this.

Fortunately, Wang Zheng had escaped the Oracle Star. She would really have fallen apart if Wang Zheng had died in the hands of her grandpa on the Oracle Star because of her. She even felt remorseful towards Wang Zheng, who had to sacrifice so much for her because she was a princess. Yet, he had never once grumbled. Wang Zheng's every battle was reflected in her eyes.

What had she done other than watching him? Wang Zheng had given his all, but had she given her all?

The her that had always been bound by the title of the royal family. What was it she cared about?

Was the title of Princess so important?

Perhaps previously it was for the glory of the Aslan Empire. What about now?

This title was useless to her now.

Aina gazed outside and had a sudden urge to run away from home again. She wanted to leave this place and search for Wang Zheng!

Kashawen was indeed as busy as a bee now. The situation was in her favor, but she had always been cautious. She would never relax until she obtained victory. Not only did she need to win, she also needed to control the situation. The Milky Way Alliance must not fall into disarray. It wouldn't be good for Aslan if that were to happen. Aslan wasn't here to disrupt the peace, they were just seizing the opportunity to do away with all the strong opponents. Once the Arbiter Republic fell, the Aslan Empire would be able to lead the world for the next 50 years. That was Kashawen's plan. She had never had the naive thought that she could conquer everything.

She didn't put much focus on Aina in such a situation. She knew Aina was too clever and too soft. She wouldn't be able to do something that would put Aslan in a bad light. She hoped that Aina could awaken to her true destiny and grow up. Her naive days should be over.

Aina disappeared at this moment!

Lacus was in front of the boiling Kashawen. "Lacus, where did the Princess go? Do you know what you are doing?!"

Lacus lowered her head. "Prime Minister, I really don't know where the Princess went. You can interrogate me with the ability users."

Lacus had helped Aina escape from her prison. She didn't know and didn't want to know where Aina had gone. As Aina's secretary and a person who understood the Princess, she knew what she had to do. The person whose orders she had to obey was Aina, not Kashawen.

"You should know that we're at war with Arbiter. What would happen if Aina were to fall into the hands of the Arbiters!" Kashawen suppressed her temper. "Mitchell, take her away, and let the royal guards…

"Wait… find out Aina's route. The rest has to be done secretly. You must not attract the attention of the outside world!" Kashawen was very worried. Too big a move would attract the attention of Arbiter. They might be on high alert, but Arbiter's spies were not to be underestimated.

Mitchell nodded. She understood the severity of the issue. "Do you think we should get the substitute to come out?"

Kashawen shook her head. "That would be too much. Aina's recuperating to the public. It's enough for her to show her face at times. This has to be done secretly. You'll be fully in charge!"

"Yes, Prime Minister!"

Mitchell might have agreed readily, but this was a big headache to her as well. She knew she wouldn't be able to get much from Lacus, but she did have a rough idea where the Princess would be heading. She had to find the Princess before Wang Zheng.

Mitchell was right. Aina had abandoned everything. She had heard that Wang Zheng was on Earth. It was no secret that Wang Zheng and his gang had escaped from the Oracle Star. Everyone now knew that the Saint was the mastermind. They were not important.

Aina was all prepped up in disguise. Usually, a disguise would entail the person to look older or change their gender, but not Aina's. She had disguised herself as an Atlantean. Most importantly, she was able to mimic the special aura of the Atlanteans. She also had a very strong spiritual power. Her time in the Atlantis Temple had given her a very strong power, though she couldn't use it as the Princess of Aslan. Aslan would be facing destruction if they needed her to fight.

Her identity as an Atlantean had been made by Hao Lin. She added a bit of confusion when she was passing through customs and slipped through without any problems.

Aina wasn't a Princess who bound herself to the rules. Lin Huiyin was. Huiyin didn't dare to resist, but Aina did. She was going to Wang Zheng's side now. She would stay by his side forever, as long as he didn't mind that she had nothing left!

Wang Zheng was on the space shuttle to Aslan when Aina stepped on the space shuttle to Earth. Wang Zheng had disguised himself as a middle-aged tyrant. His identity was still very sensitive but was easily changed with the help of Xiao Fei. There would be no problems before stepping into Aslan's territory. It would depend on Wang Zheng to pass customs once he was in Aslan.

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