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Wang Zheng never dreamt that he would be hijacked by a group of unknown pirates when he wasn't being chased by the Saint and Aslan.

It was at the border near the Aslan Empire. It was a sensitive time, so Yan Xiaosu thought it would be better to go through the underground. He had found a group sneaking into Aslan, and as a result…

The group was hijacked by pirates. The pirates of old would definitely not appear near Aslan, but it was different now. They weren't doing this in the open. Their targets were people like these, trying to sneak into Aslan. It was said that many wealthy people were fleeing to Aslan to seek refuge. It was a great opportunity for the pirates to strike.

The Las Vegas Mad Mob Pirate Group wasn't small. Their leader, Wild Fox Las Vegas, was also famous for being sly. He was said to be very accurate in his readings of situations. Only he had the courage to appear near the Aslan Empire.

There might be marshall law going on, but Las Vegas knew that the attention of the Aslan Empire wasn't going to drift their way as long as they didn't enter Aslan. This was the best time to fish for the fat and rich prey. They could also grow the reputation of the Las Vegas Mad Mob Pirate Group at the same time, which was important for the expansion of a pirate group. He was a clever leader.

This was the third time they had struck. Las Vegas was right about the type of prey. The patrol vessels of Aslan also just attacked symbolically. The key was that Las Vegas knew whom to target — those sneaking in.

"Boss, we found a huge fish. The group sneaking out of Aslan has an Atlantis beauty amongst them. Would you like me to send her over to you?" a pirate said excitedly.

Las Vegas' eyes became serious and he frowned slightly. He was nicknamed Fox because he was smart. Why would an Atlantean appear here?

"Keep her with the fat sheep. Set the fleet off at full speed!" Las Vegas didn't want to stay so close to the battlefield. They could count their spoils gleefully when they reached somewhere safe.

"Aye, Sir!" The pirates were excited. A troubled state of the world was their heaven. They thought they would have to give up on being pirates now that the Milky Way Alliance had become stronger. All of a sudden, the two strong pillars of peace started fighting amongst themselves. That was simply music to their ears. Every pirate rejoiced.

Wang Zheng was having a huge headache. Why had he listened to Yan Xiaosu to disguise himself as a Tyrant? He was now captive.

Wang Zheng didn't understand what was happening outside. He was considering his moves. Should he just bear with it if the pirates were only after wealth? Aslan would be alerted if he showed his moves. What bad luck to be caught near here.

There was a ready-made prison cell on the ship. Wang Zheng was kept there with some seemingly rich people. The pirates were probably waiting to talk to them. They would probably ask their families for ransom if their backgrounds were special.

They were scared sh*tless. Some of them started rawling uncontrollably. In this age and time, where war was far away, pirates were the most frightening of all. It was better to die than to be in the hands of such people.

Wang Zheng concluded that these people would probably be bringing him back to their old nest. That wouldn't do. Wang Zheng didn't have any interest in them now. It seemed like he had no choice but to fight.

He would have to see how to get to Aslan afterwards. He had to find a way to get to Monta Ellis no matter what. He would be able to mask himself there. It wouldn't be easy for others to find him.

The door opened just as Wang Zheng was figuring out if he should break through the door. "Stop drooling. This is the boss'. Touch and he'll cut away your weeny. Look carefully. This one will be interrogated personally by the Boss."

"My God, this is the first time I've seen a woman from Atlantis. Boss is so fortunate." The pirates outside laughed lewdly.

The girl who came in seemed to be enduring it with all her might. She wouldn't stand on ceremony if they really did something to her. What bad luck, meeting pirates when she had just escaped from As…

Aina suddenly stopped. Wang Zheng was paralyzed as well. What…

They had some doubts in their eyes because their auras were right, but their appearances… Wang Zheng and Aina weren't normal people. Aina's eyes burnt with passion in no time and buried herself in Wang Zheng's arms.

The whole cabin turned dead silent. What… the f*ck was going on?

An Atlantean girl had thrown herself into the arms of a fat, middle-aged man…

"Sh*t, fatty, how dare you touch our boss's woman. Do you want to die? Brothers, teach him a lesson. Fu*ker!" That pirate was just sprouting vulgarities before his body flew up and landed on the floor of the cabin.

Wang Zheng felt like he had the whole world as he hugged Aina. What could feel better than this?

"Xiao Shi, I picked you up again. You won't run this time, eh?" Wang Zheng said.

"I really have no home to return to this time. You'll have to take responsibility for me if you want to keep me," Aina said teasingly, even though her heart had already melted.

"I let you go once because I was considerate. You are my woman from now on!" Wang Zheng said as he patted his chest.

"I'm still a girl!" Aina protested playfully.

"Haha, let me chase these troublesome people away!"

The pirates outside of the cabins rushed over with their laser guns. They obviously didn't think that someone would dare to do something like this on their turf.

"Let me!" Aina smiled just when Wang Zheng was about to attack.

A spiritual ripple was blasted out. The pirates hit each other with their weapons and dropped onto the floor.

Mind control!

Aina's spiritual power was so powerful that she could control people directly. It was easy to knock people out unconscious and very difficult to control their actions like that. Aina had done it effortlessly.

It was easier to deal with them with Wang Zheng's power. The pirate ship was cleared in no time and the captives cheered. They were finally saved! The cheers didn't last very long though. They could see other pirate ships surrounding them through the command room.

Las Vegas hammered the podium. Damn it, who was it to spoil his fun!

"Kill! Take care not to kill those rich prey!"

One hundred or so mobile warriors flew over to the ship where Wang Zheng was.

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