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Wang Zheng had studied space warfare in Elite Academy X before the SIG competition. However, it was the first time he had put it to practice, so he wasn't really satisfied with it. He could only say that the pirates of today were still fortunate to be using mecha of this level.

Wang Zheng took less than half an hour to finish the battle, leaving everyone wide-eyed. The group of pirates retreated just when Wang Zheng was about to destroy them all. They were great at fleeing.

The battle had given them ample time to retreat. Las Vegas was a learned man. He knew this warrior wasn't someone he could manage. This wasn't the first time something like this happened within the pirate circle. He could afford to offend neither A-rank warriors, nor Earth-rank warriors. Moreover, paying a heavy price for this gave him no merit.

Wang Zheng didn't give chase, because he was worried about Aina. He was warmly welcomed back on the ship. Wang Zheng and Aina gave the control of the ship back to the original captain. Both of them headed towards their destination on a small lifeboat.

Aina sat in Wang Zheng's arms. The space was a little wanting, but they felt very safe and content. Of course, that was because Wang Zheng took out the pillows stuffed as his stomach. Much skill was required to pose as a rich, middle-aged man.

The space shuttle sped through. They came in contact with Mu Sen. Tita would send someone to bring them over. The whole process was a secret. Aslan might be able to intercept the communications, or they might not. That didn't matter anyway. He was going to lead a life that both Aina and him wanted. A life that belonged to themselves.

The space outside was calm. That colorful light was an illusion from a human perspective. The senses of different living forces sensed different things. The technology and knowledge by humans were no doubt great. Wang Zheng had an interest and understanding of space since he was brought up by Old Merchant. Only, all his attention was focused on the girl in his arms.

They never had the luxury of having alone time ever since they first met. No one was there to disturb them now. They only had one another, peering deep into each other's eyes. They had thrown away everything else.

Aina's lashes were very long and pretty. Real beauties didn't need make up. Her skin was crystal clear, a gift from heaven. He didn't see her enchanting eyes, but he could imagine them. Wang Zheng was fulfilled at this moment, caressing her soft hair. He had been doing his best ever since he entered Ares College, especially during dangerous battles. These experiences made him live his life the way he was living it now. However, all he wanted to do now was enjoy the life of a normal youngster with Aina. Not as the Greatest King, not as the Princess of the Aslan Empire, just simply Wang Zheng and Aina.

They hadn't had so much peace in some time. Wang Zheng himself relaxed. It seemed as though time and space no longer existed when he stayed this way.

The most beautiful princess in the world was in his arms. He was truly content now. Aina seemed to have dreamt of something scary. Her body trembled as she bit her lips. Wang Zheng hugged her tightly and kissed those alluring lips.

Soft, supple, and sweet. His hands started roaming around playfully. Aina finally woke up with her face reddened.

Wang Zheng didn't stop. Instead, he was now more focused and went even deeper. His powerful arms seemed to desire to melt Aina into his body. He only let her off when she was really breathless. Her tender, red lips were slightly swollen.

"Isn't my unique way of waking you up awesome?" Someone's skin had become thicker over the past few years. Of course, he blamed it directly on Yan Xiaosu and Zhang Shan.

"Who did you learn it from? You're really an expert now, eh?" Aina teased playful.

"Men are self-taught creatures!" Wang Zheng said without changing his tone. "My potential is high, let's explore deeper into life."

You could almost see steam coming out of Aina's face. She knew what was coming. A little nervous, but a little anticipation. She never thought this would happen in space…

"You just thought of something lewd, didn't you? I was referring to our residence in Tita. I would like to stay in the original village of the Tita people." Wang Zheng smiled. It was a joy to play with Her Highness the Princess.

Aina didn't yield. Her little fist bumped Wang Zheng. It was a form of enjoyment to something though.

Aina laid in Wang Zheng's chest and happily said, "I'll follow you wherever you want to go."

"How many babies should we have? One can become a scientist, one a general, what about a governor…" Wang Zheng said.

Aina was a little afraid. "How about two? My figure might go if we have too many."

Wang Zheng roared with laughter. Xiao Shi was too cute, believing everything he said.

Surrounding them was the eternally lonely universe, but it was spring in the small cabin. A cry of surprise and someone's hand was traveling down a familiar route. Wang Zheng would have pushed Her Highness the Princess down and had her right there and there if the location wasn't wrong. How could something so sacred be done so sloppily?

Kashawen looked at the video sent over quietly. Wang Zheng's battle scene and their departure were on it. There was little Aslan could not do if they really put their mind to it.

"Your Excellency, should we…" The big battle was ahead, but it would still be easy to do away with a small Tita.

"No need. Let her lead the life of an ordinary person for a while." Kashawen sighed. "Let Lacus out and continue to play her role."

"Yes, Your Excellency."

Kashawen knew Aina's personality. She had made up her mind. It wouldn't help the situation even if they forced her back. Wang Zheng wasn't easy to deal with either. He could even escape the impenetrable trap of the Oracle Star. She had really underestimated this young man. Her father wanted to get the Oracle at all costs, but Kashawen didn't believe in an undying power. Wang Zheng would no longer be important once they defeated the Arbiter Republic. A small Tita wouldn't be able to do anything. Times were different now. Even the powerful Saint could only hide in the shadows.

"Mitchell, do you have news from Lin Feng?"

"Your Excellency, Major General Lin Feng has led the ninth battalion through three battles, all were victories. The generals are quite satisfied."

Lin Feng's performance in this war was important as well. He might have performed in SIG, but he hadn't obtained the championship after all. That had an impact, which was why he had to showcase his abilities to be able to climb up to the ruling class in the future.

The ninth battalion was the ace of the Aslan Empire's air force, and Lin Feng had been leading the mecha unit. It could be said that he had been given the best resources and support. The rest was up to him.

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