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The effects of the war were not as great as people had expected. At least it had not affected the lives of everyone just yet, even though this was a war that could change the Milky Way Alliance and the entire destiny of the human race.

However, as long as they were not in the center of the eddy, the ordinary people continued to live their ordinary lives, except with a little more anxiety. Could the war between two powerful empires ignite the war for the entirety of mankind? History had recorded countless lessons. But mankind had continuously challenged the scars of this history. There had never been any exception.

The war had brought gains for Titatitan Star since they were far away from the eddy of the war and the demand for super gravity energy mines had increased. The KO Group's new route suddenly received enthusiastic support. After all, a stable route during war time was, without a doubt, priceless.

Recently, there had been an increase in the influx of immigrants to Tita. Nature provided a naturally safe environment. Once upon a time, the super conductive mines of the entire planet had prevented them from developing any energy engineering, but they had now become a natural protection shield. The shots of the most lethal orbit main laser cannons of the battleships, when fired from space at Titatitan Star, would have become harmless fireworks before they even could even break through the atmosphere. This was the most frightening fact about wars. Most people were worried about the indiscriminate firing range of the Zeus or other even more powerful battleships. But it was useless here.

As for planetary-level destruction weapons…

No one or country had yet dared to be the first to use such annihilating weapons. Any use of such weapons was a declaration of war against mankind, and even the entire civilized galaxy.

Tita's Giant Legion was not an issue. The combat literacy of the Giant Legion had been strengthened in the past few years. Not only could they be engaged in battles on Tita Star, they could battle on other planets too. At the same time, they could extract from the Saruman Snake Legion too. These were the core battle powers of the Tita Legions.

Rara Durai had gradually displayed his talents as a general, or perhaps this could be the natural talent of the Tita giants. They need not need to learn much; all they needed was to be in the position and their natural talent would blossom. This was like an endorsement from the mother of life. When a wise one was needed, one would be born to the tribe; if a warrior leader was needed, someone would be gifted with all the qualities of the warrior leader.

However, this was not nearly enough for Elder Mu Sen. The Titans needed to adapt to modern warfare, to be able to protect Tita and to step up. This would then serve as a deterrence to the enemies.

The Lan family's academy was far from being sufficient. As such, when Xiao Fei and Ye Zisu suggested establishing an Ares Academy on Tita Star, it resonated immediately with Mu Sen. This could provide better education for both the giants and the wise ones. The Titans had to look towards the future!

Besides, the happiest thing that had happened lately was that Wang Zheng had decided to go to Tita. This was like a second home to him and the most suitable place for Wang Zheng too.

Tita parliament…

Humans and the Wise Ones were discussing political matters, big and small, construction, conflicts, and foreign trades. With the opening of the routes, Titatitan Star had completed its transformation from a single mining industry to a multi-economy planet. Of course, its power was still weak. However, the foundation had been laid. As such, countless matters from all aspects had also increased.

Mu Sen and Lan Ling were arguing. The main topic was the expansion and construction of Lan Kao City, or building an entirely new city out of the wilderness.

Although the two were allies, they did not necessarily see eye to eye in all matters. They each had their own interests to protect. Of course, the competition had always been internal and benign. If rationales were not discussed, it would never be clear. Likewise, if there was no competition for benefits, there would be no increment.

These sorts of arguments were commonplace too. They had never allowed professional differences affect their personal relationships. As such, the arguments between Lan Ling and Mu Sen had become a scene. A beauty and a little old man, it was indeed interesting.

Rara Durai was present at the meeting today. As a Titan, he could miss most parliamentary meetings. However, when there was an important resolution like today, as a Titan, Rara Durai had to be present. As long as he had not voted on the issue, even if the majority of the parliament had voted for it, changes and improvements would still be required before the plan could be officially passed and executed.

This was the power of a Titan.

Calluses were beginning to form in Rara Durai's ears. They were fighting among themselves. Rara Durai was thinking of something else. His busy schedules these days had indeed caused him many problems and, most crucially, he was not happy. He missed those days when Ada was here. Back then, although he was not a Titan, every day was exciting. But now, something seemed to be missing. Recently, there was news that Ada would be returning to live in Tita. Hence, Rara Durai had been in an inexplicably excited mood. Otherwise, he would have been asleep already in such meetings.

Even with Lin Feng's personality, he could not suppress his excitement after joining the war. Perhaps it was his status - he was top notch. Thus, normal warfare could not draw his excitement. However, such wars were different; they would go down in history for the next decades or even centuries. Some pursued enjoyment, pursued beauty. But Lin Feng pursued eternal glory, like the famous kings of history.

The coalition fleet, with Aslan leading the main force, broke into the starfield of the Arbiter Republic with raging momentum. It was not because the Arbiter fleets were weak, but rather the coalition fleet organised by Aslan was too strong. With the enthusiasm of the Mayans as the vanguards, the Mayans had completely disrupted the Arbiter fleets' defences with their unique understanding of energy attacks. The coalition followed up with multi-level and multi-directional attacks, instantly defeating the chaotic peripheral defences of the Arbiter Republic.

Time and again it had been proven that tactics need not be new as long as they were useful. The coordination between the Mayans and Aslan was a completely invincible and unbreakable momentum. If the Mayans were being targeted, Aslan would become the vanguard; the results were similar.

Especially at the national gates, although Zam Star and Forest Star could not be considered invincible, Arbiter had always put a lot of thoughts into the fortification here. Yet internal riots had broken out when the coalition forces came bearing down on the borders. Obviously, everyone was fooled by the steely determination of the Arbiter Republic. The internal composition of Arbiter was not as strong as steel. It was natural for the expansion of an empire to be accompanied by the amalgamation of many nationalities. When external forces provided sufficient pressure, rifts would begin to appear internally. The battles of the national gates had adequately revealed this. The coalition's momentum was even more ferocious.

Of course, Aslan had long prepared for their war against Arbiter. The infiltration of Arbiter had sent chills to the coalition of the various countries. Fortunately, they were allies with Aslan. In terms of intelligence systems, the Aslan Empire was also the best in the Milky Way Alliance.

The most outstanding performance in the battle of Zam Star and Forest Star would definitely be the Mayans' vanguard fleet and Aslan's Number Nine fleet led by Lin Feng, whose direct attacks resulted in the effortless attacks of the follow-up fleets. It contributed to the eventual internal collapse of the Arbiter Republic. This had caused some overly cautious generals to feel that they had been a little too fearful of Arbiter. The coalition forces were too powerful.

As a result, the entire Arbiter Republic's federation planets were completely exposed to the range of attacks from the coalition forces of the Milky Way Alliance. What should have been a harsh battle ended with ease.

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