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Wang Zheng and Aina's residence were ready in the depths of the Ling Mountain. Elder Shan Yue was elated. He thought Mu Sen would arrange for Ada at his own residence. Mu Sen finally knew how to share after being the governor for a few years.

Mu Sen knew Wang Zheng and Aina's thoughts. He told Shan Yue to dispel the idea of using the patriarch's tent. Shan Meng brought men to build a wooden house near a lake in the deep valley of Ling Mountain.

When the first group of people arrived, thousands of giants and wise ones gathered in front of the tribe. A group of Tita children were running around happily. Some of them were hanging around in trees. The Titans were now familiar with humans.

"Shan Meng, representing the citizens of Ling Mountain, would like to present our gift to Ada!" As Shan Meng's voice boomed, cheers rang forth.

Wang Zheng chose this place because he could be the envy of enemies from other areas. If it wasn't for Mu Sen forbidding the other tribes from interfering with Wang Zheng's life, there was no telling how many Titans would come on a pilgrimage.

The Oracle Star was completely forgotten by the Milky Way Alliance. Everyone was sure that the Arbiters were on the same side as the Saint. The Saint would be done for as long as they defeated Arbiter. The Milky Way Alliance fleets were targeting Arbiter while they left the Oracle Star untouched under the direction of Aslan. This was such an obvious loophole, but most of the countries chose not to see it. The fleets could run, but could the Oracle Star run?

Should they send a fleet there to take a look before it exploded and the evidence was destroyed?

Many more stars were in the skies above. That was the unconcealed fleet from the Saint. Thousands of them were suspended in the air, invisible to all who looked up into the sky.

The disciples of the Saint were roaring with passion. This was their force, thousands of powerful warships that could compete against any powerful country… In fact, many of the coalition forces had been swept away. This was no more an inspiration, but a madness.

The massacre in the Holy City was still ongoing, so was the battle for the Son of Saint. Amongst the five core Sons of Saint, one was dead, one had fled. The situation had become more intense with three remaining. The Holy City didn't allow anyone to remain neutral. Join a Son of Saint or die. No one understood what the Great Elder was planning, but they had no choice.

Constant confrontations and attacks happened between the three fractions. There was no winner, only mountains of corpses.

The huge change naturally alerted the other Elders. The Second Elder was gone. The Third, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, and Ninth Elders had the same interests as the Great Elder, even though they might not be on the same side. They didn't appear when the Great Elder called for them. Those that did appear obviously wanted to remain on the aircraft carrier of the Aslan Empire.

This was all within the expectations of Constantine. Unfortunately, he hadn't captured Wang Zheng. If he had, he would have gotten rid of all these elders. There was no more need for the Saint with an Aslan Empire that had absolute control. Constantine was going to rid the thorns standing in the way of his power.

The competition for the Son of Saint was a good way to showcase this. Those who were with him would survive, while those that weren't only deserved death. Too many was trouble as well. It was the right time for purification. Wang Zheng, well, this lad was really lucky. He had managed to contact Alan Tucker somehow and survived. That was out of his expectations. However, it wasn't time for the Saint to appear. Constantine could only wait. He had waited all these years, what was a few more moments.

The good news was that the Zerg gene fusion experiment was very successful. Constantine might possess the most knowledge of the Abyssal Zergs.

Under that person's leadership all those years back, the Saint Church from the Solar System finally defeated the core of the Zergs. The problem was that humans were scavengers of the universe, destroying cultivation continuously. This cycle never ended. The Zergs rose up again and again with unlimited life force. Until now, humans had yet to understand where the Zergs came from.

That person somehow broke off the invasion route of the Zergs before the second wave of the insect plague. However, he went off in the end. Constantine didn't understand. He clearly had abnormal powers, how could he just give everything up and leave? He would never have wasted that power if it was his.

Obviously the Abyssal Zergs were on a terrifying level. The best way to resolve this was to get Aslan to unify the Milky Way Alliance and establish an efficient human world. He would also obtain that inheritance at the same time. Of course, humans were not the same as they were. Studying the Abyssal Zergs could allow humans to further understand their power.

The Zerg tribe had tried to fuse with humans then, why couldn't the present humans prepare for it now?

Lear and Luo Fei had made extraordinary progress. That was the only good news recently. Constantine would hold a trump card as long as they were to succeed.

He wanted data from the experiments. Lear and Luo Fei's lives weren't important. Lear was someone with ambition, which wasn't a bad thing. His concern was if this person could be controlled, and if he could be, was it beneficial to Aslan's great plan?

Constantine had his decision in a matter of seconds. Lear and Luo Fei had to die because they weren't his people. He could copy these over to his trusted warriors once they had enough data. He wasn't going to leave such a big variant in his plan.

The era of humans on Earth was over.

"Master, Princess Huiyin's condition isn't so good. Should we find a reason to send her back to Aslan?" the Thirteenth Elder suggested respectfully.

Constantine knitted his brows. This was something bothering him recently. This granddaughter of his was too childish. How had Kashawen educated her? How could she be so ignorant when faced with the interest and direction of their great empire?

Constantine had wronged Kashawen. The Prime Minister didn't have the time to teach her child. It was lucky that she didn't have the time as well. Huiyin was angelic. Huiyin's sudden appearance was what gave Wang Zheng time to escape. If not for her, even though his plan was great, he wouldn't have been able to escape from the clutches of a Heaven-rank.

"Isn't the Oracle Star good enough?"

"Master, Highness Huiyin is troubled by affairs of the heart. She might get better if she were to return to Aslan," the Thirteenth Elder continued. "She is having a constant fever and is muttering a name repeatedly…"

"Who is it for her to miss him so much? Get him here!" It was so much easier for them to bring a person over than to send Huiyin back.

"…Wang Zheng." Constantine's face darkened the moment that name escaped the Thirteenth Elder's lips.

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