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The vital energy of Ling Mountain was uniquely fresh, especially suitable for Aina. This was why Wang Zheng had chosen to reside here.

Aina loved the serenity of this place. She stood by the lake in the mornings and basked in the sun. Her every breath brought her peace. All her worries disappeared with the wind. The Titans didn't give them too much trouble since Mu Sen had spoken to Shan Meng about it. It wasn't so dry that night, and Wang Zheng might not have any issues, but Aina was exhausted. Most importantly, Wang Zheng knew that although Aina looked very calm, she was likely dying inside.

They slept hugging each other. Aina slept well. During the times when she trembled, Wang Zheng needed only to hug her and pat her back for her to regain her calmness. The beautiful Tita and time would let Aina forget her pain.

"Xiao Shi, time to eat breakfast." Wang Zheng called out to Aina as he stretched. Such a charming morning with the beautiful Aina.

Aina looked over her shoulder and smiled. The scenery around her lost its luster all of a sudden. "Are we trying your cooking?"

Breakfast was fish, small dishes made with Tita's unique wide mountain vegetables, and the porridge of the Titans. These were all made in consideration of Aina's appetite. They were sent over by the children of Ling Mountain. The basic facilities were all here, but not at the stage where you could just switch the stove on to cook.

"This place is great." Aina wiped her red, succulent lips after she was done and roused her eyes at Wang Zheng. Aina's heart was filled with warmth. Honestly, she would've been fine with it if Wang Zheng desired her last night, but there would be some form of regret. Every girl wanted a wedding, a ceremony, an important promise. It might not be in this form, but it was to satisfy themselves.

She took Wang Zheng's hand and led him outside. She took a deep breath and opened her arms unconsciously. It was unclear if she was the one hugging the planet or if the planet was admiring her. Wang Zheng could feel that Aina's aura was very comparable to her surroundings. Wang Zheng had never once doubted Aina's gift. As a Princess, she didn't need to develop too much combat power. He hoped that Aina would be comfortable here. He was the same.

"The weather is good, let me cultivate for a bit," Wang Zheng said with a smile.

Aina clapped at his side. "Please do, my Greatest King!"

Wang Dong didn't stand on the ceremony, with his spiritual power integrating with the surrounding. Integrating, understanding everything that was there, everything natural.

The universe was composed of countless small universes. This was not something humans could really understand, but Wang Zheng was already getting started. This was not something technology could catch up to, but a realm. There was a universe in himself. Time, life, could be considered another kind, just a different kind. Once they comprehended it, they could break the boundaries and detach from the limitations of life.

Aina gradually approached Wang Zheng. It was very dangerous actually. Everything seemed calm, but Wang Zheng was surrounded by power surges. There was a huge resistance, but that didn't seem to hinder Aina's progress at all. She integrated with it, as natural as the river flowing into the sea.

Wang Zheng and Aina danced around with that feeling. Their hands linked. That beautiful scenery became more harmonious because of them.

In the wooden house in the distance, Yan Xiaosu was using the telescope function of the Skylink. Tears streamed down his eyes. Tyrant Su didn't know what was wrong with him, but he couldn't help but cry. They were finally together after so many difficulties. Kashawen insulting them and the difference in their statuses were difficult to overcome. He had gone through a few relationships himself and had been looked down upon before. However, everyone was different. He knew Wang Zheng's temper and was sure things would be alright.

He was happier for Wang Zheng than for his own marriage. Lan Ling was at his side. She kicked him. "My turn!"

Lan Ling's Skylink wasn't as powerful as Tyrant Su;s. His was a limited edition, model 117 made of platinum, boosting a lot of functions.

She didn't understand why, but she felt that the scene was so beautiful even though her heart was breaking. Though it was a fact that she couldn't beat Aina. "Say, does Aslan have a one husband many wives rule? I don't know if Aina minds or not, but I can be the mistress."

There was no strict one man, one wife law on Tita since the planet was relatively backwards still. This was encouraged. The Lan family themselves was a huge family. Polygamy and polyandry both existed and often determined their status in the family.

Yan Xiaosu grinned. "Then you can consider me, I don't mind."

"But I mind!" Lan Ling glared at Yan Xiaosu in reply.

Tyrant Su rubbed his nose. I'm quite handsome as well, just slightly chubby and not the Greatest King.

Wang Zheng and Aina were immersed in their own world. "I actually harbored ill intentions the very first time I picked you up," Wang Zheng said as he squeezed her hand.

"Really, you are really bad then." Aina smiled gently.

"Aina, no matter whether you are the Princess or just a girl, I'll always be by your side protecting you, no matter the challenges we face. Marry me."

Wang Zheng had mustered all his courage for this moment, which was no less than when he was in the SIG competition.

Aina's eyes turned red. Her thin, long hand caressed Wang Zheng's face. "No matter whether you are the Greatest King or just a normal Earth boy, I'll only love you throughout my life."

"You can kiss now. I pronounce you husband and wife!" Yan Xiaosu said, dancing afar.

Wang Zheng and Aina were interlocked in each other's arms. Yan Xiaosu was crying hard. How many times could one witness such feelings? Yan Xiaosu knew he wouldn't be able since he was very content with his current situation. However, he really admired his brother. They had to be happy after going through so much. Everything else could just go to hell, people were alive to be happy!

Yan Xiaosu pulled Lan Ling away. "Let's go."

"Go? We have something to say, right?"

"Next time. The sky won't fall, and there are never-ending amounts of things to do. Humans should try to enjoy themselves when they can. Today is an important day for my boss. Let them be alone. What a pity. I wanted to be the best man originally," Yan Xiaosu said, a little regretfully.

Zhang Shan sneezed a dozen times consecutively at Elite Academy X. He seemed to have missed out on something important.

Wang Zheng and Aina didn't mind the form of the ceremony. They decorated their house with fresh flowers and tidied up their room. Wang Zheng then brought Aina all over Ling Mountain and waited for night to come. This was a ceremony only for them, with only nature and the universe as witnesses.

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