Tempest of the Stellar War
1356 Consummation
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Tempest of the Stellar War
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1356 Consummation

Dinner was the fish that Wang Zheng caught in the river and some meat hunted during the day. Tita was similar to Earth in many ways. The Titans were also similar to humans, other than their size. Aina was filled with laughter throughout the day, and excitement grew as night fell.

When Wang Zheng shut the door and Aina couldn't hear anything but her beating heart. They nearly went ahead with it a few times previously, which could have been hormones. But today, Aina had thought it over carefully and had decided.

More awkwardly, Wang Zheng, the Greatest King, was a little excited and nervous. This feeling wasn't easy to describe, but he was a little at a loss. All these negative feelings stopped once he saw Aina. You didn't need to think about anything else when the most beautiful girl in the world was in front of you.

Aina stood up gradually. The moonlight outside was so chaste. The moon of Tita was bigger and further. It was visually impactful and beautiful, but was nothing compared to the interior of the cabin.

Aina had a simple Tita style white dress. She bit her lip and gently peeled the dress off, revealing a body so beautiful that it could make one suffocate. Wang Zheng couldn't believe his eyes, because Aina was even more perfect now.

Wang Zheng took off his clothes, his muscular figure on full display. His daily training wasn't in vain and was integrated with nature. He also boosted a perfect body.

Aina was a girl after all. This was the maximum she could do, her expression of love and dedication to her lover.

Wang Zheng carried Aina and the two of them experienced the most intensive skin contact for the first time. That soft, silky, satin-like skin seemed to experience an electric current while rubbing along Wang Zheng's rough skin. The sensation made her go numb and weak.

They only had this feeling because they had waited and persisted for five years.

Wang Zheng put Aina on the bed gently and her legs clamped tight. She was fully prepared but was still nervous. This was instinct.

Wang Zheng started kissing Aina from her forehead. Bit by bit, Aina's body trembled with the kisses. Her white cheeks flushed and her body became more tense. Wang Zheng smiled. Aina's nervousness made him relax instead.

Wang Zheng pulled Aina's hand away gently and parted her pair of fair, long legs. It was the moment he had been waiting for…

After a cry of pain and happiness, they finally became one. They would be together forever.

Wang Zheng was doing his best to control himself at the beginning, but he let loose nearer the end. The moon had hidden itself away. There was only the sound of wind, as though they were cheering the love birds on.

Wang Zheng opened his eyes the next morning refreshed. He realized with surprise that his Primordial Regression Technique had crazy progress. The flow of his breath was seamless and that stream from before suddenly became a river. The abundance in power was hard to describe in words.

Wang Zheng did ask Charcoal if there was indeed something like dual cultivation. There was nothing like that actually. It was only because the harmony of yin and yang would achieve very good results. That was the basic principle of the five elements, he just never dreamt there would be such amazing results.

Wang Zheng's cultivation base was extraordinary and had been accumulating for quite some time. The integration with Aina had transformed it entirely. Of course, Aina's yin energy was rich and had the best constitution and gift. She had the essence of Aslan's heritage and the spiritual baptism in Atlantis. They were perfect for each other.

The Aina in his arms had little injuries here and there on her pure white body left inadvertently yesterday. Wang Zheng's heart ached when he saw them, but his heart lit up with passion immediately. She was such a little elf, Wang Zheng's lust couldn't be sated. He only stopped because he was worried about Aina.

Aina was still sleeping soundly, this time without any nightmares. Her beautiful lashes flicked from time to time, enhancing her beauty.

Wang Zheng stared at her like the fool in love he was. He had always considered himself lucky. He might have gone through a lot, but the experiences weren't bad. There was no gap between Aina and him from his own point of view. It was a different story in the eyes of the world, which was what fueled him when he gave her up previously. There was no need to mull it over. Of course, the wait made everything today more beautiful.

He kissed Aina gently and covered her well with the blanket. The beautiful Princess wrinkled her nose slightly. That cuteness made him hungry for her again.

He shut the door behind him. Wang Zheng wasn't clothed as he came to the lakeside. He spread his arms out. There were no barriers between him and nature. This was the best way for humans to integrate with the universe.


Wang Zheng jumped into the lake. There weren't that many restrictions in Tita. The cold lake water didn't extinguish Wang Zheng's desire. Aina's allure was beyond this world. Wang Zheng was certain he was someone with strong determination, yet he couldn't control himself.

The fiery inner heart and the cold lake water made Wang Zheng exceptionally clear. Ability X existed because humans wanted to connect with the outer universe, while the inner universe was the power in humans themselves. This was the direction of physical techniques. Which was the right direction?

What about both?

That seemed to be on the minds of everyone, but was it possible?

Cultivation wasn't a two-way path, but enlightenment. One would only head in the right direction if they could understand.

Why was there a need to split the universe?

Human was the universe, the universe was human. That was the only reasonable explanation.

That was the mystery of "oneness."

Wang Zheng came out of the lake and sat by its edge. Ripples started spreading from underneath him. Wang Zheng was flashing as well. The vitality and pure elements of Tita no doubt made this the best place to gain enlightenment. In addition, his love story with Aina was finally complete. That put Wang Zheng into the best state.


A golden light radiated from Wang Zheng's body outwards and spread to the sky.

The giants of Ling Mountain were up. The Titans didn't have a habit of sleeping in. Many giants and wise ones noticed that a sun seemed to have appeared near where Ada was staying.

That golden ray of light was big and fuzzy. It wasn't dazzling, but it had unmatched strength and majesty, as though it was Tita.

One by one, the Titans started dropping to their knees and prostrating themselves to the direction of the miracle. This was a miracle given by Ada. They were believers before, but now, they had become devotees.

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